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A love letter to Rocky and film fans alike
kevinoliver9425 November 2015
There's no other way to say it; Creed is a knockout.

From start to finish, this film exhilarates and crackles with brilliant on screen performances and masterfully directed fight sequences. It wholeheartedly captures what was so brilliant about the first film: the characters. Yes, I'll return to theaters to see the fights, but it's the characters, particularly Rocky and Adonis that truly captivated me from start to finish.

I can't say enough great things about writer/director Ryan Coogler. The way he masterfully captures the modern spirit of Philadelphia and the visceral tension of standing toe-to-toe with a man who wants to see you hit the ground is second to none. What stood out the most, however, was his writing of Rocky Balboa. The subtle nuances that we love about the Italian Stallion are effortlessly worked into the script and flow like water from Sly's crooked mouth. Speaking of, the script would be for naught if it weren't for the beautiful performances by Michael B. Jordan and Sylvester Stallone. I'm not ashamed to say I was brought to tears at various parts of this film.

I'm just so happy to say that this film wasn't a disappointment. This film exceeded my wildest hopes of a 7th Rocky installment and had me feeling amped up for hours after the credits rolled. I can't wait to see more from the talent involved in this film, and I proudly endorse and recommend Creed to Rocky fans and film fans alike.
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An Exhilarating Showcase of Talent and Heart.
tjgoalie1325 November 2015
Ryan Coogler's Creed delivers on everything that a great boxing film should, and represents a full return to form for Rocky. Directed by superstar in the making Ryan Coogler, and starring powerful performances from Michael B. Jordan and Sylvester Stallone the film is amazing. Creed is exhilarating, beautifully acted, while honoring the previous Rocky films lovingly. The film may be a little too familiar at times, but at least approaches it's overused plot lines with a different take.

From the opening scene the film captures your attention, showing us a glimpse into who this character is "a fighter." The film remains an exhilarating journey with this character, who is easy to connect with. As the film progresses, Coogler mixes old techniques like the famous Rocky slow motion sequences, with newer (less used) techniques like very intimate fight sequences, where the camera helps the viewer feel like they're standing in the ring. The film will draw you in from the moment it starts, to the moment it ends.

One reason the film is so exhilarating is the terrific acting of Michael B. Jordan, who leads this journey. Once again teaming up with director Ryan Coogler Jordan anchors the film, and in the process creates a relatable, and human main character. On this note, after seeing "Creed" and "Fruitvale Station" I would be willing to make the bold statement that I think Ryan Coogler is on his way to becoming the next Scorsese. All of this being said what may be even more satisfying is seeing Sylvester Stallone return to form as Rocky Balboa.

Some may criticize the movie for not bringing a lot of original plot lines to the movie, they would be right. However, while not very original the film handles these plot lines from a different perspective. No longer are we watching the nobody rising up against the odds, now we see a man trying to get out of the larger than life shadows of a man he never knew. Those who love the Rocky films recognize the slow motion moments in almost every film, and the iconic way the boxing matches were choreographed. Creed departs from the overuse of slow motion and more adapts the fight choreography of Raging Bull, while still mixing the essence of the Rocky fight scenes.

The way Coogler mixes old with new in many different ways helps make the whole film feel like the story it's telling. Coogler captures the tone of the older Rocky films, while also making a film distinctly different. Michael B. Jordan and Sylvester Stallone deliver, and Creed ends up being exactly what fans hoped it would be. In the end if you have the time go see Creed, it's a terrific 2 hours to spend.
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With grit, style and substance, Creed goes the distance as an exceptional crowd pleaser.
LloydBayer25 November 2015
History has a strange way of repeating itself. 40 years ago, Rocky Balboa became a household name and turned an unwanted actor into one of the greatest success stories in Hollywood. The fact that Rocky (1976) won three Academy Awards including Best Picture is of little importance compared to the real life struggle behind the making of that film. For Sylvester Stallone, it was a rags to riches story that mirrored his real life struggles to make a decent and honest living. Cut from the same cloth maybe, but Creed is much more than just the seventh installment in the Rocky film franchise. As a no- holds-barred sports drama, this is every bit an exceptional crowd pleaser with a lot of heart, plenty of amusing jabs to the ribs, and an unexpected but emotional haymaker to the gut. And a lot more.

