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Not very good
suelyon198911 December 2014
Just saw this and was terribly disappointed. I'm a fan of Robert Patrick but unfortunately he had a smaller role in this movie. The acting by everyone was average and almost seemed as if they all sort of phoned in their performances. Not sure if this was the directors fault or just a lack of interest in the material by the cast, but it really affected the film. The story covered no new ground and felt quite dated which made it a bit boring. It didn't help that the storyline was not very original. The dialogue was filled with clichés and the humor missed its mark. There's some action, but definitely nothing too engaging or inventive. There are so many better action dramas to watch than this one. Tell seemed to miss the mark in most areas and consequently wasn't worth the time to watch it. I gave this a 3 star rating because I like Robert Patrick, but otherwise I would have rated this even lower.
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Bad Script + Dreadful Acting = Complete Rubbish
fredcolbert1127 December 2014
I hate for this to sound cliché, but this is one of the worst action comedies ever made. Whoever wrote this jive should seek another profession. It's not humorous at all! If you must forge ahead, go back to school and learn your craft or, at the very least, take the time to study action comedies that work like "In Bruges," "Hot Fuzz," "Kick-Ass," etc etc. The acting in this was downright foolish. Some of these actors have been in watchable shows before but it looked like they were trying so bloody hard to make whatever they were given work, that it came across like one big giant improvisation gone very wrong. Every character in this is git and not much differentiates one from another. I'm sure some of this has to be attributed to the director who by now, is likely wondering if waiting tables is what the future holds after this lackluster attempt. I rated this 2 stars because they were clever enough to compile a trailer that duped me into renting this. Fool me once, shame on you...
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Straight-to-video schlock!
cutslikeaknife3324 December 2014
This movie, like many other bad movies, was trying to be something it's not: Good. I watched it hoping to find something I like about it but couldn't.

Katee Sackhoff, who has been in Battlestar Gallatica on television looked decent, unfortunately she wasn't in enough scenes. The other actors were so-so, the action scenes weren't too action- filled, there were no twists that you didn't see coming, and the premise was so basic and unimaginative. Also, the sound on this was really, really poor. Why make crap like this? Doesn't the movie universe have enough terrible titles that customers have to wade through without littering it with more poorly-made movies like TELL?

Someone should TELL the people behind this film that just because you can make a film, doesn't mean you should. Straight-to-video schlock like this is waste of consumers time.
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OK Just OK
bruce-davis17 March 2017
Cliché after cliché. Bad cops, questionable parole officer, gold digger, dumb brother-in-law - all the usual suspects. I made it through to the end - just barely. There were a few plot twists, but not enough to make it that interesting. Simply too predictable. OK if absolutely nothing else is on - but just OK. Nothing compelling here - move along.
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chrismackey19725 December 2014
I saw the poster for this movie, and it didn't look all that appealing. I thought it would be a brainless movie that tried to be cute but failing big time. In fact, the only reason I watched this was because of Katee Sackhoff. I've liked her ever since I saw her portrayal of Starbuck in Battlestar Galactica. She's one of the few actresses who can play a badass and be taken seriously doing it. Unfortunately, they don't make use of her ability to play that type of character. Still, the movie was fun and moved along at a fairly brisk pace without losing the storyline.

I have to say that the storyline wasn't especially original, but it was done with fun and flare. The movie largely belongs to Milo Ventimiglia, who plays a thief. Katee Sackhoff plays his using, money-grubbing wife/ex-wife to a "T." I gave this a 7-star rating because all the elements came together to make this a fun movie. Parts of it were humorous, other scenes were thrilling to watch. It's not a perfect movie, and there were some missed opportunities when they didn't make more use of Sackhoff. The one scene in the entire movie that is the most memorable is towards the end when Beverly (Sackhoff) informs Tell (Ventimiglia) of a very important reason why she did what she did. The emoting and vocal delivery were perfect.
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A complete waste of time!
gatorboyufg12 December 2014
This isn't the worst movie I have ever seen. But it's probably the third or fourth worst movie I have ever seen! The two biggest culprits are the script and the direction. The cast is populated with TV actors you'll recognize including Milo Ventimiglia (Gilmore Girls, Heroes), Katee Sackhoff (Bionic Woman, Battlestar Gallatica), and Jason Lee (Memphis Beat, My Name is Earl), and a few other lesser names.

