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punishmentpark18 July 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Barry Atsma, a rather popular Dutch actor, is so wrongly chosen to star as the legendary Vincent van Gogh, but one must consider that this series was produced by Endemol Nederland B.V. (read: Generic Drivel Entertainment, Inc.) and broadcasted (perhaps even commissioned by) the only Evangelic broadcasting group in Holland. You are so right to think that I should have just stayed away from this, but sometimes... oh, well.

The tone of the series is quite mushy, not to my surprise. Vincent's ranting is inane, repetitive and, due to Atsma's lack of charisma, unbelievable. His life story is paralleled with that of a later descendant of his who undertakes an obvious journey (physically and emotionally) from hating Vincent and wanting to sell all his paintings, to... well, you'll have guessed it by now. And this guy even has a granddaughter who wants to do a lecture on Vincent.

The cinematography is quite nice and some of the settings are quite breathtaking, but it all hardly counts for anything.

2 out of 10.
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