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Pitch black comedy with great characters and a decent amount of blood
gogoschka-14 May 2014
You don't have to have seen the original Coen film to enjoy this series, nor does it spoil anything for you if you have seen it: the new TV-show 'Fargo' is entirely its own beast. So far, the only thing the series and the film do have in common is the title and the (fake) premise that both are - allegedly - based on true events that happened somewhere in Minnesota.

The writers (and the actors!) do a great job in creating new characters that are as strange and somewhat over the top as most of the iconic Coen creations we've come to love over the years - and Billy Bob Thornton's 'Lorne Malvo' (from season 01) has the potential to reach cult status. Watching bad situations get worse as bad decisions lead to even worse ones and the lives of ordinary people spiral violently out of control is - I shamefully admit - a lot of fun to watch, and it's told here with such a wicked sense of humor that I've so far enjoyed every minute of it.

The cast so far has been outstanding (this is an anthology series, so each new season will have its own cast and a new storyline) and the production values - especially the cinematography - are fantastic. Now whether 'Fargo' will appeal to a larger audience despite its quirky characters and non-mainstream look the way a show like 'Breaking Bad' did remains to be seen, but I would strongly recommend this to anyone who enjoys black comedies in general as well as pretty much anything the Coens ever did. Great, pitch black entertainment - 9 out of 10 from me.

Favorite Films: http://www.imdb.com/list/ls054200841/

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Lesser-known Masterpieces: http://www.imdb.com/list/ls070242495/

Favorite TV-Shows reviewed: http://www.imdb.com/list/ls075552387/
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Season 3 review
jodyfranz5 November 2018
Wow, I remember when this show first came out I was very skeptical they could make an interesting show many seasons long based on the movie. It has the same vibe as the movie, takes place in or around Minnesota has similar characters but is it's own thing apart from the movie.

I just finished watching Season 3 and wow it was a doozy. I love this show, it is rare for me to get into a show where I don't notice the episodes flying by. There is some really strong writing with this show. I won't get into the details but will say you end up really caring about the characters, good or bad you want to see what happens to them. In some cases you are rooting for them to win and in others you are rooting for their demise. A lot of times neither plays out.

I don't normally go for religious undertones in shows/movies mostly because it is kind of cliche the ol good vs evil thing. This season does it a bit but does it well. I really enjoy this show and can't recommend it enough!
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Brilliant. Just Brilliant
ljs379916 April 2014
From the very start, from the opening shot of the cold dark icy road and the background music starting to play, I knew this would be something different, something awesome.

Coming from someone who hasn't watched the 1996 film by the Coen brothers, I really didn't know what to expect. I was in a way wondering if I was just wasting my time and watching a series that would fall short of everyone's expectations and just flop, like so many other TV series do nowadays. However, that didn't happen at all.

The performances were outstanding in my opinion. Martin Freeman was excellent and to my surprise did the accent fairly well. Billy Bob Thornton was amazing as Lorne Malvo, the enigmatic vibe you get from his performance gave me chills.

The cinematography is also one of the good things about this pilot. The shots are smart and intriguing, yet still simple and not too overdone. The music is also outstanding. There are times when it is quirky and funny, there are times where it is tragic and sad yet epic, and then there are also the times when it is intense and mysterious.

Fargo is mysterious, intense, funny (at times), tragic and just simply plain awesome! I really hope there are more to come like this.

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Outstanding! Must watch.
akhilshady215 December 2015
Six months ago I finished watching Breaking Bad and I really think that's the best thing I've ever watched and I always felt it is nonpareil in terms of excitement. From then on I couldn't forget it, I missed it. I started watching several shows later, but nothing came close to BB. I went on a search for such exciting crime dramas and then I saw few people on reddit talk about Narcos and Fargo (most of them) to experience something similar. At first, I googled them and decided to watch Narcos as Google knowledge graph mentions Fargo as a comedy series. So, yeah Narcos was enthralling, but didn't really feel 10/10 especially with too much Spanish. Then I decided to give a try on Fargo and boy oh boy! It's simply sensational.

Season 1: The first episode itself left me exuberant. This Martin Freeman guy, right from the day I saw him as Bilbao Baggins, everything he does impresses me and in Fargo there's nothing less. And the others were excellent too, especially Billy Bob Throtton, that man is really one hell of an actor. He is an assassin, every scene of him is jaw dropping with some chills. All in all, Season 1 of Fargo was really the one I was waiting for these whole 6 months and I didn't want to end this beautiful experience, so I immediately decided to watch Season 2.

