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small movie with a big difference
tejathecool29 March 2013
Swamy ra ra released without any expectations and i can say it will reach all the expectations of a movie lover without a doubt. There are very few crime comedies released on tollywood screen and these kind of genre needs a lot of passion and expertise to screen up. In this context the director has lived up to all the expectations.

STORY & SCRIPT: the story and script has been perfectly tailor made and especially the script has been penned down very carefully and we cant even show a black mark on the script. The story has a fresh and crispy feeling and it keeps us very comfortable on our seats.

CAST & CREW: Nikhil has improved a lot in his dialog delivery and acting all credits to him and the director. Swathi once again shined in her naughty girl character and the two friends of nikhil had showed good acting skills too. Ravi babu is very good in his comic villain role.

TECHNICAL DEPARTMENT:great technical values including editing and photography adds more color to this colorful movie and as a final word music has been really great in this movie and its sure to keep u humming all the way
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A Massive Small Budget Film.
spruthvi355 April 2013
The movie starts off with a cool & composed parallel story tracks and later these two parallel tracks meet at a point in the second half. In film history there are very rare chances for "Parallel Track" movies to get a positive note at the Box Office , but this film being a low budget has bagged a very great positive response. The whole cast were at their best and were maintained a nice gripping story with enjoyable comedy. When it comes to the crew , Mr. Sudheer Varma the new debut director has done a great job by wielding his pen for dialogs and the Mega-Phone as the Director.

The main element that has become hot topic is Mr. Richard Prasad's cinematography which was simply superb from the beginning and few scenes like "The chase scene along with song" and "The transaction scene in the rain" were like a treat to your eyes.

Ultimately its a small budget massive film with a fragile story line developed in an awesome way. Must Watch.!
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Swamy ra ra has innovative screenplay and direction techniques, music .
venkat_adithya25 March 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Swamy ra ra The director has given tribute to great crime comedy directors like Ram Gopal Varma, Quentin Tarantino and Guy Ritchie with this film. Director Sudheer Varma came out with fresh film despite having so many influences. Swamy Rara is a perfect example for pure story telling using 24 crafts of filmmaking and for using actors just to play characters. Each and every character is important and makes an impact. We have seen umpteen number of Telugu filmmakers making debuts and wanting to make movies like Ram Gopal Varma post 1990. But nobody came close to RGV in making crime comedies like Chandra Sekhar Yeleti. After Chandra Sekhar Yeleti, I feel that Sudheer Varma came close to deliver RGV kind of crime comedy (Kshanakshanam and Anaganaga Oka Roju). On a whole, Swamy Rara is a class crime comedy.
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