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Sex & Nudity

  • During a sex scene, a woman's breasts and a man's buttocks can be seen.
  • A shirtless man and his wife make out on a bed before she tells him not to get too excited. He angrily pulls her shirt, revealing one of her breasts.
  • A police woman pulls out her breasts and invites a man to have sex with her. He briefly buries his head in her breasts, then declines to go further.
  • A teenage boy can be seen defecating into a hole and wiping himself.
  • A teenage boy's genitals can be seen before they are covered in alcohol and set on fire.
  • A teenage boy tries to get a teenage girl to have sex with him after making out. He fondles her and begins to undress her, but she declines and, in a later conversation on the subject, she states that she is too scared to go all the way.

Violence & Gore

  • There are many scenes of strong, brutal violence.
  • The most extreme scene depicts torture in which a teenage boy is tied up, paddled, then has his genitals covered in alcohol and lit on fire before being hung over a freeway. Children are invited to participate in the torture while another child records it with the intention of uploading it onto YouTube.
  • A man is graphically shot. His body is later dumped in the desert.
  • A dog is shot.
  • A puppy has its neck snapped.
  • A teenage girl is gang-raped off-screen and later becomes pregnant.
  • A teenage boy is dragged through his own vomit.
  • A teenage boy has his head shoved into a hole used for defecating.
  • A man is tied up and paddled.
  • A man begins to choke his wife (in front of their baby), but she knocks him off.
  • A man beats another man to death (seen from a distance).


  • There is constant use of strong language.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • The main theme of the film is the drug trade.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The tone of the film is extremely bleak and hopeless from beginning to end.

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