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Shakira: Gazelle



  • Gazelle : Zootopia is a unique place. It's a crazy, beautiful, diverse city, where we celebrate our differences. This is not the Zootopia I know. The Zootopia I know is better than this. We don't just blindly assign blame. We don't know why these attacks keep happening. But it is irresponsible to label all predators as savages. We cannot let fear divide us. Please, give me back the Zootopia I love.

  • Gazelle : [Bogo is in his office, using the Dancing with Gazelle app]  Wow, you are one hot dancer, Chief Bogo.

    Clawhauser : [Clawhauser storms in]  Chief Bogo!

    Chief Bogo : Not now!

    Clawhauser : Wait, is that Gazelle?

    Chief Bogo : [dismissing]  No!

    Gazelle : [from the app]  I'm Gazelle, and you are one hot dancer.

    Clawhauser : You have the app too?


    Clawhauser : Aww, Chief!

    Chief Bogo : Clawhauser! Can't you see I'm working on the missing mammal cases?

    Clawhauser : Oh, oh, oh, yes, of course, about that sir. Officer Hopps just called - she found all of them.

    Gazelle : Wow, I'm impressed!

  • Clawhauser : [while Judy is trying to radio for reinforcements to the ZPD, Clawhauser is showing his Dancing with Gazelle app to a wolf convict]  Are you familiar with Gazelle, greatest singer of our lifetime, angel with horns? Huh. Okay, hold on, keep watching.

    [shows his phone with a tiger dancer with Clawhauser's face] 

    Clawhauser : Who's that beside her? Who is it?

    Gazelle : [from the app]  Wow, you are one hot dancer, Benjamin Clawhauser.

    Clawhauser : [laughs]  It's me!

    [chuckles again] 

    Clawhauser : Do you think it was real? It looks so real! It's not, it's just a new app.

    [Turns to his radio] 

    Clawhauser : Hold on a second.

  • Gazelle : [from a Zootopia billboard]  I'm Gazelle. Welcome to Zootopia.

  • Gazelle : [Last Lines]  Good evening Zootopia! Come on everybody, put your paws up!

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