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Lara Decaro: Emma Pope



  • Emma Pope : You don't remember me but I know you.

  • Jill Pope : [rushed up stairs to little daughter's room]  I'm here!

    Emma Pope : [as mother quickly closes door]  Where were you? Who's there?

    Jill Pope : It's okay.

    [grabs wooden light fixture] 

    Jill Pope : Mommy's here! Mommy's here!

    Emma Pope : There's someone in the house!

  • Emma Pope : [kneeling with stranger]  Did... you know I lost my Daddy?

    Jericho Stewart : [looks up from digging little hole]  Yeah.

    Emma Pope : [strokes stuffed toy elephant]  He gave me Ellie. For my birthday.

    Jericho Stewart : [takes toy and places it in the hole]  If we don't go deeper, he's trunk's gonna stick out.

    Emma Pope : [nods]  Go deeper.

    [spade clanks, she touches scar on back of his neck, he looks up at her] 

    Emma Pope : Did you hurt yourself?

    Jill Pope : [inside house, takes lunch from oven, looks through window, sees them, panics, rushes out, her hand behind her back]  Stop! Emma, come here, please!

    Emma Pope : No, Mommy, we're burying my Ellie.

    Jill Pope : [to her little daughter]  Come here.

    Emma Pope : [walks to Mom]  He... he said he was a friend of Daddy's.

    Jill Pope : [to Jericho, her hand on the pistol behind her]  Leave. Please.

    Emma Pope : [imploring]  Can he stay for dinner? He's nice.

    Jill Pope : Emma, go inside.

    [the kid obeys, walks off, carrying her toy elephant] 

    Jericho Stewart : [mumbles something]  I'll do the waffles, then I'll go.

    [Jill tucks the pistol into the back of her jeans] 

  • Emma Pope : [at piano]  Come and play.

    Jericho Stewart : What?

    Emma Pope : Come and play.

    Jericho Stewart : I don't know how.

    Emma Pope : I'll teach you.

    [pats spot beside her on bench] 

    Jericho Stewart : I don't know if this is such a good idea.

    Emma Pope : It's fine. Come on.

    Jericho Stewart : Mm-hmm.

    Emma Pope : Come on.

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