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Why I avoided this film when it was released
jasontheterrible9 June 2018
I despise movies where the premise is beyond credible. So after reading the reviews I decided I did not want to see another Face Off type transplant story. But wow, was I ever wrong. What I was missing is one of the best characters ever created by an actor and that was Kevin Costner's doing. He develops a totally believable and absolutely impeccable portrait of a sick psychopath who is greatly affected by an unapproved medical procedure. What is great is that he is not politically correct, weak, or conflicted. It makes him incredibly interesting in the age of weak males pandering to everyone. He gets to glimpse a normal life through the eyes of a strong man who is also moral which is the Ryan Reynolds character. He also gets to feel the love of a daughter and beautiful wife which he had never known before. All of the actors are great but Costner raised my opinion of his acting ability by a mile. The story and production is also excellent with an ending that is quite satisfying.
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Criminal: Thankfully an all-star Cast.
niutta-enrico13 July 2016
This film has been saved by its stars: Ryan Reynolds first and Kevin Costner few minutes later will make you forget most of plot's unbelievable logical holes, awful editing (what's Alice Eve's end?), repetitive scenes and complete lack of bad guy's motive (Jordi Mollà).

And Tommy Lee Jones, Gal Gadot, Gary Oldman and Michael Pitt (Alice Eve here is little more than an extra) strive to fill with workmanship and dignity their otherwise gaunt supporting roles.

They all succeed in saving the day and in the end you won't fall asleep or leave theater in contempt. But on your way home you could probably comment that this is one of the most useless (or unconvincing) films you ever watched.
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Mixed but very watchable thriller.
Rawin19814 June 2016
Warning: Spoilers
No spoilers if you've seen the trailer (oh and the trailer really is one of those where if you've seen it, then you've seen all the best bits).

Criminal on paper looks like a safe bet, it's produced by super 'B' movie producer Avi Lerner (Olympus/London has fallen, Expendables) has an A list cast and a much worn premise, along the lines of Face Off or Ryan Reynolds lukewarm thriller from 2015 Self/less, involving body/mind swap sci-fi, while being set in a present day surrounding.

The premise, Reynolds young spy has his memory's implanted into Kevin Costners gruff, violent criminal by Dr Tommy Lee Jones, overseen by mostly shouty Spy boss Gary Oldman, to stop some bad men doing bad things with hacking and missiles. Costner's criminal escapes and goes on a bit of a rampage through London whilst also wrestling his own violent nature against Reynolds softer character traits seeping through (so basically he's got a bit of a split personality going on).

In other words it's a silly high concept plot line to effectively have Costner run around a city, beat up some bad guys, get into shoot outs, chases and save the day.

He also along the way tracks down Gal Gadot who is Reynolds wife, and by far the best at delivering anything near a believable character, followed by Tommy Lee Jones (in a very restrained role) in a very mixed bag of a movie.

The film was made for around 30 million dollars, so don't expect much big blockbuster action, although the few car chases and explosions there are, are done decently, the film still at times feels quite cheap. The pace is a little off as well as its a bit of a slog and feels longer than it should at times.

In terms of tone it's violent, full of bad language, and seems to think both of those pass as humour, they don't in the context they are used in this film and are frankly pretty misjudged.

The performances vary, by far the worst being Gary Oldman who whilst normally excellent simply feels like he's in another film altogether at times, he literally shouts his scenes of dialogue at times when it seems a quieter authority would have been better suited.

As for leading man Costner, he's playing a pretty unlikeable fella here, so you would expect the filmmakers to try and inject some charm for an audience to sympathize or grow some kind of emotional attachment, but no Costner simply grunts and swears through most scenes in a gruff lazy drool, he's watchable as always but doesn't have much to work with here, though they do try to have him form a Bond with mother and child later on its quite late in proceedings.

There's some good touches, Gal Gadot brings out a softer side of Costner's character, there's a decent mix of Electro music and the film score used is atmospheric, some of the visuals are decent, shots of London for example and the action scenes whilst only short bursts are clear to see and not confusing and finally there's the thriller plot aspect of the story that plays like a standard spy/action thriller as our (anti) hero must set out to stop the villains and save the girl.