Co-written by director Ryan Coogler, there's no doubt that Creed is a passionate love letter to the first film, which in itself is a poetic love story about fighting the good fight. Although boxing is the central theme, and often frowned upon as a brutal blood-sport that causes serious injuries, it's never been about the fight but more about what you are fighting for. Coogler gets this spot-on when we are introduced to teenager Adonis Johnson in juvenile detention. We soon learn that Adonis is the illegitimate son of Apollo Creed, born shortly after the latter's death in Rocky IV. Appolo's widow Mary Ann (Phylicia Rashad) rescues young Adonis from what is certain to be a life on the streets and raises him as her own in the plush Creed estate in Los Angeles. Cut to present day and Adonis (Michael B. Jordan) is a corporate executive half way up the ladder. It's a stark contrast to Stallone's blue collar stiff in the first film, but this is where both films converge. Like Rocky, Adonis (calling himself Donnie) knows he is destined for something else, so heads to Philadelphia to meet his late father's rival turned best friend.

The meeting with Rocky is one of several great moments in the film while also serving as a nostalgic homecoming occasion for every fan of the franchise. It's a fascinating intersection of the past but none better than the fact that in many ways, Creed is an inverted mirror image of Rocky. And before sending this film off on its own pulsating trajectory, Coogler reveals a full hand of spades. One of which is the legacy Rocky bestows on Donnie, and in essence, Stallone handing over the franchise baton to Jordan. We may not realize this at first and that's because we are already smitten by the father-son relationship developing between Donnie and Rocky. Their character study is the most significant aspect of this film. Donnie has always been an orphan and the reason why he never took on his father's name is an emotional revelation. Who he is and why he wants to become a professional boxer is his darkest secret.

Both equally emotive and with comic interruptions, Jordan and Stallone deliver impressive performances. Stallone in particular gives what has to be his career best performance since Copland, and if this is his franchise swan song (owing to a devastating but befitting plot device) that's all the more reason why this film must be seen. But as they say, the show must go on and Jordan is more than capable of shouldering future films under the Creed banner. And with the inclusion of Philly local Bianca (Tessa Thompson), Donnie's neighbor and love interest, future sequels look to be set in Rocky's beloved hometown.

Onto the production quality and it suffices to say that Creed has THE best technical aspects in the franchise, including spectacular fight choreography, astounding cinematography in the ring and around Philadelphia, and an upbeat hip-hop soundtrack fused with the original score from previous films. The only real letdown comes from Donnie's main opponent (Real life professional boxer Tony Bellew) who isn't as antagonistic as you would expect, given the villainous ferocity from Clubber Lang (Rocky III) and the evil Ivan Drago (Rocky IV). But that's a minor blemish to an overall outstanding film made with grit, substance and style. At its best, Creed is a very intimate film for fans and newcomers and an undisputed knockout for 2015.
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Much More Than Just a Boxing Movie
ssangams25 March 2016
Creed is the 7th installment in the Rocky franchise but this time focuses on Adonis Creed, Apollo Creed's son. He wants to follow in his father's footsteps and is trained by Rocky Balboa himself. More than boxing, this movie really goes into the relationship between Creed and Rocky and how they both support each other when they most need it. Michael B. Jordan is fantastic as Creed. He is so energetic in the boxing scenes and he is even better when his character is being developed. Now we come to Sylvester Stallone as Rocky. In his signature role, he absolutely knocks it out of the park in what may have been his best performance in his career as an actor. He honestly deserves an Oscar for this part. He brought tears to my eyes on multiple occasions and still has the same charm from the old Rocky movies.

