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Fast-paced and well-acted family comedy
IndustriousAngel5 August 2014
A successful member of the very popular make-fun-of-racism-comedy sub-genre (earlier entries include, among others, monster hit "Intouchables", "Paulette", "Bienvenue chez les Ch'tis" and "Les Invincibles"), this comedy shines not so much by originality or surprises - most gags and the general plot are very obvious choices - as by flawless execution. The rhythm of the gags is relentless - punch, punch, punch ... - not a single boring moment - and I really liked the cast and characters - a bunch of very lovable people, and who's not so from the start will have been turned over to the bright side by the end. Altogether, a rather sweet mix, but recommended for the nice performances and the quick-footed pace!
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French cinema, reliable value
nassosk28 July 2014
Seldom have I seen a French movie that I didn't enjoy. "Qu' est-ce qu' on a fait au Bon Dieu?" was no exception to this rule of thumb.

I am not sure what most people expect to see when they go to watch a movie about such an absurd combination of facts. I, for one, went with an open mind, expecting extreme situations. However, once you get past the (obvious) exaggeration of the main story (a handful of races, another handful of religions - just ONE family), the various plot turns and outcomes are both believable and plausible.

There are a few cheap laughs, a couple of clichés, but other than that, the movie is very enjoyable and offers more genuine laughs. It doesn't try too hard with messages (I love that), the idea is just plain straight: we all hide a (however small or big) racist within, which, given the right circumstances can either grow or shrink. No man is bias- free.

It's a good movie, a well spent one-and-a-half hour.
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A very enjoyable comedy!
Nobody-277 June 2015
In recent years, French cinema has suffered similar fate as Hollywood; whatever was made was too tepid or dumb to be interesting, with an occasional exception... but I digress.

"Serial Bad Weddings" or in literal translation: "What Have We Done To Dear God?" is a comedy about a family with three daughters each marrying a person of different race and religion than their own. If this were Canada or US, it would probably not even be worthy of a film. We all would like to believe that most of us are above racism in N. America, but keen observer will notice that racism has not disappeared, it is only better hidden. This creates a bit of a friction in many circles, and having a film like this goes a long way towards letting some of that pressure out. I am glad that French can still laugh at themselves, because most Brits and Americans will most likely be too scared into political correctness to enjoy the humor in this film.

To have a film expose and attack such deeply engrained attitudes head-on, is quite something. To have it done with "no holds barred" attitude, to the point of making one cringe and laugh at the same time, is what I enjoyed about this film the most.

The cast was absolutely wonderful, and besides Christian Clavier, it includes Pascal N'Zonzi who some cinefiles may remember from "Night On Earth" (the black VIP from an embassy... with "y-vois-rien" joke). Pascal N'Zonzi and Christan Clavier play off of each other so well, it is worth watching this film just for the two of them.

While the film occasionally flat-lines, the jokes are plentiful and well executed. There is only one sequence (maybe two?) that I am not crazy about... but even with that, it is very well worth watching just for the daring humor and attacking the issue of racism head-on in a truly funny manner. No one is spared - no race, and no racist, and everyone is better for it! All in all a good comedy that will not disappoint you, provided political correctness has not robbed you of your sense of humor.
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"Ten minutes late. He's not Chinese!"
jan_kalina14 November 2014
Christian Clavier is a comedy legend. It works as a guarantee that the film which he is starring in won't disappoint you. But I'm also glad that a film with this ensemble cast isn't just merely focusing on him and his comedy talent. Everybody in the film gets their spot to shine. Everybody has to deliver a great performance otherwise the film would collapse on itself. Especially the three sons-in-law have a great chemistry together and are extraordinary funny.

The plot allows the writers and filmmakers to play with and discuss many important and serious issues, but to present in a humorous and way. Just imagine, that you as a parent of four daughters, get three sons of law with a different religion, ethnic background and not one of them get well with each other. You hope that the last daughter will bring you and ideal contender who meets you demands of a perfect man for your daughter.

The French have always been masters at comedy although in the last couple of years that trend has lost a little bit of steam, but it seems to be going at full speed now. After the excellent international success of The Intouchables, comes another film which has a chance for an international recognition. While the main premise and issues may be a bit touchy for some people, every jab at someone be it from ethnic point or religious point can't insult anyone because that is not the point. The point of the humor is look back on the globalization and the problems our multicultural society brings.

