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Jonny Lee Miller: Simon



  • Simon : [in the Highlands with Mark and Spud to remember Tommy]  Well, I'm trying hard, Mark, but I'm not feeling anything. We were young, bad things happened. It's over. Can we go home now?

    Renton : Two hours to the next train.

    Simon : Oh for fuck's sake.

    Renton : Look, we're here as an act of memorial.

    Simon : Nostalgia! That's why you're here. You're a tourist in your own youth. Just 'cause you had a near-death experience and now you're feeling all fuzzy and warm. What other moments will you be revisiting? Like you were the one who gave Tommy that bad gear?

    Renton : How about your baby Dawn she'd be what twenty now?

  • Veronika : [to Renton and Simon, in Bulgarian]  You know nothing. You understand nothing. You live in the past. Where I come from, the past is something to forget, but here it's all you talk about. You are clearly so in love with each other that I feel awkward in your company. Instead of looking at me you should get naked and fuck each other.

    Renton : Aha. Cheers.

    Simon : Up your ass.

    Renton : Placebo.

    Veronika : [laughs] 

  • Simon : You know, since we're having this conversation, I can tell you that fully consentual, emotionally driven, not-for-profit sexual intercourse has been attained.

    Renton : Simon, you're a romantic.

  • [last lines] 

    Simon : He's doing what?

    Renton : Writing them down.

    Simon : Really?

    Renton : That's what he told me.

    Simon : Murphy?

    Renton : Apparently so.

    Simon : So, who's gonna read 'em?

    Renton : Well, that's the problem. Nobody.

  • Simon : [Veronika takes an embarrassing picture of Mark and Simon]  Delete that right now.

    Veronika : Oh, I put it on Twitter. No one will see.

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