Season 2: Everyone who watched season 1 will have some idea about how season 2 will go on. It opened off very well and the first episode here too ends dramatically. The next 2 episodes were slow-paced and I thought this might turn out like True Detective Season 2 as it couldn't really recreate the magic of the first season (just my opinion). So, right when I thought it's sinking, it just gets better and better from episode 4. There won't be a moment you could take your eyes off till the last minute of the season finale. I'm glad they renewed it for the next season and I really can't wait for that.

The music utilized over the two seasons is absolutely mind blowing, the way it relates to each and every scenario is just spectacular. Along with this awesome music, the outstanding piece of poetry depicts the ongoing lives of the people in Fargo. The direction part is really masterful and you can clearly see that in the second season". Even though it was quite extraordinary I wouldn't rate it higher than Breaking Bad as this one has little flaws and I didn't really like the ending of the second season(Although some people loved it) but if you're just looking for some real piece of art then Fargo is a must watch.
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a show that no one should miss ! another perfect 10
Lippi_198224 October 2015
Im here once again to state the difference between a show and a masterpiece .

Many times you ask yourself ,how can i spend my time watching something worthy ?! this is how! Great cast , great story, scenario , pacing, and that feeling about wanting more and more !

I watched the entire 1st season, now the 1st episode from the 2nd season , and i can say ,this is something especial .

I hope you can watch, and after you do that, please review this amazing show ,and be pleases to leave a 10 as i did. This way ,all of us can make a difference , the difference that puts something special at the top, not all of those crappy shows that gives you nothing but a truly time-wasting !

Hope to read you here very soon ;)

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Best new show on TV
qadirmagsi1 May 2014
Since Breaking Bad ended i have been craving for something as good, so let me share the good news with you guys. This show is it.

Three episodes have aired so far and I am mesmerized. The story, the photography, the surreal landscape, the comedy, the drama, the suspense, its all excellent.

Some of you may feel that I am going overboard with this, but I think this show may surpass even the movie on which it is based, and that is saying something.

The whole cast is doing an amazing job, specially Billy Bob, i mean it seems as if the guy was born to play the role of Lorne Malvo. The quiet menacing look he gives and the relaxed confident way in which he moves about town, slowly pulling all the strings, making everyone dance to his tune. His devil may care attitude, and that smile of his. He deserves an Emmy for sure.

Allison Tolman plays the slightly overweight (but not pregnant) cop and she nails it. Ditto for Martin Freeman as Nester and Colin Hanks as Gus. I have been a fan of Martin since i first saw him in Sherlock. He has that quintessence that has almost vanished from modern Hollywood. He can play the vulnerable every-man very well, but I am feel that his character will grow in this series into something more sinister.

Anyways, enough from me. Just watch this show and judge for yourself. 9/10.

Game of Thrones and Fargo, the best two shows on TV.
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Brilliant show! Must watch it!
grace9816 April 2014
I just finished watching the pilot for this show, and it was a "wow", a top notch level of excellence.

It might be too early to say it is a potential Emmy-winner or other awards winner show just by the first episode, but I would say it is on the "MUST SEE" list.

I've never watched the classic film "Fargo", so I didn't have any preperception of comparing the film to the show. It is just simply amazing with excellent direction, ACTING, and scene setup.

Billy Bob Thornton did a great job showing a baddie with such a power of manipulation. As usual, his performance is fantastic.

Martin Freeman's performance is just perfect, and he surprises me a lot by changes in his body shape, reactions, and the accent. It is just amazing that an English can do such unique northern American accent.

Performance from other actors are also compelling and excellent as well. It's comfortable and joy to watch their performance.

Definitely recommended!
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I've found a gem!
aassmmoo12 October 2014
I'm not good with reviews but i decided to give it a try, i was boring, watching TV show after TV show, everything was average at most. Then I tried another one, Fargo and I was so tied with the story and great acting that I watched all 8 episodes during one night, recommending to everyone!

