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  • The team tracks an evil alchemist who has bronzed Claudia and stolen the only artifact that can reverse the process. The clock is ticking as Claudia's condition apparently affects both Mrs. Frederic and the Warehouse.


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  • "Warehouse 13" - "All the Time in the World" - July 1, 2013

    We see Paracelsus, who is his uncle, talking with Nick prior to bronzing Claudia. Nick insists she's not a threat. That it's 2013 and the Warehouse has changed. Then he puts a gadget on Paracelsus's head and mind melds with him and updates him on the last hundreds of years.

    We pull back and see that Pete and Myka are looking at a recording from the durational spectrometer of the two talking. Myka also notices that several artifacts are missing. Jinks and Artie put Claudia back in the bronzer. They try to unbronze Claudia but it doesn't work. Paracelsus stole the artifact that makes the bronzer work. They see a message from Paracelsus that says that Sutton knows what he wants.

    Abigail babysits Charlotte. Artie, Pete, and Myka go to question her about what happened. She doesn't know why they took off. They try to call Nick on her phone but he doesn't answer. They assume that Paracelsus is holding Nick hostage. It turns out that he was Sutton, the count of St.Germain's, brother. Paracelsus drugged him, Charlotte, and Nick and used his alchemical skills to make them immortal. He was only supposed to do Sutton, but he wanted to experiment on a man, woman, and child to see that it really worked. He combined two artifacts and made them immortal. He was then captured and bronzed by Warehous agents.

    Charlotte recalls Nick's sad existence falling in love and being left by women who grew up and left him. She realized he would never know love, but only loss. She wants him to have love and grow up and grow old. Charlotte needs Paracelsus to reverse the effects of the immortality. She believes he's hiding out in his old lab underground in Constantinople, Istanbul for you modern types. They figure Sutton knows where Paracelsus is. So they set out to find Sutton first.

    While they wait for Artie to find him, Pete asks Myka why she hasn't started cancer treatment yet, she says she's taking it at her pace.

    They find Sutton in Luxembourg, basically drafting off a hot, rich duchess. Artie tells Pete and Myka to take Charlotte.

    Artie heads down to the bronze sector. Something in Claudia's hand is crumbling. They realize they need to find the artifact or else she'll disintegrate.

    Mrs. Frederic shows up. She's not sure why. She knows something is off. She goes to check out the restricted files. They notice she didn't disappear as usual but simply walked away.

    Pete, Myka, and Charlotte show up a a fancy dress party in Luxembourg and spot Sutton with the duchess. They announce they are engaged. Charlotte figures that Sutton is scamming the duchess out of her family jewels.

    Mrs. F shows Artie the restricted files are right there in the Warehouse in a magical storage room. She discovers the files she wants are even redacted in the storage room. Steve reports that Claudia is crumbling even faster.

    Sutton takes his duchess to bed and drugs her and starts to rob her. Pete and Myka bust in and try to arrest him. She "shoots" him. Her guards enter and in the ensuing fight Sutton takes off. They corner him in the party and nab him.

    They explain what has happened and he knows exactly where his brother's lab is in Istanbul (not Constantinople.)

    Meanwhile, Claudia is crumbling faster and Mrs. F is experiencing strange dementia. Mr. Kosan shows up and explains to Artie that since Mrs. F is a caretaker of the Warehouse she's wired into its nerve center/heart. When they go into it they see that things are going haywire and that is why she is off-balance. Artie does, however, manage to get some of Claudia's brothers blood/DNA and inject it into her bronze form which will stave off her deterioration for another 14 hours, until Pete and Myka can return with the artifact.

    Unfortunately, Paracelsus outsmarted them and trapped them in a hole in his lab. As they climb out, he puts the stone back together and makes Nick, Charlotte, and Sutton mortal again, reversing the alchemy. He tells Sutton that when he called the authorities on him and he was taken to the Warehouse he wanted revenge. Sutton took away what he loved, his work. So he's going to take away what he loves. Paracelsus goes to shoot Nick but Charlotte jumps in the way, taking the bullet for her now mortal son. Paracelsus, sets off some kind of bomb and escapes as the lab begins to crumble. Charlotte says her goodbyes, and after Myka retrieves the bronzing artifact, they hotfoot it out of there.

    Mr. Kosan takes her back to the B&B to consult with the Keeper, the "living memory" of the redacted files of the Warehouse. Abigail, a s it turns out is the keeper. She uses some crazy old Hawaiian artifact to conjure the secret: Paracelsus was a Warehouse caretaker, like Mrs. F.

    They head back to the Warehouse and unbronze Claudia.

    Pete points out to Myka that they almost lost Claudia and that any of them could go at anytime so she needs to start her treatment so he doesn't lose the time he could've spent with her.

    Claudia immediately senses a disturbance in the force. Kosan reveals the info about Paracelsus and explains he's now fighting Mrs. F for control which is causing her problems. She collapses.

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