In a nutshell, the film is about a criminal (Ventimiglia) who steals money from his brother (Lee) and bank robbing partners. His wife (Sackhoff) turns on him and the film shows all the unscrupulous characters trying to get their hands on the money. It becomes painfully predictable and the action sequences are sub-par.

Like others have commented, this story is not too original. The script is weak and attempts to be funny but it's not which makes it painful to watch the actors have to utter the lines. The direction seems flat and the film suffers from jagged pacing and bad music. Overall, you would be better off spending ninety minutes of your time doing something else.
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Derivative and pointless
cindyfowler2214 December 2014
My boyfriend and I sat down to watch this and turned it off after the first twenty minutes because it was so stupid, Then we decided to give it a chance and continued watching. Big mistake! Whoever made this rubbish was obviously trying to do their best Guy Ritchie rip-off, however, they failed miserably. There's no stars in this so that should have been our first red flag. The lead actor in this is from the series Heroes and in all fairness, both my boyfriend and I liked him in Heroes. But in this role, we didn't believe him in the role one bit. In fact, many of the roles seemed miscast. The filmmakers were so obviously trying to copy films like Snatch and other Ritchie works that we were surprised the actors weren't speaking with Brit accents. The only positive thing that I can say about this film was I liked one of the songs. But one good song does not make a movie watchable. Avoid this one at all costs.
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Absolutely dreadful!
sternwarning0017 December 2014
This had to have been one of the most awful movies I have seen in my life. I have seen quite a few stinkers, believe me, but this movie takes the cake. The writing was incredibly weak (the dialogue being especially unrealistic), the direction was sloppy, and the acting (considering there were a few decent B actors) was not good at all. No wonder Orion distributed this flop - they seem to like bankruptcy which is where they are headed again if they keep putting out turds like this.

After pulling off a one million dollar heist, small-time criminal (Milo Ventimiglia) runs into problems with his wife (Katee Sackhoff), his former partner, and his parole officer, and a couple cops all plotting against him. I honestly do not know how some of these actors can bare the embarrassment of being cast in this. It seems that they were trying maybe a little too hard to be witty with humorless one-liners. I just really can't go on about this poor mess. Refund please!
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Leofwine_draca22 April 2018
Warning: Spoilers
TELL is another low rent crime drama about a guy caught up in circumstances beyond his control when he steals a million dollars and finds out that everybody in his life wants to get their hands on it. Afterwards he finds himself pursued by corrupt cops alongside his own wife, friends, and even his parole officer. This film goes for a sub Tarantino vibe with a lot of quirky humour and bizarre characterisations, but it's only partially successful. The protagonist, as played by Milo Ventimiglia, is slimy rather than endearing, although there are some nice supporting turns from Robert Patrick and Jason Lee. The film offers a few good twists and funny moments but is generally a forgettable and inferior kind of production of the type we've seen all too often.
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Unwatchable - turned it off after 25 minutes
karenkorn198729 December 2014
Began watching this last night, hoping to see something along the lines of, well, good acting. I was bitterly let down. To call the lead wooden, would be an insult to trees. Awful script. Awful direction. Awful acting. Awful..........just awful. Katee Sackhoff does her best, but she must have known this was going to be a Crimbo turkey from day one. Painful to watch, and I can only hope whoever cast this recovers quickly. Low budget boredom from the start with unbelievable and trite dialogue. A Michael Dudikoff film makes this film look like what it is, a cheap, no thrills D movie. I implore you, gentle film viewer, to give this one a wide, wide berth. To sum up, do not waste your precious time!
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Films don't get a whole lot worse than this one
filmfanaticNYC30 December 2014
Don't know where to even begin other than I wish I would have read some of the reviews before I decided to rent this thing.

The overall story was extremely predictable, I was never at the edge of my seat. I thought it was poorly directed in so much that it didn't build tension, it didn't develop the characters to create any empathy with any of them, and the whole damn thing felt a bit amateurish.

The acting was average overall. If you're even contemplating this as a dumb-but-fun action film -- don't. There's a few minutes of action, and it's appallingly bad.

To summarize, don't bother watching it. You already know what happens or will quickly get to the point where you don't care. Watching the paint peel on your home would be more entertaining than "Tell."
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Poorly directed and lamely written drivel
Snowbird99929 September 2015
A complete and utter waste of time from the opening frame to the closing credits! The dopes who made this are clueless. Why would anybody with any sensibilities to the advancement of humanity make this? This movie doesn't even deserve a review, but I am so disgusted that I wasted my time watching it that I want to try and save others time and money.

