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7 Mar. 2015
The Boy Did It & Frozen Forest
A 5 year old boy is haunted by a child murdered 30 years before on the property on which he lives. A writer rents a cabin to write a crime novel and finds a story even she couldn't conjure up.
21 Mar. 2015
Paralyzed & the Baby Thief
A man who suffers from sleep paralysis finds evidence that something is entering his room; a pregnant woman fears that something is trying to harm her unborn child.
28 Mar. 2015
The Innkeeper & Quarantine
A boy tells his babysitter that a man called "The Keeper" visits his room at night; a recovering addict realizes the visions he's seeing at a remote cabin are not hallucinations.
30 May 2015
Under the Porch & Bruises
A girl discovers bizarre sculptures made from bones underneath her house. Thunderstorms unleash a violent supernatural force inside the home of a young woman.
13 Jun. 2015
Unknown Caller & the Rocking Chair
Mia buys a rocking chair at a garage sale. Paranormal activity ensues. Does the garage sale man have a dark secret?
20 Jun. 2015
Lights in the Night & Black Sunday
A mysterious car pulls into a woman's driveway every night; a man is terrorized after moving into an abandoned house on his uncle's farm
27 Jun. 2015
Summer Rental & Dark Room
A gift becomes a burden, or does it save a life?
11 Jul. 2015
The Church & Skin Book
The first story involves a woman having nightmares that trace their origins back to a childhood possession. The second story involves a couple's hallucinations of missing body parts based on the acts of a cannibalistic murderer.
18 Jul. 2015
Dreamcatcher & Torture Castle
A Family is haunted by the ghost of a serial killer and his last victim. A young girl who collects old things and finds a old bottle is haunted by the ghost of an old turn of the century serial killer who tortured his victims.
15 Aug. 2015
Dream House & Ghost Month
When Alex's fiancé buys her the house of her dreams, it turns into the nightmare she's feared since she was a little girl.
9 Nov. 2015
Sympathy & the Engagement
Strange happenings occur when a young woman receives an antique ring from her fiancé.
11 Nov. 2015
Hazel & House of Sacrifice
Linda and Don can't have children so they decide to become foster parents. They foster a 14 year old girl named Hazel. She has a great fear of the dark. Linda also feels a connection with Hazel. Within the first week strange things begin to happen. However, these only began when Hazel moved in. Linda and Hazel share a special ability that Linda had forgotten about since she was a child. Linda calls someone that can help guide Hazel's special ability.
1 Jan. 2015
Sad Sam
A clown remains in a family's home too long after the birthday party is over.

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