Relationships are made, men bond with each other but it is no way done in any pathetic way. From my experience this is exactly how things happen - the three sons in law become friends in sharing the goal of being liked the by the father of the family. They become friends in the childlike fashion. Or Clavier's Claude befriends the last rival standing in the way of her fourth daughter to have a happy marriage, by simply having the same hobby - fishing.

With 90 minute runtime this comedy doesn't have any spare time to slow down. This is laugh out ride since the start until the finish. I can remember only a handful of times when I have experienced the entire theater to be laughing out loud like this. This is a perfect comedy with the perfect cast and premise.
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Just Funny
rdvljunk1 August 2014
Admitted, this movie will never be a classic but it is quite fun. Actually I do not like french humor, I hardly had a smile with "intouchables", "chez_les_chites" and other famous french comedies. But this movies manages to make good fun out of prejudgments and shows that in a way we are all racists, black, yellow, white, Muslim, catholic, Jewish. Now the story is thin and of course has a happy ending, but you will be amused afterward. Basically it tells the story of a family in which the 4 daughters marry an Arab, a Jew, a Chinese, while youngest plans to merry a black guy. This last marriage is too much for the parents who had hoped for a "descent, white, catholic" guy.
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Another French movie that hits the box office in Europe
Luigi Di Pilla2 November 2014
It's just unbelievable but the French film industry releases every year one blockbuster after one. With low budget and great fantasy the film makers succeeds in creating very funny masterpieces. Of course this comedy doesn't like everybody. There are some questions about racism and religions. But every detail is well mixed with a certain portion of humor. If you want to spent a good time without taking all serious this is for you. Every actor did a great performance and the director had a good hand with this idea.

If you are looking for other funny French movies then see Rien a Declarer, Tais Toi, Les Intouchables, l'Enquete Corse, Vilaine or Bienvenue chez les Chti's. Read therefore my critics.

Final Rating 10/10.
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Joyful and entertaining
avissurtout7517 July 2014
I imagine you have to be a middle class French to fully enjoy the dialog and the rhythm of this comedy but I have difficulties to understand that one cannot enjoy at least the clichés and the excessiveness of the "soooo" French characters. The four daughters are the same age, looking like each other,they are not twins or triplets, nevertheless they behave the same. They have married men of different culture and education not because they are in opposition with their parents' pattern just because it happens! One can admit the scenario is weak and the situation just caricature but I can testify to anyone that it is far below reality! I'm French I have three daughters in law one is Japanese, one is Moldavian and the third one is Chinese, diversity may create some tension. This film is the "Rabbi Jacob" of year 2014 not more than that but as real as that and I'm happy it will have a great success.
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jane-schvab18 November 2014
I don't like French movies in particular, but from time to time they make a good one ( like Les Intouchables) and this one certainly does go the "good" category.

From what I could see the movie was introducing a serious issue of France (its immigrants), but in a rather humorous way. The old couple just came in terms with their three daughters marrying a Jew, a Chinese and a Muslim and they put all their faith for a French son-in-law in the hands of their youngest daughter... So their nerves couldn't take it anymore when she brought home an African.

I have never saw the actors before, but I definitely enjoyed acting of the old couple and the father of the groom-to-be. The movie will make cry from laughing and wonder what would you do if your daughter/son brought home such in-laws.....We say that nowadays the world is connecting, cultures are melting together but when it hits also our private lives, I assume our reaction would be pretty similar to those of the old French couple.

Therefore I think this movie is fit for those who seek some comedy but also for those who like more "meaningful" movies.
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Marvellously Politically Incorrect
Fujiko-san12 November 2018
Lets take out everyday racism and examine it under the bright light of comedy!

This very very funny film is a no holds barred look at bourgeois french culture, and multi-culture. I nearly peed my pants I laughed so hard. Totally worth your time whether you're french or not.
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athena2410 January 2015
I didn't like it. I don't think it's bad, but beyond couple of smiles it wasn't funny for me. It's not that the jokes were bad or misfitted, they just were predictable.

