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Sex & Nudity

  • No sex. In a wide-angle shot, there is brief male full frontal nudity when little boy wearing nothing but a robe stands exposed in a curious manner as if to dissuade any ambiguity about the sex to which he belongs.
  • There is a momentary closeup of a resting woman's covered crotch and exposed thighs, as a man places his hand at her private area and salaciously runs his hand along her front to her month. These two characters speak of conceiving a child.
  • In a closeup shot, given the way the light casts onto a young woman's thin white shirt at a particular angle, one of her breasts including the nipple is vaguely visible through the shirt. The implication is that the little boy sitting beside her and out of frame can see her breast.
  • After placing his fingers on her cheek and chin as an endearing gesture, a little boy momentarily places his hand on an area of a young woman's clothing covering one of her breasts, almost grabbing the breast. Similar happens with another women.

Violence & Gore

  • A little boy strikes a woman in her the temple of her head, wounding her, and blood seeps from the wound. Although unclear, he uses a stone to do this.
  • A frustrated shouting man threatens, drags and twice slaps a child across the cheek. The man also harshly pulls the child's arm, apparently spraining some ligaments, causing the child to shudder and briefly scream in pain.
  • A child snarlingly shouts, "No!", and violently shoves a woman standing in a doorway.


Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • While ominous scores play multiples times throughout the movie, there are not really any intense or frightening scenes.
  • Accompanied by suspenseful, coarse, manic instrumental music, the cinematography at the end of the last scene of the movie is deranged and dizzying.

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