In closing, mixed performances, misplaced serious tone with violent outbursts of humour, some decent action but a bit of misguided film, watchable, not terrible but quite frustrating given the fact there's a better movie in there that could of got out.

3 out of 5.
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A Great Suspense Movie From Start To Finish.
anopenmindedlady17 April 2016
Criminal is a 2016 American action thriller drama film directed by Ariel Vromen and written by Douglas Cook and David Weisberg. The film is about an ex-con who is implanted with a dead CIA agent's memories to finish an assignment. The film stars Kevin Costner, Gary Oldman and Tommy Lee Jones in their second collaboration following the 1991 film JFK.

The memories and skills of deceased CIA agent Bill Pope are implanted into gruff convict, Jericho Stewart, in order to finish an incomplete mission.

Handsome Actor Ryan Reynolds plays the role of a CIA agent in London, he struggles to come back to to his home base. Two opponents are chasing him, the CIA and a team of terrorists. When the terrorists come closer to the CIA agent a series of breathtaking incidents will happen and the dramatic climax comes and will definitely please all the audience who love Great Action Movies.
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Really liked this movie
sherryheim17 April 2016
This was a really good movie, I don't understand all the critic's pans. Yes, there is a sci-fi element, so what? Jericho is a man who suffered a brain injury as a child that took away the use of his frontal lobe. This left him with the animal instincts of survival with basically no other human emotional traits as well as leaving that portion of his brain as virtually a blank canvas. The movie was action-packed, there were no slow points, the acting was spot on, the photography was great, the characters well defined. Jericho is a human experiment that the government forced to happen. The results are what one might expect from government interference in such a situation. If the world every goes full on crazy, I want Jericho on my team! I would go to see this movie again with a friend and I will certainly buy the DVD when it comes out. Costner is such a well developed actor and does a great job with the part. Make no mistake, that Jericho dude is one bad...
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OK flick
85122217 July 2016
Greetings from Lithuania.

"Criminal" (2016) is kinda "been there saw that" type of flick - nothing original, nothing super exciting, but as a one evening guilty pleasure it does it's job, at least partly.

The cast is superb, and everyone did their OK jobs for the material, except for Tommy Lee Jones - this is "you got to be kidding me" type of performance - he goes with one facial expression during whole flick, expression that says "what am i doing here? what is this thing?".

Overall, nice execution and OK story with some fun acting makes this flick work for one boring evening. There is even some descent music in it, the one in the van and the one at very end - closing song was great.
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Mr Costner.... WOW
kevjoyce-4134025 April 2016
This is my first ever review of a movie and boy what movie.

The cast is perfect, the setting is brilliant. The story flawless (if you let yourself go with it)

First of all let me say that Mr Costner has proved beyond a shadow of a doubt he is one of the greatest actors of this or any generation. His performance is powerful, stirring and just plain amazing. I would never of thought he could portray a character like this. This is not the man from Robin Hood.. far from a Field of Dreams and so much more than a Waterworld. The pace never lets up and you will find yourself shocked, stunned , cheering, laughing and wincing in equal measure. All parts are played by cast brilliantly and with conviction. The action sequences do not feel like set pieces but more like a fluid progression of the plight of the main character. Gal Godot is beautiful in this movie, frail and torn and you can see it, I mean really see it. Ms Gabot is proving to be far more than a pretty face (not that I only thought that) Ryan Renolds is on key as usual in a familiar kind of role. At one point (i'll let you figure which part I mean) my heart breaks for the man. Gary Oldman is frantic and who can blame him , also brilliantly done. I'm not going to dissect the movie as I'm sure many will but only say be prepared for a movie that will draw you in and keep you hooked until the very end and then have you begging for the movie to be longer. Down to direction, location, stunts, sfx BRAVO !! I'm not sure if this is a movie that will be looked upon as Oscar worthy (it should be) but for the sake of common sense and justice to a great performance, Mr Kevin Costner take a bow and I hope beyond hope that you get the recognition you deserve for this movie... Outstanding !!!!!