Strangely, Christian Clavier reminded me of Louis De Funes, and some of the situations here reminded me of older french movies that i liked. However, this time I could foresee each and every madness Claude Verneuil had.

The jokes weren't neither rude nor offending, which is good, but they definitely lacked a spark or originality.

I felt that the director didn't want to break any rules or do something really crazy and funny, but rather go by an existing well established formula.
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What did they do to God?
Horst_In_Translation19 October 2014
Warning: Spoilers
That they got 4 daughters who marry a Jew, a Muslim, a Chinese and now also a Black man. The title already tells you the path of this movie. It is VERY politically incorrect. So, if you are easily offended, shout racism on every occasion or can't laugh about stereotypes, then don't watch it. For me, it worked on almost every level. There is no greater equality than mocking all religions at the same time. Yesterday I watched "Le meraviglie" which shows us the ways of a father with 4 (considerably younger) daughters in rural Italy. Here we have the same situation in France. "Serial (Bad) Weddings" (the international title, don't really like it) has by far been the most watched film in France this year and made twice as much money as the second place movie. It is the 4th most successful film in France since 2002 (probably longer, that's only how far back I looked) after "Intouchables", the "Ch'tis" and "Avatar". One reason may be that director/writer Philippe de Chauveron and his co-writer Guy Laurent go way back and have worked together on many movies already.

And, also for me, this is a success, possibly the funniest 2014 film I have seen so far. We will see if it stays this way. And the great thing about it is that the way they summarized the 3 first marriages early on so quickly, they could turn any of these into a prequel to this movie. The center here is the youngest of the 4 sisters (she looks like a French Rachl McAdams), who gets married to a Senegalese. There were really only very minor flaws there. One example, I thought the whole parents-possibly-divorcing story at the end was a bit undeveloped and random. And I also did not like those ethnicity-related nicknames they gave each other. These kinda lacked the wit the dialogs otherwise had. But these criticisms do not take away anything from the film, which was usually at its best when it did not try to be dramatic, but 100% comedy. The ending is unsurprisingly the wedding and the speeches of the two dads provide nice closure.

Performance-wise the highlight was former Astérix (wow, did he look different back then) Christian Clavier. His face expressions were always so hilarious, early on at the three wedding ceremonies already. He had the funniest scenes of the film, the motor saw scene or his reaction when he hears that his new son-in-law will be a Christian named Charles. (How did he not know the name? The two shared an apartment for over a year.) He looked so happy. And then his face expression, when he sees him the first time. Awesome. But all the others did fine too, the wife, the daughters, the husbands... My favorite scene from the husbands was when they unite to prove that the Senegalese cheats on his soon-to-be wife. Another comedic highlight of the film, especially when they find out it was actually his sister. Even the minor characters are very funny, like the priest with his laughing fit or the psychologist who always has the right answers to his patients' questions.

The one thing I did not recognize so strongly here was the music, which is usually very specific in French movies. But that could have been because I was just too distracted and entertained by the action and humor. Really quality movie and you will find it truly funny if the politically incorrect humor is your cup of tea.
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Funniest film at the Rochester Jewish Film Festival
Red-12529 July 2015
The French movie Qu'est-ce qu'on a fait au Bon Dieu? was shown in the U.S. with the title "Serial (Bad) Weddings (2014)." I would have preferred the translation of the French title--"What have we done to God?" (The point being, "What have we done to God to make him send us these four sons-in-law?") The film was co-written and directed by Philippe de Chauveron.

Christian Clavier plays Claude Verneuil, and Chantal Lauby plays his wife, Marie Verneuil. They have four beautiful daughters. One has married a Chinese man (presumably Buddhist), one has married an Israeli Jew, and one has married an Algerian Muslim. The fourth daughter announces that she is engaged to a Catholic!

What makes these marriages "bad," is that the Verneuils are very French, and very Catholic, and none of their first three sons-in-law was born in France or is Catholic. However, they are all intelligent men and excellent husbands. The weddings are more or less "bad" in the eyes of the Verneuils, but not necessarily in the eyes of anyone else but their priest.

What makes the fourth marriage--to a Catholic--"bad" makes up the plot of the movie. It's not subtle, but it is funny. My wife and I laughed aloud at several scenes, and so did the rest of the audience.

