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MPAA Rated R for strong bloody horror violence and gore throughout, and language including some sexual references

Sex & Nudity

  • A man have sex with his dead girlfriend after he brings her back to life as a zombie, it's in the back of a car, and you only see from the outside.
  • A priest says if he where ten years younger, he would fuck someone of the teenagers in the church hard

Violence & Gore

  • A mans head is being ripped open by a zombie
  • A woman falls dead on the ground whit blood out off her chest
  • A woman falls down a cliff
  • A man is stabbed in his face, not bloody
  • The movie starts of where the original movie ends, you see the aftermath of the fight scene in the first movie. A man has an arm chopped of, and is covered in blood
  • A zombie strangles a man through the window of a car, the man drives with the zombie hanging on. He hits a trailer and the zombies arm is chopped off, small amount of blood
  • A zombies gut is stuck on a broken car window, the guts are hen pulled out of the zombie, little blood
  • A man is bitten by a zombie, bloody, the zombie later throws him away and multiple zombies kill him off screen
  • A man gets a new arm, you see the scar where the hand was set on, its the arm of the strong zombie leader
  • The arm is uncontrollable, and he stabs a doctor with a scalpel, you see a lot of blood squirts out of his chest
  • The same man throws a kid out of a window with metal bars. The glass smashes and the bars break. The kid dies, and the man tries to give the kid heart-lung saving. He breaks the kid's body, offscreen, blood squirts up to the face of the man. He then tussles with the guts of the kid (onscreen)
  • A man throws a Mercedes-Benz hood ornament at the forehead of another man. Onscreen, and you see the star is half way in the head, not bloody. You later hear the man is killed
  • A man has the sawn-off head of a woman in his crotch. you see blood on the mouth and from the neck and the eyes.
  • The same man is being hit in the head with a sledgehammer, he was reading a newspaper so you can't see his head, but the blood squirts on the walls and there's plenty of blood
  • You see a zombie with a chopped off arm
  • A priest is hunted down inside a church by a zombie, the man is bitten in the neck, and the zombie drags him out of the church so his head is slammed into the stairs
  • The zombies have a massacre at a WWII-museum, during it this happens:
  • The zombies kill a big group of German tourists
  • The zombies steals a tank, they get gas to it by dragging the guts of a LIVING man out, and they pumps gas through his guts
  • A man is knifed in the head, bloody
  • A man slams the head of a zombie into a bus, you see the head explode and parts and pieces falling down, its a big blood splat on the bus
  • He takes the hair of a zombie off, cutting off the top of the head so you see her brain, the man then throws the zombie at a car
  • A zombie gets an axe in the head
  • A zombie is punched so hard is jaw is broken
  • A zombie is used to get better grip when a car is stuck in some mud, his head is crushed
  • A man is thrown at a fence, and the fence goes straight trough him, bloody
  • Children are run over with a tank
  • A womans head is smashed by a zombie
  • Police are getting ready for a big fight, the leader tries to kick a door open, he breaks his foot
  • A man is beaten to death with a sink, bloods squirts out
  • A woman is killed with a pick-axe while bathing, the water turns red with blood
  • Two mothers walking their babies are blown up by a tank, its brief and the explosion covers up everything
  • A woman is thrown through a window, then a tanks run over her
  • Two people are knifed in the back, blood squirts
  • A man drags the guts of a zombie out, and the he throws them on an electric-wire
  • A zombie is killed with a pick-axe in the head
  • A strong zombie breaks a lot of necks, graphic
  • A few zombies is killed with a big sledgehammer, the blood squirts out
  • A zombie gets a big stick inside his damaged foot
  • A zombie gets his guts dragged out
  • A few zombies are killed with hammers and shovels, blood squirts out
  • A zombie gets a shotgun shell in the mouth, and a man slams on it with a hammer causing the shell to fire, blood and brains squirt all over the ground
  • The Russian Leader Zombie breaks the necks and backs of 5 or 6 zombies
  • A main character is knifed in the stomach
  • Two zombies are shot inside a tank, it's dark but we can briefly see a blood splatter out if the neck of ome if them.
  • There is a brutal fight between the leader zombie Herzog and Martin Hykkerud, during the fight a mans head is put in an oven, you see his skin gets red and it comes big spots, they fight and kick and punch each other and it then the leader zombie gets his head blown of by a tank, you see the blood spray out of the neck
  • A man digs up a dead woman, you see her rotten gray body, and they have sex
  • If you watch the entire end credits, you will get a brief post credits scene, a zombie takes the head of the leader up from the ground, its very bloody and the eyes open, this is a jump scare


  • Several uses of fuck, some sexual references and other bad language

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The first 30 minutes of the movie is the scariest part, after that it's only a big bloody mess
  • Excessive blood and guts, but done in a comedic way.

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