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Jay Ryan: Vincent Keller



  • Catherine Chandler : I don't even know where I should start: Muirfield or the vigilante stuff.

    Vincent Keller : Okay, maybe you should start with you and Tess.

    Catherine Chandler : There is no "me and Tess". She saw me tampering with evidence. She doesn't believe a word I say. She probably burned every picture of us, every birthday card.

    Vincent Keller : Okay, yes, you lied.

    Catherine Chandler : And chased and drugged her.

    Vincent Keller : You didn't have a choice, okay? I know you feel guilty about the lying, but in all honesty, it wasn't your secret to tell in the first place.

    Catherine Chandler : I s... I still lied. Even though I had good reasons, it... I didn't have a gun to my head. A made a choice to lie to her, and she is never going to forgive me for that.

  • Catherine Chandler : Our best shot at convincing her is to appeal to her as a cop. Tess has this amazing sense of justice. If I can show her that every crime that you've been involved in, it's been because you've been trying to save someone, then...

    Vincent Keller : Catherine, I've killed people, too. Okay? You said she's black and white.

    Catherine Chandler : But it has never been with the intent to kill. It's always been with the intent to protect. And sometimes, you have to use the force necessary. That's not gonna be gray to her. That's what we do as cops. She's going to get that.

  • Vincent Keller : Do you remember Catherine trying to tell you about, um, some experiments?

    Tess Vargas : Oh, yeah, while... while you were assaulting me, I do. You can add that to your rap sheet, by the way.

    Vincent Keller : You know, what she didn't get to tell you is that the organization that made me the way that you saw, um... know they screwed up. They killed my entire unit just to cover this up, and they will do the same to me or anyone who knows about me. Okay? That's the reason why she didn't tell you.

    Tess Vargas : Or maybe she didn't tell me because she was harboring a serial killer.

    Vincent Keller : I'm not a serial killer.

    Tess Vargas : What, you're just a killer of a series of people?

    Vincent Keller : I had to let my whole family, anyone who's ever known me, believe I'm dead; killed in battle in Afghanistan. All right? Not telling you was for your own safety. That is all.

  • Tess Vargas : We found prints of a dead guy, a dead vet, on an old crime scene; a murdered fashion editor. That was you.

    Vincent Keller : I did some CPR on him.

    Tess Vargas : That was almost a year ago. She's been lying to me since then?

    Vincent Keller : And it has been killing her, okay? Believe me. She is only doing this to pr...

    Tess Vargas : What, protect me? I got that, thanks. And with friends like that, who needs serial killers? Though, apparently, she likes to date them.

    Vincent Keller : Maybe we should just wait until Catherine gets back.


    Vincent Keller : I'll take that as a yes.

  • Vincent Keller : So, Tess, covered, huh?

    Catherine Chandler : Yeah.

    Vincent Keller : Well, I hate to say it, but, um, I told you so.

    Catherine Chandler : You don't hate to say it. I can tell.

    Vincent Keller : Yeah, well, it's nice to be right once in a while.

    Catherine Chandler : You weren't right down in the tunnels.

    Vincent Keller : What, by letting Tess go?

    Catherine Chandler : No, I... I'm talking about when you wanted to run off and leave me.

    Vincent Keller : It was so you could have your life back.

    Catherine Chandler : Okay, you are my life. At least, you're a huge part of it. But whenever there's some jeopardy, that's your go-to, and I know... I know it's because you wanna protect me, but I'm in this. So, next time, when we go over the options of what we're going to do, running away from me isn't one of them. It's not what partners do. And I learned that from you.

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