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Of all films ever...
helen-holdsworth-118-7552927 September 2014
Absolutely loved this film. I laughed, I smiled and I cried.

The script is quirky and wonderfully imaginative. In an hour and a half 'What we did on our Holiday' manages to dissect family life and reconstruct it to embrace every aspect of the complete gamut of the generations and their interactions. And it does so with both sympathy and hilarity.

Of all films ever, it's the one that has made me feel best about being human. Flawed is fine in each and every generation, but the beginnings and endings are infinitely easier than the muddle in the middle.

The acting throughout is exceptional but the child actors deserve a sky-fall of medals. Great stuff!
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Funny and philosophical
milton280827 September 2014
Brilliant acting by all 3 children. Many clever lines that had the audience laugh out loud. Super Scottish scenery and great advert for Wester Ross as a wonderful escape location, Slightly contrived happy ever after resolution but good light hearted family viewing. Great ostriches. And a view of kids grasp of the adult world. Enjoy the violin playing and jig at the end but bring air plugs for Thr practice sessions. Traditional portrayal of Scottish rural police! Imrie is in her element as a small character role; heart warming.

Good look at family dynamics and relationships. Connolly plays a wonderful loving Grandfather who shows wise approach to difficult members of his family as he comes face to face with his own death.
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Moving, Funny and Family Friendly
neilandjo-120-34258730 September 2014
We all loved this - me, my friend and my 2 daughters, 13 and 11. It's about a warring couple on the brink of divorce who take their three young children on holiday to Scotland to visit the husband's father, who has terminal cancer, on the occasion of his 75th birthday. It turns into an even more surprising birthday than anyone has imagined. David Tennant, Rosamund Pike, Billie Connolly, Ben Miller and Amelia Bullmore are all wonderful actors playing their parts to perfection and the children were as stunningly natural and funny as the children in the TV series Outnumbered. Andy Hamilton and Guy Jenkin had a great idea and have turned it into a funny and moving film. An extremely poignant scene was beautifully acted and directed and there were a fair few belly laughs as well as tears shed. There was some swearing but nothing worse than they hear routinely at secondary school, so though it was rated 12A I was never uncomfortable I'd taken my 11 year old daughter. Go and see it!
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Life really is too short you know...
Spikeopath3 May 2016
What We Did on Our Holiday is written and directed by Andy Hamilton and Guy Jenkin. It stars Rosamund Pike, David Tennant, Billy Connolly, Ben Miller, Amelia Bullmore, Emilia Jones, Bobby Smalldridge, Harriet Turnbull and Celia Imrie. Music is by Alex Heffes and cinematography by Martin Hawkins.

"The truth is, every human being on this planet is ridiculous in their own way. So we shouldn't judge, we shouldn't fight, because in the end... in the end, none of it matters. None of the stuff"

Andy Hamilton and Guy Jenkin spin off from their hugely popular sit-com, Outnumbered, to produce this funny, philosophical and moving picture. Tennant and Pike play parents of three young children, they are pending a divorce, but with Doug's (Tennant) father, Gordie (Connolly), dying of cancer, the family head to Scotland for what will surely be his last birthday party. Hoping to put on a united front so as to not upset Gordie any further, nobody could envisage what was to happen next...

It's a film that some no doubt find easy to kick, such is the uncomplicated structure used, and the formula of messaging that drives it forward. Yet sometimes uncomplicated is all you need, and in this day and age of mega-buck blockbusters and soulless frat type comedies grasping at sex for laughs, this is a film of refreshing qualities. It's superbly performed by what is a top notch group of adult British actors, who in turn are supplemented by three child actors so natural and engaging it makes you wonder if acting school is really needed?

It's obviously a piece that will resonate more with those who have been touched/stung by the thematics at work, while the comedy ticking away - with some truly great lines uttered - could seem a bit off kilter for the unprepared, but hopefully more will watch it, laugh and cry and ultimately realise that life really is too short for, well, you get the picture I'm sure. 8/10
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leatherdykeuk121 January 2015
I will always think of this as a feature-length 2.4 Children. It made me laugh aloud, it made me shed a tear. There was one tiny subplot that wasn't tied up (Odin) which lost it a point, but well worth seeing. Family friendly, because, honestly, what kid hasn't heard swearing before?