The story (if you can even call it that) is about a small time crook who makes a huge score when he steals a million bucks. His life falls apart when he must prevent his partner, his wife, his parole officer, and two dishonest detectives from stealing it from him.

Sound familiar? This unoriginal, contrived tale that you've seen done a billion times before is so amateurishly written that you question who in their right mind read this and actually wanted to make it. The acting, even though there are a few recognizable B faces in it, was shockingly bad. Why? Probably because the direction is just plain flat. You have to wonder if the actors were directing themselves? If I could rate this zero stars, I would have.
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This POS sucks beyond sucking!!
newyorkshaker8 July 2015
Has to be the absolute worst movie I have seen in a long long long time!

Writing blew, the story is so dumb and unoriginal, dialogue that is not believable or witty or clever. It story starts out bad and gets worse from there.

The acting is terrible, we're talking so terrible that you're consciously thinking about how terrible it is and not following or paying attention to much else except the terrible dialogue that they're uttering.

Whoever the clown was who directed this pos is clueless. When I looked up to see what he had previously done it didn't surprise me that he's a glorified camera assistant, gaffer etc. I got some news for you Mr. Wannabe director, you suck! You have no idea what you're doing or how to direct actors. Go back to fetching light bulbs out of a grip truck.

What producer in his right mind would spend a penny of his money or a second of his time producing BS like this film? Apparently a bunch of dummies did. You people make Roger Corman look like a genius auteur. I hope you make better choices in picking spouses/partners than you do picking films to make cause you ain't so good at that.

Gimme my money back!!!!!!!!
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Comedy Crime thriller lacks bite.
mac-ginty5 December 2014
A petty criminal (Tell) steals some money from his bungling brother and their gang of bank robbers. His wife is furious that he leads the cops back to their home and promptly shoots him, wounding him severely. Tell manages to hide the money. The film looks on as various people all try to get that money from him.

This movie has an excellent cast with every role having an actor you will recognize from TV or film. The performances are uniformly good and it is well shot. It just seems to be lacking something. It feels like a movie from the 1990s. The humor has a light touch and the action is well handled. Worth a watch but with that cast it could have been so much better.
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In the end this was just an average, fun movie to watch. Nothing special, but also nothing terrible.
peterp-450-29871617 September 2015
"As a kid I used to think I was gonna be somebody, a model citizen raising a family in the suburbs. Being shot at by a psycho with a machine gun, was not part of the plan."

I actually can't understand that so many criticize this film and claim it's so bad. Watching it would be a waste of time. It looks apparently terrible and includes some really bad acting. And also the script sucks and looks pitiful. Granted, it's not "The Shawshank Redemption" or another Oscar winning quality movie. But at least it's better than a monstrosity like "Sharknado". Because of its short duration, airy tone and smooth narrative this film is ultimately ideal as a quickie. A simple, fast film to watch just before bedtime so you can leave to dreamland in a relaxed way.

You can't ignore the fact that it all feels a bit mediocre. It isn't really miserable, but it isn't really innovative either. The acting is at times something to enjoy and suddenly you are presented with some ordinary conversations. The entire concept isn't very original but it remains fascinating due to the lighthearted storyline. It looks a lot like"A Fish Called Wanda" except that Wanda has been replaced by a girl called Beverly who isn't as erotic and sensual as the so called Wanda. Also, the humor is of a different level. Yet it's that kind of humor I usually can appreciate. Black humor with a dark, sarcastic undertone. Anyway, to my surprise I chuckled several times. "Tell" contained more humor in my opinion, than most humorous films that were released recently.

Milo Ventimiglia presents a rock-solid interpretation as the naive, dull Tell, who appears to own an excellent set of brains so he could come up with that cunning plan put. He wasn't known to me but afterwards I found out that he played an important role in "The Divide". Ultimately he's such a character you sympathize with as the plot unfolds and on the other hand you start to feel sorry for him. I wondered if that Sylvester Stallone-like lip was something he's born with or whether it was the result of the huge amount of whacks he received throughout the film. Katee Sackhoff wasn't immediately known to me either, until I checked her filmography and discovered that you could also admire her in "Riddick" (particularly certain perky body parts which are also explicitly shown in "Tell") and she also plays an important part in "Oculus" (a film I still haven't seen yet, much to my embarrassment).