P.S sorry if my grammar offends (or amuses) :)
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Great movie to see. Costner does a good job in his portrayal
cfmmcquillan18 April 2016
This was a very good movie I am so glad I went to see it in spite of the spoilers people have been saying about it. Kevin Costner did a great job of transitioning from a bad guy to a guy that was just learning to have emotions love the ending of the movie. You should go see this movie in spite of the critics. I don't want to give too much detail about the movie but I really enjoyed it. In the beginning he didn't do what everyone wanted him to do and I think that is what made the movie good because it wasn't straight up predictable. Some parts you may guess on but not totally. When the bad guys make progress you enjoy seeing g them get what's coming to them. Go see this movie. Great cast too.
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The Ultimate Movie Review! - - @tss5078
Tss50789 May 2016
Twenty years ago, a similar film called Face Off debuted, and while the story seemed ridiculous, somehow it worked. Criminal is in the same boat, as audiences have been kept away by the complicated plot, which also seems to work quite well. The film starts with the brutal murder of a CIA agent, who has a secret vital to national security in his head. Out of desperation, the CIA turns to a doctor and an experimental procedure, which will allow the agents memories to be transferred into someone else's mind. The only problem is that the procedure requires a certain type of mind, the mind of a psychopath. Against his will, Jericho Stewart (Kevin Costner) is transferred to CIA headwaters and given the agents memories, but will he become the good agent and help save the world, or will he return to his murderous ways? Kevin Costner stars and reminds us all of what a terrific actor he truly is. It's hard to remember, considering that for the passed two decades he's done mostly romantic garbage, that you couldn't pay me to sit through. Costner returns to action as if he'd never been gone and does an amazing job playing this deeply conflicted, flawed man. Paired with an all-star cast, that features a ton of cameos, Criminal never slows down and will have you on the edge of your seat the whole time. It's not really the CIA crisis or the science fiction that keeps your interest throughout, it's the conflict growing in Jericho Stewart's brain, as he has essential turned into a person that is both good and evil. Yes, the story is a bit complicated, but it is fairly easy to follow, and Kevin Costner gives his best performance in at least a decade, making Criminal well worth the price of admission.
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Performance of a lifetime!
ajith-v-m12 August 2016
I must admit it's been ages since I saw a movie that gave me the goose bumps and this movie just gave me what I wanted. Kevin Costner, all hands down, standing ovation and hats off! What a performance??!!! Costner was just unbelievable from the beginning to the end. I don't think anyone could've pulled off this role better than him. The camera work, background music, dialogues etc.. are top notch! The movie is more of an action thriller that keeps you curious from the alpha to omega!

More like Face off, just that here it's not the face but the mind that's been swapped from a CIA operative to Costner. All I can say is watch this movie at any cost cos Costner delivered what no man can do to such perfection it's almost impossible to explain. 10/10 at any cost!!
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Well worth the admission price
ljorewicz16 April 2016
I absolutely loved this movie. I was on the edge of my seat the whole way through, and I thought I could figure it all out, but I was never able to see the twists and turns ahead of time. The thing I like best about it is that the movie - despite all the action, and gory action at that - is really all about people. People and personalities and knowing good vs evil and wrong from right...and how a person can know wrong from right, and then cherish that knowledge once one sees it. If it was a book it would be a page turner.

I was disappointed that few people were in the theater, and I can only speculate that most of the main actors are...what, too old to draw in the crowd? If so, that's sad, because this one is really worth seeing. Even buying a copy to keep.

And Kevin Costner deserves an Oscar.
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and, yet.
cdcrb16 April 2016
Warning: Spoilers
everything is wrong with this movie. the plot makes no sense. with the exception of Costner, the acting is pretty bad. especially gary oldman. (sorry). snippets are borrowed from almost every movie ever made. including a scene where the hero sews himelf up surgically (see Harrison ford), which itself was stolen from a 40's noir. nothing makes any sense. no one acts in a logical way, although I don't know how one would act under these circumstances. they put ryan Reynold's brain in kevin Costner. ryan has a secret which a lot of folks want. something about blowing up the world, I think. and off we go from there. that's it. and yet, and yet I had a good time. maybe I wasn't on the edge of my seat, but I was having fun with all this. the whole thing moves right along at a fast pace and there is a totally illogical happy ending. it's a perfectly wonderful Saturday afternoon at the movies.
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Brilliant from start to finish! (contains possible spoilers)
trappergraves19 April 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Now, I'm sure a lot of people are going to see it as an action film and nothing more. But really, it's so much deeper than that.

