Kangchi, the Beginning Poster

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Season 1

8 Apr. 2013
Episode #1.1
When the daughter of a noble family falls from grace, she receives help from a mysterious man.
9 Apr. 2013
Episode #1.2
Wol Ryung must endure 100 days of sacrifice in order to become a human. Gwan Woong refuses to give up the search for Seo Hwa.
15 Apr. 2013
Episode #1.3
Kang Chi's true nature isn't so easily hidden even though he was raised in a normal household. Yeo Wool is forewarned about a fateful meeting.
16 Apr. 2013
Episode #1.4
Trouble begins for Tae So and Kang Chi when Jo Gwan Woong appears at the Hundred Year Inn with ill-intentions and eyes for Chung Jo.
22 Apr. 2013
Episode #1.5
Kang Chi grows nervous as Chung Jo's wedding day approaches. Yeo Wool is drawn closer to Kang Chi the more they argue.
23 Apr. 2013
Episode #1.6
Kang Chi finds himself powerless as history repeats itself and his family is in danger.
29 Apr. 2013
Episode #1.7
Once Kang Chi discovers what he truly is, he struggles to accept it. Chung Jo finds herself in a familiar situation as seen with Seo Hwa 20 years previous.
30 Apr. 2013
Episode #1.8
Master Dam teaches Kang Chi a hard-learned lesson by putting his own life on the line.
6 May 2013
Episode #1.9
Dam Pyung Joon devises a plan to take back Lord Park's fortune right from under Jo Gwang Woong's nose.
7 May 2013
Episode #1.10
Kang Chi discovers the truth about Yeo Wool. Meanwhile, Chung Jo is forced to spend time with Jo Gwan Woong.
13 May 2013
Episode #1.11
When Kang Chi discovers Jo Gwan Woong plans to spend the night with Chung Jo, he devises a plan to rescue her. Yeo Wool is conflicted about her feelings for Kang Chi, knowing he loves Chung Jo.
14 May 2013
Episode #1.12
When Kang Chi's true nature is revealed to Chung Jo, she cannot find it in herself to accept him.
20 May 2013
Episode #1.13
Mysterious murders begin happening near Moo Hyung Do Gwan, and Kang Chi is targeted as the main suspect.
21 May 2013
Episode #1.14
The widow of a wealthy Japanese merchant stirs up Jo Gwan Woong at the Hundred Year Inn. Wol Ryung has come back to life, in the form of a Thousand Year Evil Spirit.
27 May 2013
Episode #1.15
As it becomes apparent that Kang Chi and Yeo Wool are developing feelings for each other, Master Dam forces them to separate and prepares Yeo Wool for her engagement with Tae So.
28 May 2013
Episode #1.16
Kang Chi risks getting kicked out of Moo Hyung Do Gwan while undergoing Gon's famous "Bell Test", while simultaneously learning the value of building trust and relationships with people.
3 Jun. 2013
Episode #1.17
Tae Seo strikes a deal with Head Merchant Ja Hong Myung in order to take back the Hundred Year Inn.
4 Jun. 2013
Episode #1.18
Chung Jo unknowingly reveals the truth about Wol Ryung's death to Kang Chi, which creates a rift between him and Yeo Wool when it tests their trust in one another.
10 Jun. 2013
Episode #1.19
When the Head Merchant realizes she's taken her own son hostage, she must decide between saving him or blowing the cover she's worked 20 years for.
11 Jun. 2013
Episode #1.20
Master Dam teaches Kang Chi a hard-learned lesson by putting his own life on the line.
17 Jun. 2013
Episode #1.21
After a family reunion of sorts, Wol Ryung becomes conflicted between his evil nature and the faded memories that hold the key to his true self.
18 Jun. 2013
Episode #1.22
Yeo Wool decides to spend three last days with Kang Chi before sending him off to find the Gu Family Book, and in those days she grants him three wishes.
24 Jun. 2013
Episode #1.23
Kang Chi breaks up with Yeo Wool in order to keep her safe, but finds his decision may have had the opposite effect.
25 Jun. 2013
Episode #1.24
The battle with Jo Gwan Woong finally comes to an end. Kang Chi and Yeo Wool find out whether or not So Jung's prophecy comes true.

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