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24 Jul. 2018
Hedge's Butterfly Safari/Hopscotch Highway
HEDGE'S BUTTERFLY SAFARI: Hedge, Fig and Pine go on safari seeking a giant many-hued butterfly and learn how to be quiet in order to observe nature without disturbing it. HOPSCOTCH HIGHWAY: Fig and Maple want to connect their two different hopscotch boards but when they run out of chalk, they figure out how to utilize other resources in nature to keep going.
24 Jul. 2018
Moonlight Mermaid/Hedge's Hatchlings
MOONLIGHT MERMAID: The Gang attends Moonlight Mermaid Manatee Night at Tumble Park - where the mechanical Mermaid Manatee sings her famous song to a rising mechanical moon. HEDGE'S HATCHLINGS: With the help of his hero, the Mermaid Manatee, Hedge and his friends protect a nest of hatching sea turtle beetles.
24 Jul. 2018
Maple's Sand Stand/Fig's New Clothes
MAPLE'S SAND STAND: When Fig and his friends help Maple rebuild her food stand after a series of accidents, they learn that destruction can inspire creativity. FIG'S NEW CLOTHES: When Fig finds a picture frame in the Finding Place, he's inspired to gather everyone for a group photo .
24 Jul. 2018
Train Story/Arooga Adventure!
TRAIN STORY: A long, are-we-there-yet train ride to Bloom's farm becomes an adventure for Fig, Stick and Maple, thanks to some pipe cleaners and all the sights they see outside their window. AROOGA ADVENTURE: When Gourd and Coco receive a postcard inviting them to visit Gourd's great great Granny Aroogula, Gourd learns to embrace the true meaning of adventure: not knowing what to expect.
24 Jul. 2018
Smell The Roses/Game Changer
SMELL THE ROSES: Pine, in a big hurry to show Hedge Something Wonderful, almost misses many other wonderful somethings along the way. GAME CHANGER: On a rainy day, Fig realizes he left his toys outside and tries to retrieve them without getting wet.
24 Jul. 2018
Ginkgo's Treasure/Power Play
GINKGO'S TREASURE: When Ginkgo discards what he found in his trap, it starts a chain of Ginkgo moments for Fig, Maple and Hedge, until everyone finds something they want and Ginkgo creates a surprising new way to play at the beach. POWER PLAY: Everyone's worn out pushing Gourd's hammock to keep him napping, but then they discover wind and water-powered pinwheel flowers can do the job.
19 Oct. 2018
Trick Or Treat Trek
It's Falloween. Fig and his friends don costumes and go "Trick or Treeing" on their way to the Spider Queen's ball. Hedge keeps trying and failing to scare his friends with his hog bug costume but ends up succeeding beyond his wildest dreams.

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