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‘The Vietnam War’ Is the Documentary I’ve Been Waiting for as a Vietnamese Refugee and an American Citizen

‘The Vietnam War’ Is the Documentary I’ve Been Waiting for as a Vietnamese Refugee and an American Citizen
“North or South?”

I remember a high school gym coach asked me this question, wondering which part of Vietnam my parents were from. When I related this to my mother, she became upset, believing that this person wanted to label me as an enemy or an ally depending on their take on the war. And maybe she was right, but that isn’t why I didn’t answer the coach. I simply didn’t know the answer at the time.

Children don’t often know much about their parents’ lives previous to their becoming parents, but this knowledge gap is especially wide when it comes to the younger generation following the Vietnam War. PBS’ 10-part documentary series “The Vietnam War” is here to bridge that gap.

Read More:‘The Vietnam War’ First Look: Horrific Christmas Bombing Was a ‘War by Tantrum’ in Ken Burns Docuseries

I spoke to filmmakers Ken Burns
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Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson Surprises Dad With a New Car, Shares His Inspiring Story

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson might be 2016's Sexiest Man Alive, but he isn't forgetting where he came from.

The 44-year-old action star surprised his dad, Rocky Johnson, with a new car for Christmas.

Pic: Another Reason The Rock Is the Best -- He Gave His Uncle a Car for Christmas!

In an Instagram post on Friday, Dwayne described his dad as a "minimalist" who never asks for much, and then went on to share his father's heartbreaking story of overcoming all odds as a teenager in Amherst, Nova Scotia, Canada, and raising one of the world's biggest movie stars.

"My dad's dad died when he was 13yrs old," he wrote. "That Christmas, my dad's mom had her new boyfriend over for Christmas dinner. Her boyfriend got drunk and pissed on the turkey. My dad went outside, got a shovel, drew a line in the snow and said if you cross that line I'll kill you. The drunk crossed
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Berlin completes Panorama programme; Steve Coogan's 'Shepherds and Butchers' among line-up

  • ScreenDaily
Berlin completes Panorama programme; Steve Coogan's 'Shepherds and Butchers' among line-up
Films include Shepherds and Butchers, starring Steve Coogan; Don’t Call Me Son from Anna Muylaert; and a documentary about a director and actress who were kidnapped by Kim Jong-il and forced to make films.

The Berlinale (Feb 11-21) has completed the selection for this year’s Panorama strand, comprising 51 films from 33 countries. A total of 34 fiction features comprise the main programme and Panorama Special while a further 17 titles will screen in Panorama Dokumente.

A total of 33 films are world premieres, nine are international premieres and nine European premieres. The 30th Teddy Award is also being celebrated with an anniversary series of 17 films.

Notable titles include Shepherds and Butchers from South Africa, which is set toward the end of Apartheid and stars Steve Coogan as a hotshot lawyer faces his biggest test when he agrees to defend a white prison guard who has killed seven black men. What ensues is a charge against the death penalty itself
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Collider Weekly TV Guide: The Flash Finale, Between Premieres, and Much More

The Collider Weekly TV Guide is a rundown of notable episodes*, premieres, returns, and finales ... and the occasional TV low point. Here is the list for the week beginning Monday, May 18th: Monday 5/18 The Bachelorette (ABC, 9 p.m.) -- Let's start with this mess: Season 11's premiere introduces a new concept: 2 Bachelorettes. But instead of having them compete side-by-side, the dating series will subvert any agency the women have by allowing the 25 male suitors to pick which woman stays, and which one goes home. In passing the buck on making a decision themselves, ABC has truly reached a new low. Tuesday 5/19 [caption id="attachment_454575" align="alignright" width="350"] Image via The CW/caption] The Flash, "Fast Enough" (The CW, 8 p.m.) -- The show's excellent first season finishes up tonight with Dr. Wells presenting Barry with a life-changing choice (that probably involves time travel!) But Barry doesn't have to fight alone -- Firestorm shows up to help the team.
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Music and Sex #4: West End Follies

Music and Sex: Scenes from a life - A novel in progress by Roman AkLeff (first installment can be read here; second here; third here).

The bar across Broadway between 113th and 114th Streets, the West End, was supposedly famous. Or at least the orientation materials had seemed to consider it an important part of Columbia history because it had been a hangout for literary figures, some of them Columbia men, though he had not yet read anything by any of them. Of more interest to Walter, there was jazz there. In passing by one Saturday afternoon on the way to Citibank, he'd seen a sign boasting that the Louis Armstrong All Stars were playing.

That night, he walked the half block south from his dorm to the West End. Inside there was a huge semi-oval bar in the center of the room. Following the sound of music, he found
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Rhoa: 'Everything About You Is Fake,' Claudia Jordan Tells Porsha Williams

Rhoa: 'Everything About You Is Fake,' Claudia Jordan Tells Porsha Williams
While the Grammys were alive with the sound of music on Sunday, The Real Housewives of Atlanta" were alive with shouting between Claudia Jordan and Porsha Williams.

"After being low down and dirty in Puerto Rico, let's just hope she has good enough sense not to show up to my party," Williams said of Jordan in advance of a party welcoming Williams to Dish Nation.

But Jordan – who claimed Williams got her Rolls (and other goodies) from an African married man after Williams laughed when NeNe Leakes called her a whore on the trip – showed up, which led to the
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Stephen Colbert Introduces His ‘Government-Mandated Life Partner’ After Supreme Court Gay Marriage Call (Video)

  • The Wrap
Stephen Colbert Introduces His ‘Government-Mandated Life Partner’ After Supreme Court Gay Marriage Call (Video)
The Supreme Court came back in session on Monday, when members decided that they would not hear any of the seven same-sex marriage cases that were filed over the summer. In passing, the lower court rulings will automatically stand, making gay marriage de facto legal in most of the jurisdictions. When Colbert heard a CNN talking head call it “inevitable” that the rest of the country will now follow suit, the Comedy Central host threw in the towel, declaring it over between himself and his wife of 25 years. Accordingly, Colbert introduced his viewers to his new “government-mandated life partner,” Roger.
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Review: Frank

Michael C. here. The audience can be forgiven if it assumes that Lenny Abarahamson’s Frank will be another cookie cutter indie quirkfest. The title character certainly seems at first glance like a contrived package of screenwriting conceits. Played by an actor we have to take on faith is Michael Fassbender, Frank is an artist who, despite a recent stay in a mental institution, still wears at all times a beach ball-sized fiberglass head with a smiling Howdy Doody face. Frank is the lead singer of an avant-garde band with an unpronounceable name (the Soronprfbs) and an unlistenable sound. When they perform it looks like five people having a synchronized nervous breakdown. With this shooting gallery of easy targets we sit back and wait for the movie to rain down mockery on its characters, sort of like a Napoleon Dynamite for hipster musicians.

The great surprise of Frank is that it avoids the easy jokes,
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