The kids are fabulous, the adults are insane and the whole mess of a birthday party is hilariously tragic. I will happily look out for more films by this writer/director pair.

Have a watch of this film. A slight niggle is the unrealistic speed with which they navigated the M25. That just doesn't happen in real life, though the standstill traffic on the M1 was spot on.
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Funniest film I have watched in ages
johnbarry22122 October 2014
I was hesitant to go to see this, since the critics panned it (by and large). But absolutely no regrets.

I have rarely seen a cinema full of people having so much fun. Great one liners, touching moments which still retain some authenticity despite a daft plot, and brilliant child actors.

The three leads - Billy Connolly, Rosamund Pike and David Tennant - all turn in notable performances, but its the three children who are the most remarkable.

There are also some nice positive life messages worked in, to take or leave as the viewer wishes.

Not to be missed.
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Such a lovely film
TheLittleSongbird19 October 2014
From the great cast and idea, as well as the trailer being as entertaining as it was, What We Did On Our Holiday did look really promising. And it didn't disappoint, one or two tonal shifts jar just a tad and the material for David Tennant and Rosamund Pike wasn't quite as strong as that for the children and Billy Connolly(though it wasn't at all bad either) but it's a lovely film overall that entertains and touches. What We Did On Our Holiday is well-shot, never doing too much or too little, complementing the gorgeous scenery adeptly, while the soundtrack is appropriately understated and the film's sympathetically directed, allowing the story to resonate, the script to sparkle, accommodating the actors and using the idea to its full potential. There is a perfect balance of humour and pathos in the script, the humour especially with the children is often laugh-out-loud funny and the dramatic pathos parts are genuinely poignant. The story always engages and apart from at the end slightly it never feels too predictable, there are a number of surprises and What We Did On Our Holiday has a lot to say about family life and deals with it sympathetically and warmly in a way that allows us to completely identify with the situation and the characters, who all have a great amount of likability. The performances are excellent with the interplay between the actors even stronger, the chemistry between Connolly and the children is just adorable. David Tennant and Rosamund Pike are fine though Connolly and the children make much more of an impact, mainly due to better material. Connolly is very funny and also very moving, not just the character's situation which is enough to break anybody's heart but also it felt like a personal performance with Connolly being as gifted at comedy as he is and his ailing health. The children steal the show, Harriet Turnball is just hilarious and Emilia Jones also plays her role with a lot of charm. All in all, a lovely film that promised a good deal and delivers even more. 8/10 Bethany Cox
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Very Entertaining Family Movie
sarah-alabdullah18 July 2015
A tale about a troubled parents (who are getting separated) and their three kids. The family travels to Scotland to celebrate the very ill grandfather's birthday. Before going there, the parents agreed with their kids to keep their separation secret from the grandfather, because they don't want to ruin his birthday party with such news. Then so many unexpected things happen at the celebration day.

The performance was amazing especially the three kids, and the smart script makes you laugh at so many times despite the tragic story.

The movie shows beautiful visuals of green Scotland, and the Scottish music was great.

It is recommended for you if you wanted to watch something light and funny.
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Carrying on the tradition of Local Hero and Whisky Galore
a-bark7 October 2014
What a great film this is, carrying on in the Great British tradition of Local Hero and Whisky Galore. It has been a long time since I heard such laughter in a cinema and everyone came out with smiles. Now it's not some daft children's film, on the surface it looks a simple feel good romp, but it's not, it goes to very interesting places and it really took me by surprise. Set in Scotland it looks superb (I'm a sucker for the Scottish landscape), The child actors are simply stunning (their scenes with their Grandfather are beautiful) the script (apparently improvised at times sparkles with fun and creativity. How I recommend this film to anyone wanting a great trip to the cinema but please don't research it too much, watch out for spoilers and avoid them. Come to the film fresh as I did. Enjoy.
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It's all about the Family
kosmasp29 June 2015
It's not easy holding your life together, when your marriage seems to go south. Especially when kids are involved. Kids that do pick up on things and will let you know. Throw "Grandpas" Birthday into the mix and playing house almost becomes impossible. But what could have been a sour look filled with drama, is more like a light comedy, about death, family and life in general.