The only thing that bothered me - are these events really based on true story? because it got a little unreal at places so i googled a little and turns out that it's not really based on true events but hell, who care! maybe it's even better ;)

I really don't know much other TV shows (OK OK maybe i do, like Stargate, Breaking Bad, etc.) that make me addicted but Fargo - definitely can be added to my list of MUST_WATCH, solid 10/10 !
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Phenomenal piece of cinema artwork....
xenith96820 April 2014
After watching more recent offspring of the new "One hour movie" esq shows ,ushered in by Breaking Bad, I was expecting a pretentious, exuberantly high budgeted, slow and pandering television show trying to feed off the Breaking Bad withdrawn audience. After watching the first episode of Fargo I was very surprised.

The first episode's last 20 minutes left me with anxious tingles down my spine. The mix between light hearted comedy and darkness provided by the interactions of the extras with Billy Bob Thornton and Martin Freeman. Without revealing anything about the plot I can safely say I will remember the interaction between Officer Grimly and Malvo for the rest of my life.

Also the cinematic quality of this series will be second to none as the placement of the camera in certain scenes truly adds to the comedic or dark value of the scenes.
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Hail 2014's Best TV Series. Yet. ♦ 90%
TejasNair16 April 2014
I loved the movie. And with the first episode, I fell for the series, too. As new episodes played, my heart skipped many beats and lo & behold, it ended without a bang. While, at least 5 episodes are a full 10/10 for me, the finale failed to spark.

Starting off with strict references to the 1996 film, it talks about a psychopath who is on a mission in another city, played charismatically by Billy Bob Thornton. I loved his air & nuanced performance. Then comes Martin Freeman, out of the neighborhood Sherlock sets, as that jittery underachiever who has a nagging wife. Things start to climb up when Freeman's character bumps into his high-school friend. Next, he meets Thornton's character & boom! What follows is an interwoven plot which refers the original film.

Crime has been brilliantly showcased in this series, including the finale and that is the main point. What follows next is as horrendous as the last minutes of the film. One after another, the thrills catch up with our heart's pumping pace as the characters grow out of their shells and reveal grave, suppressed expressions. It reflects human psychology brilliantly and in just the last 20 minutes. We feel sad, funny, pity, excited - for the images on- screen are brilliantly written. Music is very supportive.

Yes, this is better than the complex True Detective. It is hard-hitting, folks and what more could a dark crime plot ask for a setup than Minnesota. Noah Hawley writes with his brain open and succeeds in making a point or two. His tale is driven my 2014's best background score. If you doubt that, try searching Google for the "Mr. Numbers & Mr. Wrench" track and you will see how nuts is the web for the music.

BOTTOM LINE: I was skeptical after the first episode but now I am positive. It is 9/10 and the latest addition to the series with an anti- hero.

Can be watched with a typical Indian family? NO

Gore/Violence: Very Critical | Sex/Nudity: Strong
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Series 1 & 2 are great.
rhennell10 November 2017
This is a great example of a TV show that cannot sustain it's quality after a couple of series. The first couple look great with some good acting and strong story lines but the third series falls apart.

All the actors do a great job, especially Ewan McGregor as 2 parts, but the series 3 story is too slow, too simplistic and the bad guy is given too much time to waffle on with tales that don't enhance the story - they just bog it down more.

The setting in the snow are superb, you can really feel the chill, and there are some great set pieces but ultimately the series seems to have been given different writers by the third series.

To summarise, watch the first 2 series - they actually come to an ending, but only watch the third series if you're intrigued by how the show develops. You don't miss anything by not watching the third series and the ending is another cop out with no closure. What a shame.
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Season 3. worst ending I have ever seen!
stevenrosendale23 June 2017
Warning: Spoilers
To be as brief as I can although I liked season 3 the ending was a disappointment. Why? 1. Varga who has been the criminal mastermind for the entire season walks into an obvious trap. He would never have been that stupid. 2. Nikki Swango has endless amounts of time to prepare the entire warehouse for the ambush but forgets to turn off the CCTV cameras?? 3. Emmet Stussy's car breaks down in the middle of the highway. After Nikki and the cop kill each other he gets in his car and just drives off without a problem??? But it was broken down! Ridiculous. Did no one re-read or edit the script before submitting? Were they in a hurry? These glaring mistakes destroyed the ending for me and were so strange since everything else was so well written. So while it was fun to watch I have given it only one star for the bad ending.
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Exceeded my expectations
messyshirt_118 April 2014
The premiere episode of the 10 part mini series for Fargo is off to an overwhelming start. I was filled with joy to first discover the Coen Bros. masterpiece Fargo was set to be remade with characters and setting reminiscent of its predecessor. Conversely I was a little hesitant as Fargo was notorious for encapsulating a dark, sardonic environment bursting with near bravure acting, and this mini series may taint the well known image it has created.

