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15 Aug. 2017
Stick's Towering, Toppling Cake/Bambooboo
STICK'S TOWERING, TOPPLING CAKE: Fig and friends try to help Stick deliver a towering layer cake as a surprise without letting the cake topple. BAMBOOBOO: Fig finds Bamboo and sets out to return him to Gourd, but the teddy bear keeps getting away from him. Fig must use sticks to get him out of hard-to-reach places.
15 Aug. 2017
RUTABAGELS: When Rutabaga feels sad because no one wants to eat her bagels (she doesn't realize she accidentally made them out of plaster), Fig helps her find customers by encouraging everyone to discover new uses for heavy, hard bagels. OKRA-BALL: When Okra the Octopus gets stranded far from the ocean, Maple, Fig and Stick use their new beach ball to help her get home.
15 Aug. 2017
Look Up and Play/To the Moon
LOOK UP AND PLAY: Fig has such a terrific time on the rides at Tumble Park, he's sad when it's time to leave. But on the way home, he discovers there are plenty of places to play. TO THE MOON: Hedge's dream of visiting the moon comes true (almost) when Fig takes him on an immersive trip in Maple's sub. Their journey seems so real, it inspires Maple to turn her sub into a spaceship.
4 Apr. 2017
Spring-a-ling Surprise
Everyone in Tumble Leaf helps Bloom the Bunny hunt for his lost eggs, which he plans to plant for a Spectacular Spring Surprise, and Fig uncovers many other signs of spring along the way.
15 Aug. 2017
Chase the Leaf/Knights of the Tumble Tale
CHASE THE LEAF: Fig is trying to catch the leaf as it rumbles and tumbles all over Tumble Leaf, inspiring everyone he passes to play, which solves problems along the way. KNIGHTS OF THE TUMBLE TALE: Fig and Stick, feeling guilty about breaking Rutabaga's special potted plant, go on a knightly quest to re-pot it.
15 Aug. 2017
Maple's Mobile Mudpie Stand/Paper Plane Messages
MAPLE'S MOBILE MUDPIE STAND: Maple's mud pie cart rolls away, through Tumble Leaf. As each new environment changes the mud, Maple adapts, creating new recipes and discovering she can cook anywhere. PAPER PLANE MESSAGES: Fig and Maple decipher and follow a series of secret messages, leading them to a special surprise the grateful grubs have prepared to thank Maple for her mud pies.
15 Aug. 2017
Go with the Flow/Passing Fancy
GO WITH THE FLOW: On a hot day, Fig turns Tumble Park into a water park by making Stick a playful waterway to sail his boat and routing ocean water to the park! PASSING FANCY: Hedge and Pine host a perfectly proper tea party but as more and more guests arrive, it's challenging to pass things in an organized manner - until Fig creates the perfectly proper passing apparatus.
15 Aug. 2017
Quest for the Chest/Get a Grip
QUEST FOR THE CHEST: When Fig tries to open the Finding Place, it bounces away. Fig is frustrated until his friends remind him that when he plays, he can figure it out! GET A GRIP: Fig and Maple clear a shed to get a bigger rocket bed for Hedge's room. When they have trouble moving the slick and heavy objects out of the way, they play and learn how a bath toy's suction cups can help them grip.
15 Aug. 2017
Nothing in the Finding Place/Finding Play
NOTHING IN THE FINDING PLACE: Fig finds nothing in the Finding Place chest, so he and his friends search for something to do. They discover that having nothing to do gives them the power to play anything, anywhere. FINDING PLAY: When Fig makes Finding Places for his friends, he's amazed to see the endless different ways everyone plays with the same object, ways he never would have thought to play.
15 Aug. 2017
Cock-a-Doodle Day/Glow in the Dark Sleepover
COCK-A-DOODLE DAY: When the chickens need chairs and paper for their drawing party, Fig figures out how to use Buckeye's wood shavings to save the Cock-a-doodle drawing day! GLOW IN THE DARK SLEEPOVER: When clouds darken their ship deck sleepover, Fig and friends use glow in the dark pajamas to read a bedtime story and create a galaxy of glow as the ultimate night light.
15 Aug. 2017
Stick's Quiet Riot/Tappa Tappa Tap Shoes
STICK'S QUIET RIOT: When Fig turns down Stick's invitations to play loud, energetic games, Stick fears Fig doesn't want to play with him but learns Fig just wants to play quietly today. TAPPA TAPPA TAP SHOES: Fig finds a pair of tap shoes in the Finding Place and taps all the way to Crab Cove. But it's a long way and Fig has to rely on his friends to help give him enough energy to keep going.
15 Aug. 2017
The Wheel Thing/Twine Line
THE WHEEL THING: When Gourd has trouble moving his heavy chair back and forth to play his giant organ, Fig attaches a wheel to make it easier, and then another, until Fig takes Gourd's music on a rolling tour! TWINE LINE: When Buckeye moves his house to a high-up hillside, Fig finds a way to stay connected to his friend, sending and receiving packages with balloons propelling along a twine line.
15 Aug. 2017
The Nature of Friendship/The Ship Shop
THE NATURE OF FRIENDSHIP: When Stick goes missing, Fig searches for him throughout Tumble Leaf, befriending and learning about different creatures in the wild. THE SHIP SHOP: On his way to the Finding Place, Fig rediscovers his old Finding Place objects. He has so much fun playing "store" with them, he realizes he doesn't always need something new - he can discover new ways to play with them.

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