Creed perfectly mixes elements from past Rocky movies, especially the first, with modern culture. The amazing Rocky score is complemented by modern styles. Creed's story is told just like Rocky's and it is so beautiful to watch. The cinematography is also visually pleasing. Coogler captured the look of Philadelphia extremely well. The boxing scenes are excellent. There is a fight that is done completely in one take and I have no idea how they did it. It was amazing. This movie is a drama that tugs at your heart a lot, but at times it still manages to be quite funny as well.

I love Creed as a film. Its characters are so well realized and acted, the cinematography is gorgeous, and the boxing is glorious. Creed is definitely one of the best films of 2015. Creed gets an A.
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Micheal B. Jordan is a super star, and Sylvester Stallone's got his back!!
subxerogravity25 November 2015
Milking the franchise for everything it's got, Sylvester Stallone returns as Rocky Balboa in the 7th installment in the series. This time, he's smart enough to know he's too old to get into the ring, so he gets some new blood with a familiar name.

Micheal B. Jordan plays Adonis(perfect name), a man who was in his mother's womb while his father, the legendary Apollo Creed got his ass handed to him in the 4th Rocky. With the same passion to fight as his father, he seeks out Apollo's old rival and best friend the Italian Stallion to teach him the skills to reclaim his legacy and become a new legend.

Like a good boxing movie should, Creed has heart. I'm such of fan of Micheal B. Jordan. He's got the charm and talent to become a movie star and Creed proves he's leading man material.

And much respect to Sly, who as an aged Rocky, is in the same spot as once franchise regulars, Micky and Paulie. It's humbling for a movie star to take a step back and let Jordan drive the vehicle in front of the camera, and Ryan Coogler sit in the director's chair and pen the flick, but obviously Sly cares about this cow and sought out the very best to make it the very best. Stallone also gave a performance of a lifetime worthy of an Oscar nod for supporting actor. He is Rocky, and watching him on the screen with Jordan was incredible cinema.

And the action in this movie was amazing. Some of the greatest battles in cinematic boxing are happening in Creed. We are so close to the action you can feel every hit. Also have to comment on Jordan's boxing skills. Creed, does an excellent job with showing a boxer going from having raw talent, to becoming a champion.

Definitely a worth wild boxing movie to see, and I think the best Rocky film since number two.
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Not bad - but unoriginal and overrated
WeeClaude29 November 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Geez, I wanted to like this movie. I love the Rocky saga, and I was intrigued by the idea of introducing Apollo Creed's son as the new protagonist. And once the film started getting rave reviews, I got *really* pumped to see it.

Unfortunately, I feel like I saw a different movie from everyone else. Sure, "Creed" has some good acting and a good heart, and it's somewhat respectful to the Rocky legacy. But, drat it, this film is really just a lazy remake of the first Rocky film, with Adonis Creed in Rocky's role and Rocky in Mickey's role.

Worse than that - "Creed" rips off literally every preceding Rocky movie. It contains not a single original idea. Indeed, I recognized every scene - the illness subplot is recycled from "Rocky II," the boring office job material was previously seen in "Rocky Balboa," the training montage was in...well, all the old ones...and so on. Just changing the protagonist isn't enough to make this ancient material feel fresh.

There were some opportunities to explore new directions, but the filmmakers squandered most of them. For example, the beginning of the film builds up Mary Anne Creed (Phylicia Rashad) as a compelling new character - but then she gets dropped like a hot potato about 1/4 of the way through the movie. And Adonis Creed's potentially interesting romance with Bianca (Tessa Thompson) develops in a very clichéd fashion; all Creed ever does is lie to Bianca or spoil things for her, yet somehow she loves him anyway. Why?

Even their "meet cute" scene didn't work for me. Bianca wakes Creed up by blasting music in their apartment building at 3:00 AM - which in a movie is charming behavior, but in real life would be incredibly annoying. Somehow, Creed is the only person in the building who comes to complain. Yeah, right.

