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Matt Lanter: Liam Court


  • Liam Court : Seeing my head on a balloon is just disturbing.

    Naomi Clark : Don't overinflate. It makes you look jowly.

  • Liam Court : I know what you're gonna say. I shouldn't take them anywhere without telling you.

    Naomi Clark : But you understood what they needed more than I did, because you know what it feels like to be the kid everyone lied to.

    Liam Court : Yeah, something like that.

    Naomi Clark : [slapping him, hard]  How dare you work out your messed-up psychological issues at the expense of my family?

    Liam Court : Naomi...

    Naomi Clark : No, don't. I don't... I don't care about how hurt you are by all the women in your life, or how you refuse to be a part of a lie. I was keeping Mark's ex-wife from finding out that he was in jail so that he wouldn't lose custody. Thanks to you, there's nothing to stop the woman from taking those kids to the other side of the country. So no matter what, Mark either loses them or I lose Mark.

    Liam Court : Naomi, I'm sorry.

    Naomi Clark : And you are sorry.

  • Annie Wilson : Liam, I never meant to...

    Liam Court : Lie to me? Use me? Join the club. Apparently, it's what I'm here for.

    Annie Wilson : I didn't lie to you. I just didn't tell you about the book because it was personal. Writing it had nothing to do with you.

    Liam Court : Then why am I getting fan mail for the Leo the brooding loner?

    Annie Wilson : Because I write compelling characters? I'm sorry.

    Liam Court : You should be sorry that you ruined my life.

    Annie Wilson : And how exactly did I ruin your life?

    Liam Court : By being in it.

    Annie Wilson : Okay, look, I told the truth, and I stood up to Patrick because it was the right thing to do. I hate that people I care about got hurt, but I'm gonna fix it.

    Liam Court : Don't. Because everything you do just makes things worse.

  • Naomi Clark : I talked to Mark. Olivia, his daughter, loves princess parties. Done. But Dylan is a sci-fi fan, and the only thing that's gonna make his birthday dream come true is if Liam Court from "Corporate Invaders" comes. Please.

    Liam Court : Naomi, nothing against Mark, but I don't do children's parties.

    Naomi Clark : No, I totally understand. By the way, I read online that Annie's book is a real hit with the retirement community. You should stock up on calcium chews, because tomorrow night this place is gonna be crawling with geriatric Leo fans.

    Liam Court : What time do we leave?

    Naomi Clark : I'll pick you up at ten.

  • Annie Wilson : You missed the celebration. Mark's gonna be okay. Those kids aren't gonna lose their dad.

    Liam Court : No thanks to me.

    Annie Wilson : Well, moving to Vermont isn't the end of the world.

    Liam Court : It is to Naomi. I did what I thought was right, and it blew up someone's life. Sound familiar?

    Annie Wilson : But you didn't mean for anybody to get hurt, so eventually people will get over it and move on. Right?

    Liam Court : That's what I wanna do, too.

    Annie Wilson : I am so glad that you said that, because I really am so sorry. And I-I will set up a million meetings with surf stars for you to sponsor if that's what it takes.

    Liam Court : That's... that's not what I meant. I... Sydney came to me tonight. She made me realize that sometimes the best way to get past mistakes is to hit the reset button and start over. And so that's what we're gonna do. Annie, I... I want you to buy the Offshore so that me and Sydney can move to Australia.

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