I entitled this review "Funniest film at the Rochester Jewish Film Festival." The Rochester International Film Festival committee made a real effort to find funny films, but none of the other comedies RIJFF presented struck me as very funny.

This film is funny, but it isn't Jewish. It's true that one son-in-law is Jewish, but he's just there to fill out the set of three non-Catholic spouses. I think it's fine that this film isn't truly a "Jewish" film, because I like the fact that RIJFF reaches out beyond the strict definition of films that a Jewish Film Festival should show. And, unlike the comedy/drama combinations at the Festival, this movie was pure comedy. My thought about the other "comedies" was that the drama weighed down the comedy, and the comedy weighed down the drama. Not for this film--it was simply a very funny movie. No real drama--just comedy.

We saw this film at Rochester's Dryden Theatre as the closing night presentation of the highly regarded Rochester International Jewish Film Festival. It will probably work a little better on the large screen, but it will be fine on the small screen as well. I highly recommend it.
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just awful
missvoon13 May 2014
It's terrible and not funny movie : bad acting, bad many ethnic clichés, although if the writer would have made a movie just with the second part and in a more subtle way it could have been better. It was very successful in France and as a French girl I'm totally not surprised, it just shows how bad we are with dealing with people of immigrant descent. We automatically become very much out there, and just to show that we are OK with it, we have the need to make bad jokes and to use a lot of clichés. I went there with my husband and we were both very surprised to hear people laughing out loud ...did I mention the bad acting ???
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Terrible waste of 1.5 hours of my life
dax-jim28 January 2015
This is not so much a review as a warning to others.I hardly ever write comments about films I have seen, but I feel compelled to tell of this monstrosity of a "film". Trite, boring, badly-acted, infantile, embarrassing, patronising and worst of all unfunny...these are a few relevant adjectives I would use to describe it. Don't be fooled by the score on IMDb (there must be a lot of people with an under-developed sense of humour), this must be in my top ten worst film of all time. I usually find something positive in any film I watch no matter how bad, but I found it impossible to be anything other than scathing with this one. Steer clear, you have been warned! ;-) Ps. The most amusing thing for me was the title which in Spanish is "dios mio, pero que te hemos hecho!" which translates as "My god what have we done to you!" . I thought that was particularly apt given my experience.
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Supeb comedy with Christian Clavier (recall The Visitors).
christian-mancas23 November 2014
Superb comedy, full of grace, good quality humor, fine taste, and with an excellent Christian Clavier in the leading role. No taboo is spared - be it of the French, Jews, Chinese, Arabs, of Africans on others, as well as on themselves. Gentle satirical approach of mimicked "open-mindness" that always proves to be shadowed by at least a little bit of racism. Also romantic, from the start to the end. Beautiful story on an apparently impossible family, which today's Western Europe - and especially France - makes possible. For understanding everything in depth, review history on Arafat, Bokassa, Idi Amin Dada, etc. Not historical, as Louis de Funes' Rabbi Jacob, but not far away from it. A en mourir de rire! (The French for To die from laughing!)
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Gentle fun on races and ethnicities
AkelaLoneWolf4 January 2015
Warning: Spoilers
The background of this movie alone attracted us into the theatre, imagine the possibilities the director had of playing with such a multiethnic and multicultural family. Traditional French bourgeois Catholic Caucasian couple raising four daughters, three of whom married (in that order) a Moroccan Muslim, a Jew and a Chinese, with the fourth about to enter into matrimony with a Negro-African. And the movie did not disappoint. There was non-stop laughter throughout, the stream of irony and humour flowing from one scene to another, highlighting and poking fun at the impressions, the idée fixes, the stereotypes people harbour towards members of a different ethnicity or culture. And you realize that one can unwittingly become a racist without the slightest intention, and offend even when treading most cautiously. What I liked most about this movie is its positive air, the family values it fosters, the notion that we are all members of a nation regardless of ethnicity (re: La Marseillaise scene) and the efforts each and every member of the family puts in to attain harmony (re: Marie and her turkeys). Cliché as this might seem, it is heartwarming and makes this little gem a first choice in light entertainment for the evening in this festive season.
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kosmasp26 November 2014
Quite literally actually. This is crossing the border on a few occasions, but it still manages to be funny and entertaining. With a racism theme at center and a father figure who is actually someone you should be disliking, the acting and the dialog is so good, that you cannot take your eyes away from the screen.

