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Cool summer film!
petarmatic18 October 2014
I am glad that Jasmila Zbanic made this film. She went a long way since film called Grbavica which made her famous. It is a true and remarkable swing from depressing post war films to a light summer comedy/romance.

I am glad she chose Istria as her shooting location. With its beauty and remarkable people it is one of the gems of European tourist destinations. Land of good people, food and wine! Plot is a typical plot for a summer comedy/romance. A little bit of sun, sea, sex and sex swinging. Istria is so typical of that, and plot fits nicely in it. Beautifully written with nice dose of Balkan humor. Although, Istrians would be very angry if I would put them in the Balkan framework, Croatians usually do, but trust me Croatia and with it Istria belongs in a Balkan frame of mind.

Acting is excellent. I heard Ms. Zbanic once said that she works only with the best actors, and they truly are. There was no over acting present, which sometimes happens with not such a good Balkan actors. None of that in this film! All of these actors belong to the top level of world acting and I hope they achieve their shooting stars dreams.

All in all tow thumbs up! If you want to have good dinner with your sweetheart, and later some good times with him/her (I think you get my drift) this is a film to watch! Otherwise you should see it any ways. It might improve your day. It certainly made mine better.
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We all live on an Island of Love
tim_bradbury3 May 2015
This film appears on the surface to be a comedic summer drama invoking the eternal triangle with angles of its own. Yes it has a gregarious male lead nicely played by Ermin Bravo. Yes it has a believable wife in Ariane Labed's overtly pregnant character Liliane. Yes early on she locks eyes with Ada Condeescu as she emerges from the sea with a bevy of divers in tow. Something's up here we surmise.

I submit this apparent comedy is the framework for a larger idea, or ideas, perhaps even a grand idea, that what constitutes human nature and existence itself is found in something other than what we see on the surface of our entangled relations, if we imagine it to be anything at all. Neither sexual attraction or preference, physical age, taste in music or fashion, or the casual smoking of "weed", have one iota of relevance when faced with the ground of humanity we all share. This is saved for the very end of the film when, in an attempt to get back into the swing of the party, Liliane breaks water and begins to give birth.

To paraphrase: "the light we see from the stars is millions of years old. Some of them do not even exist by the time their light reaches our eyes on Earth. We see the past, we are the past in this moment."

So here we are. You desire her, your wife loves her and is desired in return. The cultural norms are challenged. You are sent reeling with the over abundance of information and flee to seek sanctuary and cope. Even the young children have questions and seek revelation.

In my view then, one summary of Love Island is that in spite of ourselves, with our lack of self-knowledge, lack of self control, and sudden realization we do indeed live on an island called "Love", Nature trumps all. We will survive to be renewed. As Liliane's baby ruptures forth we see the triangle reconciled, for a moment perhaps, and in that one joyous moment we are free.

So look around, ye inhabitants of Love Island, Love indeed is all around us.

Extra Bonus: Both Ermin and Ariane provide their own vocals when singing. Nicely done. Even if it is "the stupidest song I ever heard!"
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This film is a musical
jurica-saravanja3 January 2017
This film is just unique. It's not unique in the way that something like this was never done, oh no. I's the biggest problem from this film that it's very difficult to say what kind of film genre this film is. At the end I came to the conclusion that this film is a musical. And if you see this film like a musical, everything is very much easier to follow and to understand. The story line, the acting (which is really good). The 3 major roles. Also I like the way that the film is put in Croatia during a summer season, in a hotel (all inclusive - these days in Croatia more and more). So you are sentenced to stay there regardless of connections to the mainland. This part is very realistic.

I hope that my review will help you out with this film.
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