But I immediately put those fears to rest when Fargo shed its light onto the screen. We are drawn to a similar snow filled landscape that is covered in a perpetual array of white desolation in the first scene, which draws inspiration from the environment created by the cinematography of the original Fargo.

What really was a show stopper for me was the acting and the witty dialogue that encompassed both a dark yet humorous tone. We are introduced to Martin Freeman who plays the role of Lester, a dim witted, quirky insurance salesmen who's peculiar movements jitter across the screen. The body language and accent strongly resemble Jerry Lundegaard. Billy Bob Thornton does a fantastic job as a dark remorseless figure capable of brutal violence at any moment, just his speeches are cringe worthy.

If Fargo continues the next episodes to come as pleasing as the first, we're in for a real treat.
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New show. Great show.
edwinpereainfinite24 April 2014
Fargo is great.

Pros: Just the right amount of humor. Just the right amount of intensity. Just the right amount of weird.

Cons: None

A roller coaster ride of a show. Sets up scenes beautifully. The characters are not your average theater heroic type. They have typical human traits, which is what draws you to them. It has a dull atmosphere, and for that reason everything that occurs is just that much more extreme.

Do watch.
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Season 3 - Deep and Meaningless
PuckerFactor22 June 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I enjoyed the first two series but this third series was a shambles. I feel that the creators literally lost the plot before shooting and decided to have fun with the public and see how far they could push the whole Fargo shtick while making it up as they went along .

Let's super-size it with our usual slow gratuitous camera shots and add annoying wrist-slashing music...and while doing that, lets detour from the plot every few episodes and have nothing to do with relevance. The public will think they're so hip for hanging in there and following the dichotomy of madness, they'll think they are so smart...that they just "get it"

What gets me is how contrived all these unnecessary elements really are. They where placed into every episode just to be different but at the same time a lot of it went nowhere and just served to pad the series out to get the allotted episode count made. It was never about the story, it was never driven by the story...it was driven by writers contriving to overindulge themselves in their own bubble of borrowed egocentric rantings. The kind of people whose whole creative mindset is derived from other peoples work on film before them, rather than something they read, imagined or experienced themselves.

Do we need another stereotypical English bad guy with rotten teeth that we have to keep zooming in on? He doesn't have conversations with other characters, his teeth tell convoluted stories instead....that'll kill some time.

Let's have a relentless ruthless Russian guy for a change....oh and don't forget his ruthless Asian side-kick who doesn't talk...how original.

Let's have an episode detour in 1950s Hollywood that doesn't have anything to do with the plot.

Let's watch two people shoot each other and then have the camera pan over them for a year and a day and end it with a cliché bullet hole dead centre in the forehead. What a surprise!

Let's spend two episodes chasing someone who isn't a threat to your organisation, in fact they're out of the picture on their way to prison...but lets break them out of the prison bus and chase them all over the winter landscape. Let's queue-up some drawn out Fargo-style hacking, stabbing and shooting and then have them stumble into a quiet bowling alley in the middle of nowhere.

In the bowling alley you'll find an old Jewish guy who seems to know everyone on the planet and likes to tell them each a story of a Soviet pogrom against his people 100 years ago. He then offers you car keys that are under the mat to escape the bad guys.

Do yourself a favour and take the keys and drive away. The whole series was utterly annoying and meaningless.
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phillewis-4267925 August 2017
Like many of the reviewers I thoroughly enjoyed the first two series and was anticipating another epic when season three came out.

What a let down! I struggled through to the bitter end, just to see what the result would be. That, in itself, was a fiasco. It is still unclear to me what the final outcome was.

Quite frankly I was bored after the second episode and only continued because of the "I've started so I'll finish" mentality that I have when it comes to books and TV series!

It is a shame because the cast was good, the scenery was good; it's a pity that the script didn't allow the cast to do it justice.

Quite frankly I do not understand how this series received so many high scores from reviewers. Maybe their TVs were receiving signals from a parallel universe, one in which the story-line, the acting and the script is always perfect.
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Season 3 was a waste of a great cast
addresscode22 June 2017
I have to acknowledge the fabulous cast in Fargo Season 3, however the story line this time around was a bust! I loved all the previous Fargo's and waited anxiously for each new episode. This season was actually painful to finish. From the first episode I held on , assuming it to just improve each week. Not the case, in fact I found myself finishing up the series like it was a chore to just get done. So disappointed.
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Just overrated!
kikkapi2017 January 2015
The acting is very nice but the script is shallow, over the top and pointless when you look at it from beginning to the end as a whole.

