Insurgent (2015) Poster


Jai Courtney: Eric



  • [Eric runs a test on a man and finds him 10% Divergent] 

    Eric : You're almost normal. That's boring.

    [Eric shoots him in the head] 

  • Eric : [to Tris]  If you think you got lucky, you're wrong. You're gonna wish I killed you.

  • Eric : You think she's safe now? You're wrong.

    Eric : [to Tris]  Jeanine's never gonna stop searching for you.

    Four : Why? What does she want with her? Tell me.

    Eric : Look, all I know is she's exactly what Jeanine needs. She's the perfect subject.

    [Four cocks his gun] 

    Eric : Was that supposed to scare me?

    Four : You're responsible for the death of hundreds of people. You know the punishment for that.

    Eric : Listen... I've found a way to live with the blood on my hands. But can you?

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