Of course your sense of humor has to fit the need and what is being served here. But the movie does not take prisoners and does not care what politically correct is. Still it manages to be sweet at the same time. It's amazing and you cannot really grip how they managed to do that, but you can watch them do it and enjoy it
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Really bad
erokarakosta28 December 2017
Foolish, humorless,very bad acting,no real feeling, and at one point the sisters and their husbands do something horrible, seemingly totally out of character, but life goes on...Also our young couple reacts to problems in ways that make no sense...
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excellent movie
surdurodica23 November 2014
I have seen a few french movies and I did not like them, they are different.. But there are a few ones which deserve any minute spent on watching. This movie is one of the best, I cried and I laugh during entire film. It encourage people to love each other no matter what, it teach parents that we live in a different time, it teach all of us that we are all people and deserve to be honest and friends.

I recommend watching it. I am in process of learning french and this is one movie which make you to want to learn french and love this country.

Congruatulation to the regizors for making it so funny and real, as this is real not only in France but in entire world! Good pointed!
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vaso-kor25 August 2019
Tears from laughing. Very good. Suggest to watch. 100/10
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A movie worthy to watch
elizabethrapti14 July 2019
It was as good as the first movie! I definitely liked it!
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Great comedy and the perfect antidote against ethnocentrism...
ElMaruecan8230 November 2016
An Irish, a Jew and a Mexican enter a bar, the bartender says, "Is this some kind of joke?" (drumbeat)

Now, if you laughed at this, you'll probably enjoy "Serial Bad Weddings" whose basic premise is a like a big joke starting with an Arab, a Jew and a Chinese entering a Catholic family.

This is, in a nutshell, the most successful French movie of 2014 and I bet it will stand for decades as the ultimate movie about mixed marriages. No one can resist a good ethnic joke, and on that level, the film is an exhilarating opportunity to vent all our prejudices in a politically incorrect but democratic way.

And comedy was the only way the film could work. In 2006, one named "Bad Faith" dealt with a marriage between a Muslim and a Jewish girl. It was a serious film, with serious actors and no one remembers it. Indeed, in France, some subjects are too important to be given importance. "Serial Bad Weddings" doesn't commit such a mistake and deals with ethnic prejudices in such a lighthearted way it set everyone's hearts ready to receive the positive message about tolerance, the director, Philippe de Chauveron, is eager to deliver.

It starts with the Verneuils, an uptight and conservative Catholic couple: Claude (the inevitable Christian Clavier) and Marie (Chantal Lauby). They have four daughters; three of them married a Muslim, a Jewish and a Chinese. They're all French citizens, with decent jobs and easy-going personalities but with four different backgrounds around the same table, you multiply by four the odds of the 'word' too many. This 'tension' naturally accentuates the comedic effect of the gags, and the screenplay gets away with all its offensive material about circumcision, sneakiness of Chinese people, Arab quarters.

It works because, unlike the forgotten "Bad Faith", there's more cultural diversity, the film can be offensive to Arabs, but the Arab lawyer (Medi Sadoun) makes fun of the Chinese (Fréderic Chau), the film can be offensive to the Chinese, but the Chinese mocks the Jew, reminding him that China took over their traditional manufacturing business (a fact, the trilogy "Would I Lie To You?" dealt with in its third opus), and the film is immune to anti-Semitic allegations, because the Jewish character played by Ary Arbittan uses the Chinese as his personal punching ball (a clash with the Arab being another tactfully avoided stereotype). In terms of potential offensiveness, it's the "sprinkled sprinkler" story.

The film gracefully swings between all the traps such a risqué subject could have pulled, by providing both the poison and the antidote and then attracting a wider range of audience, including the French "WASP". One can even say the joke is on the Catholics, but then, the Arab reveals that he's got a problem with Moroccans (he's Algerian), the Jew with Ashkenazi, so to a certain extent, the prejudice of the parents is 'acceptable' in the sense that it is probably more related to the religion of the son-in-laws than their ethnicity. But this is where the film plays nicely with its own concept, just when Claude and Marie try to accommodate, enjoy their time with their son-in-laws and grandchildren, the last daughter decides to marry a Catholic man, named Charles. For the parents, it is too good to be true, they don't even mind that he's an actor, but there had to be a catch.