Furthermore throw in two corrupt police officers, a brother in law who intends to take revenge, a probation officer of whom you don't know whether he's dead honest or not and a purse full of cash money that went up in smoke or survived the fire. All this ensured this to be an entertaining movie. A film that doesn't excel directly in originality, but at least you won't get stuck with that feeling afterwards that you could have spend your time more wisely.

More reviews here :
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Journey men actors carry the movie
jfoxproject12 December 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I liked this movie because it was a good chance to see a cast of journey men actors work their craft. Almost every character you've seen before and wanted to see more.

T. Williams script was inventive and solid. The pacing was good, it kept your attention throughout the movie. There were some plot twists that I didn't expect. Now that I think of it, I just enjoyed the movie without sitting in my seat saying to myself "oh, now he's going to find out..." I was in it for the escape and that's what I got.

As a slight negative, I would have liked to see the character of the wife have a little more depth. When it was required of the actress, it was found wanting.

I've see lots of movies with "critics awards" not be half as entertaining. It was a good Saturday afternoon movie.
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Ouy vey, the gaffer wants to be a director...
WMEAsst10 September 2019
Pretty much unwatchable. Lousy script. Amatuerish direction. Choppy editing. Sub-standard production values.

Number 1: Whoever hired a gaffer to be the director should be banned from making films altogether. Number 2: Whoever read this script and decided to purchase it from the 'writer' (a bit TV actor from four decades ago) should stick with reading Teen Vogue. Number 3: Whoever cast Milo in the lead role of this should be demoted to craft services. Number 4: Whoever rated this film higher than 2 or 3 stars was directly involved in the film. really is that bad!
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Better than average
musicreporter-14 January 2017
"Tell" is much better than average and better than those nasty reviews on here that are making it out to be. Some reviewers must have some personal stake in knocking down this mild thriller - it's obvious in the tone of hate and anger. It's OK to review something and not like it - but there's no need to pile on name-calling, insults and other negatives to try to make a point.

Yes, the plot is average but intriguing, the cinematography sharp and vibrant, the dialogue is compelling.

You actually care for some of these characters - some you hate which is also good.

The trick is to pay attention at the outset or else you get lost in the plot twists and turns. Once you're engaged, you become invested in the protagonist and pull for him to survive the various challenges.

My standard test for movies- is it compelling, is it entertaining and would I watch it again? Yes on all 3. This is good, and recommended.
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Not terrible for a Milo Ventimiglia movie
Seth_Rogue_One11 August 2016
Considering the last movie I saw with Milo Ventimiglia was the dreadful 'ORDER OF CHAOS' and that in general his name doesn't exactly boast of quality-films of recent, I must say that this was actually perfectly acceptable DTV entertainment.

Not great by any means but at least I never found myself bored as it runs on pretty fast and there are some entertaining smaller roles by Faison Love, Jason Lee and Kate Sackoff to keep the interest-levels up if Milo isn't enough.

There is a bit of plot holes but if you leave your thinking cap on the shelf and don't expect too much it's a perfectly okay time to spend 88 minutes.
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robertkdb28 December 2018
Loved it. Thought the script and acting were above average and enjoyed the characters.
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How do you like the donuts
nogodnomasters17 January 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Ethan Tell (Milo Ventimiglia) is a small time crook who listens to his wife (Katee Sackhoff) too much. He is married into an untrustworthy family who have no trouble selling each other out. Ethan gets involved in a bank robbery, gets shot, hides the money, goes to jail and gets out. Everyone want to know what happened to the money and do what they can to get him to give up the information.

The film is done in a quirky grindhouse style. It has a number of twists and seems to throw them in there just for the sake of doing so. It has good characters, including an unorthodox parole officer (Faizon Love) who also wants to know where the money is at.

This makes for a enjoyable grindhouse style rental.

Guide: F-bomb. Sex. No nudity. Some blood, killing, etc.
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Alot Better Than IMDb 5.6 Stars - Well Done - Good Fun About 8 Stars Movie
dwp194826 March 2019
03/25/2019 I expected little and possibly dumping this movie before it started. Viewers will get drawn in right away and not even consider stopping until the very end. Enjoyable for sure. Bon Appetit
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