"Criminal" is brilliant. Everything about it, the setup, the cinematography, the music, the story, all of it is this intricate dance that teases us with bits and pieces before it's finally laid out before us. The directing, how beautifully choreographed everything is, the quick scene shots that build the tension, are truly masterful. Gal Gadot, Gary Oldman, Tommy Lee Jones, Ryan Reynolds all perfect in their parts. Ariel Vromen has crafted an amazing work.

But Kevin Costner was just amazing. If you think you know him from his movies, well, you find that you really don't know him at all. Watching the transition from somewhere between a child and an animal, thinking only of survival, to a thinking, feeling human being is really beyond words to describe. And the way he plays Jericho, like how he holds his hands as if they're in shackles, even when he's free to let you know that he's been in the system more than he's been out.

You could see him as simply a brutal thug, but he is so much more. On one level, he's an animal, doing what it takes to survive. People don't really exist to him, except to take things from. He doesn't really relate to them at all. At the same time, he's a child, never being able to grow past a certain point, stuck at the time of the accident, acting out as a child would. The short time that Ryan Reynolds' character has on screen is crucial to the way the story plays out for Jericho. And, as the movie progresses, we see flashes of Bill Pope, not just the memories, but the mannerisms, the gestures, even the facial expressions and tone of voice. Kevin Costner has done this so perfectly, so subtly, that it might slip past the most casual of viewers, but it's a critical piece of the story. It's fascinating to watch the flashes of the other personality, Jericho's confusion at the whole idea of feelings, something utterly foreign to him. He has these feelings, and isn't even sure what to call them at first. His sudden familiarity with language, pass codes, computers, stand out to us because they're so very NOT Jericho. But the easy facility with all of them IS Bill Pope, and they're played as if Bill is operating inside Jericho's body, which he is. But not all the time, which makes it even more interesting to watch, the flip back and forth between this near animal and the family man/agent/very civilized human being.

The anarchist, Xavier Heimdahl, and the CIA head, Quaker Wells, look very similar to each other. I don't think this is an accident. They are both driven men, not averse to violence, doing anything to achieve their ends. Xavier is trying to use one man's knowledge to destroy everything, Quaker is using one man's knowledge to stop him. Two sides of the same coin. Everyone is expendable to them. They are both zealots.

I love the extra touches, the homage to "Flowers For Algernon" (if you read the book, you'll know), for example.

Yes, it's a violent movie, but the violence is a necessary part if you're going to understand what's going on, the nature of memory, the difficult and unlikely hero's journey that our main character takes. If you want a movie that delivers far more than mere action, this is it.
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Finally a movie with a storyline.
jandmga17 April 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I saw this movie yesterday and was glad to see a movie with a storyline. After several weeks of searching for a decent movie to go see, I came across this one. Thank goodness it was not a movie with nothing but CGI to hold it together. Before I decided to write my review, I looked over some of the reviews. Obviously the norm nowadays when reviewing a movie is to nit pick it to death. First of all, I enjoyed this movie. It started right off the bat involving you in the movie and making you think. The story was different and interesting. Using a really, really bad guy and turning him into a hero took some doing, but I think it came off very well. Just when you thought you had it figured out, there came another twist to the plot. Kevin Costner, Gary Oldman, Tommy Lee Jones and Ryan Reynolds were excellent in their roles. Overall, a good movie. I would recommend this movie. If you enjoy a movie with a good storyline, then this is for you. I would add this one to my DVD collection. Forgo any reviews and critics' reviews and make up your own mind. Enjoy.
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Entertaining, Highly Emotional and Violent Sci-Fi Thriller with Heart
LeonLouisRicci18 September 2016
Pulp Sci-Fi Thriller that Blows Over its High-Concepts, like Memory Transfer, with Penny-a-Word Hastiness. But this Underrated Entertainment is just that, Entertaining.

Forget the Egg-Head Cranks, Kick-Back and have Fun with this Star-Studded Romp that is Highly Emotional, Endearing, Violent, and an Anti-Hero worth Rooting for.

