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A Leviathan has emerged from the ocean depths and now threatens to destroy the city of Argus. With Cordo's Colossus incapacitated, the Atlas Base has little they can do to protect the people.

Season 4

3 Oct. 2016
Volume 4 Character Short
In a preview for the fourth Volume of RWBY, Ruby Rose takes on a powerful new species of Grimm.
22 Oct. 2016
The Next Step
Six months on in the world of Remnant, we rejoin team RWBY in the premiere of RWBY Volume 4. Salem assigns her council and plots their next move. Ruby, Jaune, Nora and Ren fight a dangerous new Grimm in the forests.
29 Oct. 2016
Team RNJR find the aftermath of a massacre. Weiss is cornered by her father, and Ruby discovers a sad truth.
5 Nov. 2016
Of Runaways and Stowaways
Blake encounters a dangerous new Grimm on her way to Menagerie. Back at Patch, Yang continues to feel the effects the fall of Beacon has had on her.
19 Nov. 2016
Yang still deals with the events of the battle but then finds some enjoyable company and wise words from her father. Team RNJR travels to the next town with surprising ease, is luck on their side?
3 Dec. 2016
Blake returns home to her family in Managerie, but Sun struggles to impress her father. Even here Blake struggles to outrun her problems, as the White Fang interrupts their reunion. Tyrian begins his hunt for Ruby.
10 Dec. 2016
Tipping Point
Weiss sings her song and struggles with Atlesian unawareness. Team RNJR discover another ruined city and run into a deadly opponent.
24 Dec. 2016
Weiss must face the consequences of her actions at the charity event, Qrow battles Tyrian to protect Team RNJR and Oscar learns more about his fate.
31 Dec. 2016
A Much Needed Talk
Qrow is still recovering from his injury from the previous fight, as he informs team RNJR about the growing threat of Salem. Blake reconnects with her father.
7 Jan. 2017
Two Steps Forward, Two Steps Back
As Weiss and Yang continue their training, Blake and Sun hunt down the White Fang spy and Team RNJR must decide the best path to travel around a mountain in order to find help for Qrow.
21 Jan. 2017
Being so close to their home town of Kuroyuri brings back painful memories for Ren and Nora, but with Qrow's condition worsening by the second, both halves of Team RNJR must keep moving forward.
28 Jan. 2017
Taking Control
As Cinder continues her training with the maiden's power, Tyrian returns to explain his defeat to Salem. Weiss attempts to escape her father with Klein's help, Blake resolves to reclaim the White Fang, and Ren sees a nightmare from his past.
4 Feb. 2017
No Safe Haven
Team RNJR battle against the Grimm that destroyed Kuroyuri, but Ren's anger causes him to lose control mid-battle and put his friend's lives in danger.

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