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The Guardian
It’s impossible not to enjoy this big-hearted and sweet-natured British family movie.
Bright, lively and funny.
What We Did On Our Holiday sets up a sturdy comic scenario and then proceeds to head in another direction altogether—one that’s nearly impossible to anticipate, making the film much more of a goofy delight than would have seemed likely at the outset.
Village Voice
Jones and Connolly have terrific chemistry, particularly as Lottie works through the fact that adults encourage dishonesty and lying when it suits their own needs, and that secrets are more pervasive than openness.
Despite a second act lull, Connolly convinces in this cute and charming comedy.
There’s a good trickle of laughs running through this, and an observation of British familydom that’s just on the credible side of cringeworthy.
Time Out London
For a while the film broaches genuinely unexpected comedic and emotional territory, and while matters eventually return to the safe haven of pat formula, at least there’s been some vim and vigour added to the amiable observational humour and likeable performances.
Re-creating the show’s winning formula of three amiably precocious young children trading smarts with fondly exasperated parents, the pic swings for a much more eventful story arc, with mixed results.
What We Did On Our Holiday could be used as a textbook example of how to ruin a movie with a bad third act.
Slant Magazine
The underlying, redundant, and underwhelming theme of the film is the pursuit of family unity at all costs.

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