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An attempt to build a fimic collage using scattered acts
aghosal0613 June 2013
Experimentation with tethering scattered events in movies was popular among movie makers in early 60s in French and other European movies which subsequently influenced bengali film makers notably Shri Mirinal Sen where in the movie kolkata 71 he tried to portray the political and social uncertainty of that time using scattered yet related events. In Sunya anka the director did a good job of making individual pieces but when it comes to tether them into a form of art or collage it did not meet the expectation because there is lack of imagination and execution. The confusion inside the mind of the central character (business executive)is crafted nicely initially but as the movie progresses everything seems to be predicted and events become monotonous. The script was below expectation and although the photography and mood was good I think it could have been used more sensibly. I hope Shri Ghose will focus more in his attempt to make such a movie without compromising with what the "market" demands. After all Art is and will be for Art's sake always.
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