To pull this off, you have to have good actors. And you will not be surprised by the performances of the adults in this. You might be surprised by the performance of the kid actors though. They are really good and help carry the movie. Of course not all is light and fun throughout, but the overall experience is what you could expect :o)
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Sad, funny and sweary
jules_ashford27 September 2014
This film is an utter delight. I went without having any idea what I was going to see and was utterly charmed by it.

Themes of love, separation, impending death and lies are dealt with in a sympathetic and thoroughly British way. The three male leads of Ben Miller, Billy Connolly and the luscious David Tennant excel at demonstrating dysfunction family life. The female leads are a little weaker, but still delver solid performances. The story focus around David Tennant and his estranged wife driving to Scotland for his fathers 75th birthday,knowing that he is dying and deciding because of his not to tell he truth about the impending divorce. ( this is all revealed in first 15 minutes so no spoiler) Sadly their separation has been none to amicable and their atrocious behaviour is impacting on each of their three children in different ways. In a similar way to Outnumbered the children appear to be largely unscripted which results in both some cringe worthy and some highly entertaining moments.

Whilst this film is never going to light any fires it is a lovely way to while away a couple f hours. NB Please be aware this is a British made film and obtains a fair amount of swearing. Doesn't other me at all but it might some people.
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Downright adorable!
scottshak_11110 June 2015
What makes this movie a hoot? Three adorable children who comprehend the world with their own little brains, see relationships with their own beady innocent eyes, and act on their reckless instincts and innocent unbloomed knowledge. What We Did on Our Holiday is a delightful perspective into the abyss of the broken that skims its aftermath gorgeously.

David Tennant looks the right kind of perplexed in the comedy trying to figure out his children and marriage whilst Rosamund Pike complements him beautifully with her engaged acting. Ben Miller as Gavin is brilliant as well. Billy Connolly ices the funny storyline with his pizazz and brilliant comic timing.

The screenplay is witty, subtle and snappy. The good thing about its humour is that the entire film, unlike other comedies, is not build on a slapstick foundation. The theme of the movie sometimes goes really thoughtful from sheer comedy which further furbishes the rhythm. The plot will make you giggle per se without any extra addition to the story.

If you look at the downsides, sometimes you do hope the drama to be a little bit more grave. It lacks profundity, but considering it a Comedy, this fact can be overlooked.

A brilliant comedy that is compelled to traverse the 'outstanding category' by the mere cuteness rush of Harriet Turnbull and Bobby Smalldridge. This Andy Hamilton and Guy Jenkin project is a definite go go!
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Great Fun Despite a Few Small Flaws
Sahl_9522 September 2014
'What We Did On Our Holiday' is about a couple (with some issues) and their three kids (with their own quirks) who travel to Scotland to visit their very ill grandfather.

I went into this movie blind and the only thing I read was what was on the poster, "Hilarious British comedy at its best", and for the most part, it lived up to that. Pretty much all the comedic moments had the theatre laughing. And what I did not expect was for the three young kids to be as hilarious as they were. The best part of the movie, in my opinion, was the middle part of the movie with the three kids spending time with their grandfather (played by Billy Connolly who was brilliant). The sad moments of the movie were also well done, much to my heart's displeasure.

The only problem I had with the movie were the parents of the three kids. They were a few jokes that did not feel right, especially one scene where they fight in the bathroom.

Still, this is a great movie to watch. It has a few surprises and for once the kids make this movie awesome. The ending was also decent, although a bit more predictable than the rest of the movie.
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A Great British Comedy from the BBC
Figgy66-915-59847030 September 2014
30 September 2014 First Film of Choice at The Plaza Dorchester Tonight - What We Did On Our Holiday. A wonderful BBC production starring Rosamund Pike, David Tennant and the Big Yin himself Billy Connolly. Add to that three very talented and entertaining young actors and you have a film that is a giggle from start to finish. Abi (Pike) and Doug (Tennant) are going through a bitter divorce but trying to hide it from their very astute children. As a family they are heading to Scotland to celebrate Doug's Dad's (Connolly) 75th birthday. With a hard fought for agreement with their kids the couple decide to hide their troubles from the rest of the family in Scotland and what follows is a hilarious series of events led by the children an their irascible grandfather. I came out at the end and said 'I can't believe they did that!!!!!', you need to go and see this film to see what I mean. A great advert for Scotland too. The scenery was beautiful.
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Delightful child-based comedy
neil-4763 October 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Doug (David Tennant) and Abi (Rosamund Pike) are taking their three children to Scotland for Grandad Gordie (Billy Connolly)'s 75th birthday party. Gordie's cancer is terminal, so they want to avoid mention of their marital problems (they have recently split up following infidelities). Shenanigans ensue.