The so-called "true story" gimmick rescues it by keeping it attached to a possible reality.

Actually in some way that is synonymous to cheating.

Massive plot holes and side stories leading nowhere shows it was made for just TV for a predesignated duration.

After all unreasonable escalation of the tension and curiosity, plot concludes with a disappointing ending.

Another overrated series at least....
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Disgraceful Season 3
clairelang1 November 2017
After seeing the brilliant Season 1 and 2, Season 3 was nothing but a disgrace. A shameful insult of viewers' rationality and patience. Like a child with no manners shitting everywhere, and thinking that because we love it so much we will tolerate anything it does. I literally have to force myself to finish it, only holding on to the hope that it will live up to its name, but it didn't.
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Wow... Lived up to the Coen Brothers' style & wit
gregtandiono19 April 2014
I was very sceptical when I first heard that they were going to reboot Fargo, because it is such a popular thing now to reboot movies into TV shows. Most of these movie to TV reboots have either been a disappointment or just 'ok' (From dusk till dawn was a disaster. Bates motel is not great. Hannibal is okay. and many more like it.).

So back to the show. The script, the writing, the flow, the characters, actors were stellar, not too mention the excellent capture of the Fargo (movie) experience. It was as if the Coen Brothers did it themselves. It is everything you would expect watching a Coen Brothers' masterpiece.

Another point that I would like to make is that this Fargo proves that you don't have to excessively use profane language to create or capture the essence of the character, rather how it shows the characters' personality when they are prompted with uneventful situations.

10/10 for me. I love it and I think I'm going to watch this religiously. Super recommended. And don't worry if you haven't seen the movie, it has nothing to do with it, it is completely separate. (But watch it anyway!)

I certainly hope the future episodes would live up to the first episode.
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Simply pointless
didopicha18 November 2014
This show is such a disappointment. I really wanted to like it since I have a deep respect for the lead actors but it simply doesn't have it. After watching True Detective I sure make comparisons between the two and the bottom line is that Fargo looks simply mediocre in comparison. The writing isn't as good, the premise isn't as interesting, the pacing is questionable at best and at the end it simply doesn't make any sense. It tries too hard to be quirky to the point I felt simply baffled but not amused. At the end I watched the last two episodes just because I could while I was working not because I was interested or something. It's just meh.
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What the...?
adlerais22 October 2017
What the **** did I just spent two evenings watching?? After two brilliant seasons of Fargo, I've got a bitter taste in my mouth after the third. For all of you people who like inconclusive endings, this will be a goldmine - go for it, but for the rest of us, this was a total waste of time.
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very good start
fy137218 April 2014
it is definitely one of the best first-episode TV series that i have seen and i'v seen a lot.so if it gets better episode by episode,i'm absolutely sure that it will be one of the top ten series of all time and in crime-drama genre maybe just maybe as good as True Detective.now about the first episode,the plot is dark,cold and a little funny(in a dark way i mean) but it's not that mysterious like true detective was.the acting is solid,all the cast do a great job to make scenes believable,the reason i mention believable is that,after watching the first episode you might find it difficult to find sense and good reason behind some scenes but i believe that crazy people do crazy stuff and ordinary people do unexpected things under pressure and stress and if the actors and actresses achieve those characteristics which i think they did then the scene is believable.anyway the writing is compelling and solid that keep you interested and it is also complicated enough to make good crime characters which i think is very important in a crime-fiction.overall if you like crime genres,then i highly recommend it.
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Deep, Dark and Fascinating
mtrubic19 April 2014
Great pilot.

Very true to the spirit and tone of the movie - love those accents and adorably eccentric characters up there in Fargo.

Billy Bob is one of those creepy villains whose silences and simple turn of phrases speak volumes.

Great twists and turns - very unpredictable. Knew there had to be a reason why so many accomplished actors are a part of this production.

Writing is excellent.

Character introductions are particularly well done in Fargo - masterfully so. Adam Bernstein's experience really shows in this production.