Charles (Noom Dyawara) is from Ivory Coast and the pivotal news of their marriage create four unexpected reactions. The African father, a tyrannical patriarch played by Pascal N' Zonzi, is disappointed in his son (prejudice is everywhere) and makes an effort to be as odious to the Verneuils as possible. Claude can't take it anymore, while Marie surrenders to the 'flavor of the time'. The in-laws know this will be the deathblow to the equilibrium they reached and even the sisters blame the little one for ruining their parents' life. Obviously, it was the mixed marriage too many.

But as a way to counterbalance the unfair deal the African guy is given, even from the Verneuil's standpoint, a more specific focus is made on his marriage, (we actually never see the other families). The film then creates an interesting bond between the two fathers, and their complicity is like the one that put the son-in-laws together, based on prejudices… but better to build a friendship on weaknesses than an enmity on pride. The film always manages to show that we can overcome the ethnic barriers, and maybe it was the perfect timing when so many politicians claim that France isn't a multicultural society. And the film proves it wrong but never at the expense of realism. Indeed, the in-laws drink alcohol, don't mind visiting the Church, and sing the Marseillaise with passion.

Some would say the daughters weren't given important roles, but they were the tolerant ones, they had no prejudice to overcome, this is why they were less interesting. I must admit I didn't really care for them. But did I care for the rest! This is a film that will certainly be remembered as the 2010's answer to another ecumenical classic "The Mad Adventures of Rabbi Jacob", a film about a Catholic bigot and an Arab revolutionary leader disguised as Rabbis. The kinship is so obvious that even the parents made a reference to the film and to Louis de Funès. Clavier plays a similar role in this film and proves again, what was already established in the 90's, he's the greatest French comical actor of his generation, and he puts such naturalness in the film, I almost suspected it wasn't a character part.

The French title literary means "Lord, What Did We Do Wrong?" well, whatever the parents did wrong, this film did nothing wrong and was blessed with a superb cast, and a screenplay as delightful, smart and irresistible as a good old ethnic joke.
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Funny French comedy.
santiagocosme26 August 2015
I love french cinema! Whether it is a comedy or a drama, an action film or a documentary, French cinema always does it for me. Being of French origin probably helps, so I hope my views on this movie are not too biased.

I laughed all along. It's all I can say! I enjoyed every minute of our protagonists (a traditional French couple) trying to cope with their 4 daughters marrying men of non- French origins: an African, an Arabic, a Jew, and a Chinese.

As a negative note, I would say some of the actors are a little weak and/or the scenes are a little forced, but you'll forget it quickly enough when you are caught bursting into laughter over and over again.

I could not recommend it highly enough. You will laugh, surely. If you don't, I'll give you your money back.
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A French standard!
palavitsinis19 July 2015
Well, this movie is as most French movies for me! High quality and really fun to watch! With a sense of humor that transcends national borders and languages, this was a truly fun-to-watch movie.

The fathers of the bride and groom were two amazing roles, getting so many laughs! I enjoyed also the sons in law with all the rivalry and of course the end that was much expected but was still satisfying.

I would like to see less "nation-specific" jokes that only French can actually get, but other than that this is a movie that you will enjoy. Its quite lengthy but it's not slacking at any point, so time will fly.

I would say that this is a nice movie to relax with after a tiring day, and go to bed lightheaded and filled with a pleasant feeling all in all.
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predictable, too much kitsch, too much of everything
Flexmaen12 March 2018
Warning: Spoilers
The jokes sometimes were fun, but in general very predictable. Also everything had to happen well aligned. The jew, the muslim, the chinese, the black guy one after each other with a predictable joke. Haha. Of course, this all had to end with a happy wedding in the church. No atheist, no lesbian daughter, no surprise you might expect in a french movie. Even kitschy snow at X-mas.

Monsieur Claude was a big disappointment especially after seing a movie like Crustacés & coquillages (
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