Kevin Costner is Involving, Gary Oldman almost Destroys any Balance of Good Sense and Cleverness in His First Scene confronting Costner's "Jericho", but manages to Recover for some Redemption by the Feel-Good Ending.

This is a Familiar Story but Twisty Enough to make it Fresh. Tommy Lee Jones Walks through His Minor Part, but the rest of the Cast comes through working with the "Comic-Book" Script. Lara Decaro is the Heart of the Movie as a Little Girl who Warms up the Films Cold Premise.

Overall, Criminally Underrated Mainstream Movie that makes up for its Shallowness and Clichés with a Rapid Pace, Good Thrill Kills, and Costner's Commitment to the Role. This is one of those Big-Name Attractions that Critics Love to Hate for not being Intelligent and Opting for a By-the-Numbers Scenario.

These Prudes have Forgotten that Movies at their Least can be Forgiven a lot of Things if it Simply Entertains. This Fun Film does just that and maybe a bit More.
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great surprise
djtrb23 July 2016
This movie really got my attention. I wasn't expecting much. Had saw the trailer and also saw the grades here and it all made me expect just a regular movie. The true is the movie story and actions worked pretty good and I just loved it. Was a pretty nice movie to watch and see time passing fast. I do recommend it. Kevin Costner did a great job on that movie, probably one of his best action movies from the last years. They did some aggressive scenes witch easily made my day. They did mixed all this free violence with a impressive love story and it actually worked nice. The main character and his craziness made me get different ideas from the begin until the end. It's funny how you just hate this guy and then how you became to change your mind during the movie.
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One-Sided 'Face/Off'
stevendbeard14 April 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I saw "Criminal", starring Kevin Costner-3 Days To Kill, Man of Steel; Gary Oldman-Robocop, The Dark Knight movies; Tommy Lee Jones-Captain America:The First Avenger; Gal Gadot-Batman v Superman:Dawn of Justice and Ryan Reynolds-Deadpool, Adventureland.

This is a sci-fi/spy movie about a mind transplant. Remember the 1997 'Face/Off', with Nicolas Cage & John Travolta? It's kind of like that, but one-sided, what with one of them being dead, both minds go into one body. Ryan is a CIA operative that is on the run in London, after putting a sought after hacker called 'The Dutchman' into a safe house. Problems arise when Ryan gets caught and killed by the bad guys-without giving up the safe house, of course. Gary is head of the CIA branch in London and comes up with a plan to transfer Ryan's memories into someone, so they can find the hacker. He just happens to track down a doctor, Tommy, that has been experimenting with this exact brain transferal, but only on rats, so far. The only available human subject available, on such short notice, is Kevin, a condemned sociopath on death row. The surgery is done but does not seem to work, so Kevin is escorted back to prison. Guess what? He escapes and the memories start ebbing into his mind. Gal plays Ryan's wife. Kevin goes back and forth between having no feelings and not caring between right and wrong to remembering Gal and other key bits of information. Now, the bad guys and the good guys want him and the chase is on. It's rated "R" for violence and language and has a running time of 1 hour & 53 minutes. I enjoyed it enough that I would buy it on DVD.
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"...You hurt me, I hurt you worse"
XweAponX7 August 2016
Kevin Costner is a Criminal that happens to have a rare Brain dysfunction, one that gives him a unique opportunity. Unfortunately, he doesn't care about anything or anyone, "Hopeless Case" in his case, is an understatement.

This all star cast is led by Gary Oldman with yet another odd name, "Quaker Wells". Surrounding him are the magnificent Gal Godot, Alice Eve, Michael Pitt, Tommy Lee Jones, Scott Adkins and a very creepy Jordi Mollà as Heimdal, we also saw him as the soon-to-be-beheaded cretin and Jamoke "Santana" in "Riddick". Here, he does his best Ron Silver (From Timecop and Blue Steel) impression. Antje Traue is another "man of Steel" Bad Girl. except she looks a lot nicer. But that's misdirection. Bad people usually look the most normal.