This comedy centres on the stresses which affect families and does not shy away from difficult issues. But it is based around the children who are, for the most part, very good (and far from overshadowed by the heavyweights with whom they are performing). For the most part, this film is very funny and quite joyful. A particular delight is the interplay between earnest and old before her time 10-year old Lottie (a charming performance from Emilia Jones) and the grandfather who has never really grown up.

There are criticisms: there is an air of TV sitcom about it – hardly surprising given that it comes from the BBC via a sitcom background, not all the threads started pay off, and the ending leans towards glibness. But these are minor quibbles as there is much to enjoy here.
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The best comedy in years
canonboc10 October 2014
Warning: Spoilers
This is, an excellent film, and certainly the best film I've been to see at the cinema in years. It's funny in places, hilarious in others. Like so much of Andy Hamilton's output, some of the comedy is subtle but it is exceedingly well constructed.

The storyline is possible if not plausible, although the trailers don't really prepare you for the darker elements to the storyline. That said, my two primary school age kids loved the film and I think the 12A certification is a little excessive.

The three children are fantastic and Billy Connolly excels in his role. Philosophical and smart, What We Did On Our Holiday is a shining example of great British comedy at its best.
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Comedy, tragedy and more comedy on a family holiday
Tweekums1 May 2015
Warning: Spoilers
When estranged couple Doug and Abi and their three children; Lottie, Mickey and Jess, head north to Scotland to attend the birthday of Doug's father, Gordie, things don't start well and quickly get worse. Having finally got the children into the car, got past the congested roads and arrived at Doug's brother's mansion in the West Highlands things are no better; Doug doesn't want his father to know he is getting divorced and he doesn't want the children to learn that their grandfather is terminally ill but inevitable secrets come out. Things turn from awkward to tragic when Gordie dies during a trip to the beach with the children leaving them to decide what to do next… and as he had spoken of how he would like a Viking funeral they give him one something that obviously disturbs the adults when they learn about it just as the birthday guests arrive.

This might not sound like comedy material but it manages to be hilarious even when tragedy strikes thanks to a witty script from writers Andy Hamilton and Guy Jenkin and a great cast. This cast is led by some well-known actors including David Tennant, Rosamund Pike and a particularly good Billy Connolly however it is the performances of the youngsters Emilia Jones, Bobby Smalldridge and Harriet Turnbull, as Lottie, Mickey and Jess, that make the film such fun. They are neither overly precocious nor wooden… even when the situations are somewhat unlikely their performances make their actions believable. While there is a happy ending it didn't feel like a cop out; it is a comedy after all… speaking of cop outs I was sure the adults would turn up and stop the Viking funeral right up until the point they set fire to the makeshift raft they had made for their grandfather; it was a relief that they weren't stopped as their actions led to some of the films funniest moments when people learn what they have done. The setting, in Wester Ross on Scotland's west coast, is quite stunning showing part of the country all too few people get to see. Overall this was a lot of fun; the comedy had me laughing till I cried and the poignant scene of Geodie's death had be shedding a few tears of sorrow. There are some parts that parents might not considered suitable for younger children, hence the '12' certificate, but I suspect children over that age will enjoy it as much as adult viewers.
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Outstanding film
czc-chapman2 February 2015
By far the best film I've seen for many months. One of the best ever in my book.

The writers did a fine job of mixing laughter and tears in among jokes about human frailty, farting and thrusting pumpkins.

The locations chosen for the film are magnificent, stunningly beautiful, and evoke thoughts of escaping the rat race, and returning to the things that matter in life.

The performances are absolutely perfect from each and every actor. The story line is touching and laden with humour. More than that though, it has a lesson for us all, about living life, enjoying those around us, and not parking too close to the sea. Wonderful.
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Charming British Film
dbodzy31 January 2016
This charming British film set in the beautifully scenic Scottish highlands had me gripped from the start.