On a more depressing note, I really don't like what the film does to Rocky's character. If you thought Rocky was a sad old man in "Rocky Balboa," you ain't seen nothing yet. The Rocky in this movie has given up on life, and that's not easy to watch. At least in "Rocky Balboa," we got to see Rocky rebuilding his life after losing Adrian, by drawing closer to his son and developing a friendship with Little Marie. But in this movie, his son and Little Marie are gone, and Rocky is just...waiting' on death. Ugh, how bleak. And I guess I'm supposed to believe that Rocky's forced, chemistry-free friendship with Adonis Creed gives him a reason to live again. Yikes.

I'm not sure why the critics are so into this movie - usually, they vilify sentimental, lazy remakes like this. I think perhaps they were really jazzed that Ryan Coogler of "Fruitvale Station" fame directed it. All I can say is, I hope "Fruitvale Station" is better than this. "Creed" is as unoriginal as a Star Wars movie about blowing up the Death Star. Worse yet, it reminded me of the inevitable passage of time in a sort of downer way. Yeah, I think I'll just pretend it doesn't exist, and toss it in the same bin with other passing-the-torch films like "Star Trek: Generations" and "Batman Forever." It's a better film than those, true, but no less of a drag.
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Gets better with age
bkoganbing2 April 2016
Although young Michael B. Jordan has the title role in Creed the film really belongs to Sylvester Stallone. Sly joins an exclusive club of players like Bing Crosby, Paul Newman, and Al Pacino who got two Oscar nominations for playing the same role. In the case of Sly and Newman both aged naturally into the parts of Rocky Balboa and Eddie Felson. It's hard to believe that it has been 39 years since Stallone debuted Rocky Balboa. It's also 39 years between the nominations that Stallone got for Best Actor for Rocky and Best Supporting Actor for Creed.

But between that there have been several Rocky films over the years as Sly has developed more facets to the fighting Mr. Balboa of Philadelphia than I'm sure he even thought of when he debuted Rocky. It all really comes together with Creed.

But as for the story it seems that back when Apollo Creed was killed in that fight with that Russian steroid machine Dolph Lundgren in Rocky IV he had a dalliance that resulted in a post mortem birth of an illegitimate son who grew up to be Michael B. Jordan, character name of Adonis Johnson. Apollo's widow Phyllis Rashad took him out of foster care as his natural mother had died and raised him.

Jordan has an interesting dichotomy to deal with. He's his father's son and wants to make it in the fight game, but on his own as Adonis Johnson. He seeks his father's old friend and rival Rocky Balboa as a mentor and Rocky trains him for a title shot at the light heavyweight championship.

Rocky Balboa is not the most articulate movie hero ever developed, but he sure imparts a lot of wisdom to Jordan. Those scenes with Jordan are what got Sly Stallone that second Oscar nomination. Also Rocky has some personal crises of his own to deal with. These guys are of incalculable help to each other.

