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  • Paulie Pennino, Adrian's older brother and Rocky's best friend, died in February of 2012. The film never gives an explanation of his passing. A possibility of Paulie's death can be link to his excessive drinking over the years. According to, chronic heavy drinking can lead to cancer, cardiovascular disease, cirrhosis, high blood pressure, pancreatitis, nerve damage, infectious disease, dementia, seizures, gout, anemia, and depression. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Two possibilities: 1.) Paulie said his statement incorrectly. Probably he meant the statue was relocated, not taken down. This is a common mistake from Paulie. For example, in the same film he had a conversation with Rocky about his wife, Adrian, leaving him. Rocky corrects him saying, "She didn't leave me. She died!"

    2.) The statue has been taken down after the events of Rocky V, due to Rocky and Tommy Gunn's street brawl, in which the city believes it's unacceptable to have a statue of a legendary boxer involved in a street fight. Then after the Rocky vs. Mason fight, Rocky gains so much respect, the city decides to bring back the statue, but at a different location.

    In reality, The statue is located near the foot of the steps, in a grassy area, on the right side. It has been moved around in the past, debating if it's actual piece of art or just a movie prop. After filming for the Rocky III completed, Stallone donated the statue to the City of Philadelphia. Edit (Coming Soon)


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