As a massive fan of writers Andy Hamilton and Guy Jenkin (Outnumbered) as well as actors David Tennant (Dr Who) and Rosamund Pike (Gone Girl) I had high hopes for this film and was not disappointed. There is so much heart and soul put into this film and delivers through its melancholic script and humour. With a cast full of award winning actors such as David Tennant and Rosamund Pike it is the children who steal the show. Their performances are detrimental to portraying the message of family and is done so with a childlike innocence as expected from screenwriters Andy Hamilton and Guy Jenkin of 'Outnumbered' fame.

A great film that sent me through every emotion; and a perfect example of independent film at its finest.
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Oh.. a superb British production
jetgriff22 January 2015
Great British Television, superb acting especially from the 3 kids, normally in films kids are little shits and overpowering but these 3 you could watch all night, interesting when the nominations come out, these 3 put up truly great natural performances. Billy Connolly plays the part worthy of an Oscar. He plays a believable and predictable part, one you can expect of him in real life. The plot and the way it plays out will keep you in your seats. The Scottish Highlands play a magnificent part in the whole thing. Oh dear but that David Tennant don't you think he could have shaved first? I know male actors like to be "with it" but this unshaven appearance will soon go out of fashion and date a great film into this silly period of "fashion". I could go on more, but why bother, just watch it and you will be enthralled too.
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More than expected.........
joseanne4-642-73387421 October 2014
Have to say BBC films often come up with low budget little jewels, and this is certainly on of them. The adults in the family are a bit too predictable, although 'Margaret' has her moment which is quite funny! But Billy Connolly and the children are so comic, loving and wise with each other I wished I'd had a Granddad like him! Tears are often around the corner when things are going happily, so it was with this and so well done. A feel-good film at the end , made me think about my life!!! All the other well-known actors also played their parts well, loved Annette Crosbie's character!!!! Must see this film, all life is there if we are all honest!!!!!
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love it!
annboyton23 November 2015
The British are masters of comedy and What We Did on Our Holiday is living proof of it, from the first seconds of the film that announces "sitcom", through skillful broaching common knowledge "important life lessons" to "feel-good" ends. All of this is located in the typical context of extended dysfunctional family, but it's done in a manic pace and makes it a pleasure to watch. Entire idea is totally funny. What We Did on Our Holiday would be excellent in a form of fun mini-series. It's great that functions as a film, no matter the expected decline in a middle, and the fact it requires a considerable departure from reality. The screenwriter/director duo obviously knows how the story should go, and What We Did on Our Holiday is a very fine movie experience, nothing spectacular, but certainly comfortable.
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A glorious romp around taboos
info-978-7424753 August 2015
It is not often that I can say that a film has drastically exceeded expectations but this one did. I sat totally enchanted throughout. The acting was spot on but it was the brilliance of the script that I was most impressed by. It didn't miss a beat and kept on delivering gorgeous surprises, one after the other.

The backdrop of the film is glorious Scottish Highland country with such beautiful scenery it takes your breath away. Though they were lucky with the weather. I seem to remember quite a lot of rain from my trips to that part of the world.

Nevertheless, so much humanity and humour packed into one film is a joy. Really exceptionally good all round. I loved it and will definitely watch it again.
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A great film to spend a lovely afternoon with
simupatricia28 February 2015
I loved the film! Knowing that David Tennant is in it (and he usually is in great things), also hearing good reviews about this film, I decided to watch it and I am very glad I did. The film is a bit odd, not your usual predictable comedy, but with lots of great British humor. The kids were lovely, also Billy Connolly shines in this and the rest of the cast is brilliant. Tennant and Pike have less material to work with, but they manage to flesh out the two characters and give a wonderful performance.

It's not the best comedy ever made, it has a lot of deeper, dark meanings behind it, but it has its charm and a lovely uniqueness about it that makes it so more special. This sort of comedy should be made more often.
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British film of 2014
too_plus_two11 October 2014
I haven't laughed or cried so much at a movie for years.

In effect this was Outnumbered (Guy Jenkin and Andy Hamilton's long-running and sharply observed TV series), recast and with more depth.

This was even more sharply written, and drew you into believe it so much that even the odd complete absurdity dropped in seemed fine. The blend of humour and pathos was spot-on, and at the end I wanted to go home and watch it again. It was also an appropriate swansong for the ailing comic Billy Connolly, who almost but kindly didn't steal the limelight from the kids.

Do not miss this movie.
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