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Best episode yet!
ramelle-617-56380629 March 2013
OK everything is building up for the season finale and the tension has escalated since the last episode. So much emotions in one episode, I was on edge throughout the whole episode. Catherine and Vincent both have to find a way to reason with Tess to she can see things from their side but it is not easy.

Tess I understand the dilemma she is in but it took her being out of her depth to see the bigger picture. Yet not the pleas and tears of her super BFF for things to change (¬_¬).

J.T and Evan look like another partnership in the making but nothing is certain and anything can happen.

The acting was superb throughout my favourite episode so far and it ooks like it's about to get even more amazing.
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Series keeps getting better and better
bbanos1329 March 2013
Warning: Spoilers
This show just keeps getting better and better...this episode finally brought the conflicts between Tess and Cat to an end. Although for a moment there I thought they weren't. It was a very raw and emotional episode for those two as well as for Vincent doing his part at trying to explain Cat's betrayal to Tess. In the end, it took Vincent to save Tess to realize that he really isn't the monster she chose to think he was and give her best friend another chance. As for JT he had some moments with Ethan that were very funny but unfortunately pushed him to confront his feelings for Cat. And that my friends will end very badly for everyone as we saw in the next preview. I love this show, all of the characters have a story, depth, and you care for them. The writers are doing a great job and the leads have amazing chemistry. Now we just need the network to give it the chance it deserves and renew the show!
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establishing strong mythology
purefunkdesigns6 April 2013
Warning: Spoilers
In this episode Vincent is betrayed many times but it only solidifies Catherine's stance in being confidently on his side. His partner JT also stays strong with him as their beloved warehouse is blown to bits not solely because of Muirfield either. The badies are moving in on our beloved trio, Vincent, JT & Catherine as the DA task force closes in and the with the unfortunate help of Evan, Muirfield gets there first. The elements are all well balanced and existing. Romance, action/adventure and character building as we see the first ever interaction between Tess, Catherine's former partner and The Beast, Vincent. Jay Ryan does an excellent job making his character empathetic by teaching Tess about his dilemma without playing the "sympathy card" as well as, teaching Catherine about partnership that she couldn't quite see. The story flows quickly and sets up many new roads to travel. Catherine & Tess back as friends but still learning how to handle this new aspect of their relationship. Catherine gets some great romantic moments with Vincent while learning what he can teach her & reinforcing their relationship, "If we are together we can stand against anything". We get two great scenes between JT & Evan propelling the storyline yet one of these characters sets off yet another twist in the final scene. I really enjoyed all the inside tributes to the original series as well as the emotional ties growing and changing between characters. Plus, the change of sets from NYC streets, to antique shop, from warehouse to sewer. The balance of romance & adventure make this show singular on my TV. Its a much watch and currently in my #1 slot.
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