Kevin shows us what it would look like if a violent, uncontrollable criminal would have the memories of a decent man implanted, eventually he can't help but to start having feelings and doing good. He doesn't want to, he just can't help it. Of course, Quaker Wells the CIA chief played by Oldman, doesn't do much good to encourage that goodness to come out. Costner also inherits all of Reynold's skills, at first using those to simply stay alive. His only ally is Dr Franks (Tommy Lee), but that list gets larger as we go on.

Somewhere in here is Danny Webb, the only survivor of "Alien 3", the British backdrop of this film gives us interesting actors from that area as local denizens.

It took me a few weeks to get to this film, at first it did not look like something I'd like. But it has a lot of good things, Science Fiction, Spies, and good Buttkickings. And Gary is always great in Spy movies. This is the second film in which I have seen Gal Godot, and she's a wonder woman here as well.

The premise here, is that Reynold's character was after a hacker who had a program that could do some damaging things. So we have the elements of an IT Thriller as well.

But what pleases me is that Costner is not finished acting, not by a long shot. And this role is something a lot different, it is the anti-hero. Something which Tom Cruise tried in "Edge of Tomorrow".
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An action film that asks some very good questions.
alanpgini23 August 2017
An excellent action suspense movie, with a little sci fi thrown in. Costner really convinces in this role. Oldman and Tommy Lee Jones are also credible. Memory action films seem to have their own genre now. But this one uses real science, though somewhat of a leap, to give it credibility. It also asks the question and tries to answer, who we really are. Is it the Fromtal lobe of the brain and theta waves that determine good and evil? Are we the sum of our memories and experiences? Or is it all of the above? It does all this while still giving us a good action suspense plot. This review is probably the largest margin between the average reviewer and myself on this site. I don't get how they can trash this. I highly recommend it.
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Absolutely Superb
Troy331 December 2016
I came across "Criminal" by coincidence as I was browsing through movies on the plane. I chose this film because I was getting sick of Superhero films and wanted to watch anything without DC and Marvel characters. I saw that this movie had a good cast so I gave it a shot.

Lets just say that I enjoyed this movie so much that I watched it again on the proper screen after my flight for a better experience.

Below are the main reasons I gave this movie 9/10

  • The cast: Gary Oldman, Keven Costner, Tommy Lee Jones should I say more?

  • The plot: Simple, easy to follow and super entertaining. But most importantly as Jerico (Kevin Costner) develops the memory of Bill Pope (Ryan Reynolds) I was kept on my seat because I had no idea what Jerico was going to do next and how his character will slowly change as the film progresses. Moreover there was so much at stake!

  • Acting: The dialog isn't that great. But Kevin Costner blew me away with his performance. All of the other cast members also did a phenomenal job.

  • This movie really reminded me of the 90's action movies such as "Face-Off". And believe me that it has been a while when I watch a movie and it isn't that predictable - I had to constantly keep guessing on what was going to happen next.

  • This movie had a very good ending, and somehow it felt quite believable.

My advice: JUST WATCH IT!
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A Fun Sci-fi Thriller. Not to be taken too seriously.
aechambersnovelist31 August 2016
I was amazed this movie was rated as low as it was. Hopefully my score will give it a boost. Kevin Costner, Tommy Lee Jones, Gary Oldman, Ryan Reynolds - where can a film maker go wrong?

Well I guess it's the premise of putting one man's memories into another man's head. Yet, I did the research and it's science in the making. It has worked on rats, as quoted in the movie.

Costner's character made me laugh, wince, smile, cry, laugh and smile again. He plays the villain and the hero to a tee. Oldman's last line gives me the idea there may be a sequel and I will be first in line to watch Costner strut his stuff once again.

Love the London locations and British references, but I may be bias having been born and raised there.

Have not come across this director before but is reminiscent of McG and Luc Besson. Was quite sure one or the other had a hand in this movie until the credits. Give it a go lovers of Besson and McG. It really isn't Dances With Wolves, although note the recurring religious imagery, especially within the names.

As I've hinted - can't wait for the sequel.
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Excellent Thriller
brutzel27 July 2016
Jan Stroop (Michael Pitt) aka the Dutchman wants to make a deal with the CIA and give up the Wormhole (a program that controls all missile weapon systems of the United States) in exchange for money and his freedom. Agent Bill Pope (Ryan Reynolds) is on his way to the Dutchman to complete the deal when he is killed. The CIA has Pope's memories installed into Jericho (Kevin Costner) a really bad guy, animal-like with no empathy for anyone. Will that operation turn Jericho into a good guy and find the Dutchman? (We can only hope) Let's find out.