Exemplary - keep it up.
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Self-conscious Writing: Too In Love with Baddies. Too Busy Painting Petty Evil Acts. Underusing Alison Tolman
I loved the original Fargo the movie. However I hated the more recent No Country For Old Man, directed by Coen bros too. So my expectations for this remake is 50% hopeful 50% cynical. I'm up to date with the latest episode, here's my feedback...

(edit) 19/06 Just watched the finale. Non-spoiler updated bits at the bottom.

Good news is, Alison Tolman did not disappoint as the female lead. Totally in character, totally giving and unaffected as an actor. Colin Hanks and Bob Odenkirk of Breaking Bad are also well-casted, played their role very convincingly, with just the right note and intensity.

Bad news, Billy Bob's portrait of Malvo, though convincing as the chief villain, is OVERLY painted as a character by the writer and director - too petty and anal in a juvenile text-book sociopath way, like the creative team is trying to jam every psychology textbook bad behaviors onto one Look He Is SO BAD person. End result is a supposedly-vicious and super-intelligent villain who is tedious and over-complicated, who would've self-sabotaged his petty self to death before he turned 30. The movie version of him was a lot more consistent, focused, complicated yet logical, hence convincing, and truly menacing.

Martin Freeman did his accent OK, but overacts like the recent crop of English actors appearing on Newsroom - their animated-ness too English slapstick, and jarring.

More importantly, both the villains are really NOT that interesting, no matter how they try to spin it. Evil, no matter how it complicates people's lives, is ultimately banal, and once the motive is shown, we need to move on to ACTIONS and CONSEQUENCE. The story has two key villains and 2 good guys, but the Noah Hawley team of writers waste 80% of their energy on DESCRIBING the bad guys - their personal habits and obsessions, their lone thoughts and musings, their mundane tastes even toilet habits.

Character description does not a story make. Coen brothers of Noah Hawley don't seem to notice how far they have strayed. They became as pointless as the amount of blood and gore spilled behind their cameras.

Deep into the story we still don't know our lead gal that well, except how passive and reactive she supposed is. Very unlike the movie version of the same character played by Frances Mcdormand, a clearly-defined and fully-grown character who dominated the screen and drove the story from start to end.

Alison Tolman may not be a top-biller but she is clearly an equal - or more worthy of screen presence than Billy Bob and Martin Freeman.

No Country For Old Man, really? Movie and TV land continue to be No Place For Typical Women - even when in the original real life story it was the very pregnant woman who led and changed and fixed and cleaned up everything the men screwed up.

If the movie dramatized the real story by a factor of 2X, this TV version went for 10X total liberty. Failure to be consistently realistic diminished this version of Fargo, and turned into run-of-the-mill cop show showcasing human depravity for the sake of it, and make the disclaimer "respect to the victims and family" yadda yadda totally meaningless, even insulting.

I would have given this a 9 for Alison, Hanks, Odenkirk, and overall "worthy of telling" real life story. But minus 3 points for the excessive grotesque for its own sake images that Coen brothers have taken to enjoy shoving at their audience, the whole writing/directing team's autistic preoccupation with banal and boring baddies, and the minimization of the true driving force of Fargo, the far more interesting lead female character.

update 19/06

The annoying Billy Bob's Malvo villain character got more annoying as the story progressed - more Malvo's petty and passive-aggressive bullying of your average goodie two shoes family sort. More Malvo's impulsive and wasteful killing of his money-scheme victims, more Malvo's irrational killing of people NOT WORTH killing if one is to avoid complicating one's agenda or increasing risk of being caught. And the totally inefficient, totally stupid decision to repeatedly NOT KILL those he's supposed to kill long time ago. Malvo of Fargo remake will go down as the most idiotic "scary" villain ever written for "serious crime" TV.

The last two episodes are classic examples of bad writing...character inconsistency reached fever pitch, plot jumping reached grade-B soap opera level, and I haven't witnessed deus ex machina scenes so tightly packed together in one episode.

If only the writer/ director don't try to take themselves so seriously. The whole thing is so SELF-CONSCIOUSLY orchestrated, from the badly attempted humor to the anal-retentively presented gore, it has no soul left at the end.

I will officially steer clear of anything written by Noah Hawley, and avoid Coen brothers products with a ten thousand foot pole.

If you must watch this, focus on Alison and Colin's acting, the rest, just bunch of anal directors self-consciously arranging their puppets on their self-satisfied stage.
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