T2 Trainspotting (2017) Poster

Robert Carlyle: Begbie, Begbie's Father



  • Begbie : [Begbie drops Viagra in his bathroom stall] 

    Renton : [Renton laughs] 

    Renton : What's all this then? Planning a special event are we, sir?

    Begbie : Give me the tablets, pal!

    Renton : Remember not to exceed the stated dose.

    Begbie : Give me the fucking tablets or I'll come through there and pound your fucking head in!

    Renton : Alright fucking calm down.

    Renton : For fuck's sake.

    Begbie : Cunt.

    Renton : Prick!

    Begbie : [Begbie and Renton realize who they're talking to] 

    Renton : [Renton slowly heads toward the stall door] 

    Begbie : [Begbie slowly looks over the side of the stall]  CUNT!

  • Spud : "We went for a piss in the old Leith Central Station. Me, Renton and Begbie. Place was empty, soon to be demolished. An old drunkard whom Begbie had been looking at, lurched up to us, wine bottle in his hand."

    Begbie's Father : What're you up to, lads, eh? Trainspotting? In Leith Central?

    Spud : "He says laughing. I noticed Begbie seemed strangely subdued and uncomfortable. It was only then I realised. The old wino was Begbie's father."

  • Begbie : World changes, eh, June? Even if we don't.

  • Begbie : There's something I have to do tonight, and then I'm going away. One way or another, it'll be a long time before you see me again. So I just thought I'd come by. I just thought I'd come by and say good luck, son. That's all.

    Frank Juror : Thanks, Dad.

    Begbie : See, it's difficult for me, 'cause... We never had any of that when I was a boy. Not, like, hotel...

    Frank Juror : Management.

    Begbie : Aye, hotel fucking management, all that shit. I never has any of that. Still... World changes, eh, June? Even if we don't. So... Look after yourself, son.


    Begbie : The old wino was my father. This fool is yours. You'll be a better man than either of us.

  • Begbie : Who's the fuckin smart cunt now!

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