Michael Vegas: Young Kirk


  • Young Kirk : I'm gonna have to talk to Spock about this. Must be that *red* matter.

    Captain Kirk : Red matter. What exactly is red matter?

    Young Kirk : I dunno, but it's... bad.

  • Dr. McCoy : [checks medical tricorder]  No doubt about it, Jim, he's you.

    [observes Young Kirk sneaking a peek up Nurse Chapel's skirt as she bends over to pick up a dropped instrument case] 

    Dr. McCoy : Well, you as an adult.

    Young Kirk : I *am* an adult.

    Captain Kirk : The jury's still out.

    Young Kirk : I don't understand how this happened.

    Dr. McCoy : Dammit, Jim, I'm a doctor, not a physicist!

    Captain Kirk : ...mechanic?

    Young Kirk : Yours does this, too?

    Captain Kirk : All the time.

  • Young Kirk : You ready to go home?

    Captain Kirk : The ship is brand new. Your laws of physics make no sense. You got a crew of sexy twentysomethings... fuck like rabbits. Who wouldn't want to leave?

    Young Kirk : Good. Glad to hear it.

    Ambassador Robert April : When an officer of the line leaves your ship, it is customary to show them the way to the transporter pad by going first.

    Young Kirk : I knew that! Captain Kirk, may I invite you onto my transporter so I can get you the hell offa my ship, and back to where you came from?

    Captain Kirk : I don't think so.

    [signals Scotty to activate the transporter] 

    Young Kirk : Dude, no fuckin' way. This sucks!


  • Young Kirk : [coming to the rescue after Uhura has already disabled Evil Kirk]  It's okay, you're safe.

    Uhura : God, you're an idiot.

    Young Kirk : Yeah, but a charming idiot.

    [embraces Uhura] 

    Uhura : The things that you have to do to get promoted around here.

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