This will have you on your seat most of the time so find a good relaxing couch. The CGI and physical stunts along with the heart- pounding music will keep you awake and alert. The acting all around is excellent. We don't like seeing Jericho do the mean things he does, but we have to get over that and see (and hope) if Pope's memories take hold as Doctor Francis (Tommy Lee Jones) insists they will. The pacing is fast and furious almost like a Jason Bourne movie. What's not to like?

There is one very big plot hole early on as Jericho escapes his CIA custody. Why didn't the CIA keep a closer eye on Pope's home to see if Jericho goes there? Had they done so they could have corralled Jericho quicker and made him comply with the mission he agreed to. Can the CIA be this inept? Let's find out.

Things begin to turn, but not too quickly, for Jericho when he encounters Pope's wife Jill (Gal Gadot) and daughter Emma (Lara Decaro). Here the pacing slows down and we get to enjoy a friendlier Jericho. Will it last? Let's find out.

We see CIA Chief Wells (Gary Oldman) constantly looking for Jericho and the Dutchman as both elude CIA surveillance. His blood pressure rises when he learns the Russians are now in contact with the Dutchman for the Wormhole and he cannot let the Russians get that program.

There is a truly unexpected twist near the end when chief bad guy Xavier (Jordi Molla) jets away with the Wormhole. (Whaaat?)

Over all this is an excellent thriller despite some minor plot holes. (There are others?) The action is fast and furious and we like it that way, but we also liked the scenes with Gal Gadot, Lara Decaro and Kevin Costner and these scenes were pure gold.

In order to appreciate this movie we need to get over seeing Kevin Costner as a bad guy and hope beyond hope that he eventually turns into a good guy. Will he? Go find out. (9/10)

Violence: Yes. Sex: No. Nudity: No. Language: Yes.
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Worth Seeing Even if You Feel You've Seen Before
dpandlisa22 April 2016
I decided to buy a matinée ticket on a rainy day for this movie based on its terrific cast, and I wasn't disappointed. Yes, it feels like a cousin of Face/Off. Yes, there are tremendous conveniences in the story. Yes, it is predictable. However, if you like the cast and if you like action movies with some surprises then it is worth seeing. Costner brings his star power to the role of Jericho, a man with no social skills due to his underdeveloped frontal lobes, which were damaged as a child (in a touching story). Therefore it's fun to watch him steal a vehicle right in front of people, walk to the front of lines and punch people just because he can. I was happy to see Gal Gadot in a bigger role than I expected. And I spent most of the movie trying to figure out who one of the villains was, as I recognized her from another role but couldn't place it. She is very distinctive (and very beautiful), and at the end I realized it was Antje Traue, the East German actress who played a super villain in 2013's Man of Steel. Overall, the movie is good enough for a entertaining matinée at the movies.
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denvergrown30323 February 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Awful. Just awful. From start to finish. The plot is based on everyone being stupid and inept except for Kevin Costner. Kevin plays a criminal who's been locked away for most of his life, but he bests everyone in the movie: doctors, police officers, criminal masterminds, Russian KGB, U.S. federal agents. Everyone. Oh and apparently the U.S. connected their entire nuclear arsenal to an easily hack-able Wi-Fi network. Submarines too, they have Wi-Fi that you can hack even when they're under water.
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Ignore the so called professional critics!
billyslad4 March 2018
I watched this film tonight on Netflix. It wasn't my choice to watch it but another member of the house wanted it on and I didn't think it would be my kind of film. Plus, Kevin Costner is not an actor I'm drawn to, I don't know why as it's not that I think he's a bad actor or anything, he just doesn't draw me for some reason. However, I was pleasantly surprised with this film as it really is rather good, and so is Costner along with everyone else.

I've seen some of the so called 'professioal' critics views of the film on here and most of the one's I've seen aren't too good. Some people will pick and look for faults with everything. Take no notice and I'm sure, if you like action films, this will float your boat.
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