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Season 2

31 Jul. 2015
The Challenge/Home on Our Own
Fed up with the rowdy FAST crew, Chet challenges them to go without racing; Skid and Shadow must defend the clubhouse alone against Clip and Clap.
31 Jul. 2015
The Mighty Snails/Silent But Deadly
Burn is forced to coach a lousy tetherball team -- and gets inspired by an old rival; White Shadow's karate skills are tested by a ninja stinkbug.
31 Jul. 2015
Agent Ace/Smoove as Ice
Chet can't get him on a cereal box, so Turbo makes Ace Gecko his sports agent; Smoove Move competes in a ski race to prove his worth -- all for love.
31 Jul. 2015
The Disappearing Act/The Sting of Injustice
When a bad magic trick makes Chet disappear, Turbo and Burn work together to find him; A superhero hornet arrives in Turbotown and stirs up trouble.
31 Jul. 2015
The Treasure of Sierra Marty/Big Baby
Chet, Skidmark and Smoove Move bring swamp toad Marty on an adventure; The snails fumble taking care of a lost human child left at the taco stand.
31 Jul. 2015
Turboldly Go
A mix-up puts the FAST crew on a rocket bound for outer space; The crew must work together to avoid space madness, debris ... and a fiery re-entry.
31 Jul. 2015
Crow Pox/Faking Amends
A prank leads to "crow pox" for the FAST snails, who make a treacherous climb to find a cure; Burn and her hippie sister try to end their rivalry.
31 Jul. 2015
Deuce Is Wild/To Fire a Squire
Whiplash tries to scare Deuce and Edvard straight, but the plan backfires; After Turbo saves his life, Buster Move waits on Turbo's every need.
31 Jul. 2015
Maggotron/Love Hurts
Skid unleashes an evil robot on Turbotown and has to get rid of the monster himself; Turbo falls for and betroths a head-eating mantis princess.
31 Jul. 2015
Ransom of White Shadow/Kicked Off
White Shadow is mistaken for a celebrity snail and kidnapped; Tito gets a foosball table which quickly becomes a soccer battle ground.
31 Jul. 2015
The Day Mel Fell/Burn's Ex-Boo
Mel Shellman gets fired and crashes with the FAST crew, but he's so annoying they try to get him rehired; An old flame shows up, making Chet jealous.
31 Jul. 2015
Tough as Snails/C.O.N.S.P.I.R.A.C.Y.
Whiplash takes on the toughest creature around in a MMA-style fight; When the FAST crew is abducted, Skidmark and his conspiracy club get on the case.
31 Jul. 2015
Groundhog, Stay!/Gone Guys Gone
Skidmark and White Shadow try to stop spring from coming by keeping a groundhog in his hole; Smoove loses the power behind his effortless cool.

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