I really loved this film and how Stallone developed Rocky to this point. Like fine wine, Rocky gets better with age.
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average at best, predictable
talkingbsshow17 December 2015
Warning: Spoilers
How any idiot could have the audacity to rate this movie higher than the original rocky is so beyond baffling I have no words for my displeasure with IMDb. creed is a predictable boxing movie with potential for a good movie, but is ultimately diminished by a boring plot line, a lack of special moments, and epic build up that all the great rocky movies had. The training scene was boring the build up was bad the plot was un realistic. not to mention they tarnished the legacy of a great movie character in apollo creed by having an affair with his wife, although it is necessary for the plot of the movie I don't agree with putting the great apollo creed in that light, especially since the rest of the movie everyone talks about him as this amazing man, how are non die hard rocky fans supposed to buy that? a few other issues, why did they turn Mickey's gym into the "bad guy" gym? shouldn't he have started in a new retro gym and came to rocky to train and he took him to Mickey's gym? That would have given all rocky fans a goose bump moment instead they were left with nothing. the only real shocker about this movie and (spoiler alert) is giving rocky cancer, that was probably the most intriguing part of the whole story. Also the build up of the leading couple was bad, i felt no connection to the two outside of the girl having that hearing problem there was nothing interesting about them. Finally the training scene was so stupid having all those guys do wheele's around him as he ran was so weird and ruined the entire scene. The fighting scenes were much more realistic and well choreographed compared to all the other rocky's which was this movies only really well done part, the ending of the fight is to a rocky fan, too predictable, it was great in rocky 1 and it was a fitting end to rocky 6, but makes no sense here and ended with the viewers questioning what next? instead of riding off into the sunset. the acting was solid by everyone involved but the writing was too corny to over come for the most part. a C-level movie at best
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The legend lives on...
mtsaska25 November 2015
First off let me say that I have been a life long Rocky fan. With that being said I went into this film very cautious as almost the entire cast and crew were brand new. The trailers looked good, but today a good trailer is not necessarily an indicator of a good film. Sylvester Stallone killed it as a much older and more breakable Rocky. Michael B. Jordan's performance was as good if not better than Sly's. I think that from this day forward anytime I see Jordan, I will think of him as Creed and not whatever character he is playing. The story was engrossing and well thought out. The film pays a great amount of respect to the Rocky films while at the same time carving out it's own place in boxing film history. Honestly I have no idea how accessible this film would be to someone who's never seen a Rocky film, but I think the way the story flows it wouldn't be too much of an issue. Again, highly recommended.
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What this movie is not...
h_i_tesh25 December 2015
Warning: Spoilers
After looking at the ratings, I was curious to know, why this movie was not nominated at the Golden Globes, Was it because of the tough competition? The answer is No. This movie is definitely not a top 250 material. Secondly, the movie is full of clichés, from starting to End. You watch, each and every element, unfold, just like all Sports movies. Knowing what will happen Next. The movie lacked an angle, playing on an angle about being Creed's Blood is not that catchy. The movie had some really sloppy contrived moments, specially When Creed finds the hospital brochure in Rocky's jacket and finds out that Rocky has Cancer. Now, why would Creed check Rocky's jacket. The whole scene looks contrived The moment when Creed runs and Bikers move around him and Rocky looks at him from the top and everyone is cheering for their favorite boy Creed, that is too old school and not something you expect from a great movie. The movie worked well in bits and pieces. The point with Rocky was that his opponents had a character, They did try to build Creed's opponent's story, but it was not well executed. Too many scenes featuring Creed and Bianca.. But Creed had its moments, Yes, Rocky looked like a pro,the way he dealt with situations, the way he was analyzing the moves of the opponent, he makes you feel that this is the same Rocky, I had cheered for in the past.
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"It's your name - use it"
bob-the-movie-man8 January 2016
As a boxing movie Creed packs a heavyweight punch.

Sylvester Stallone (as the film's producer) has covered a lot of miles with his Rocky legend, most recently with his 2006 Rocky Balboa. As such I had thought there was little milk left in the cash cow, but "Creed" proves me wrong. This time, with Stallone's advancing years, he wisely doesn't stretch credibility by having Rocky Balboa as the center of the pugilism, but hands the baton to young contender Adonis ("Donnie") Creed (Michael B Jordan). Adonis is the illegitimate son of Apollo Creed, Rocky's protagonist and later close friend in the first four Rocky films.

Donnie is a kid from the wrong side of the tracks with a big chip on his shoulder and a reputation for finding trouble with his fists. Brought back from the brink by Apollo's wife (a touching performance by Phylicia Rashad) Donnie can't escape his family legacy and seeks Balboa's help to make it in the ring, using his own adopted name. Balboa's help leads to a number of 'traditionally' brutal Rocky-style encounters in the ring.

I must admit I don't normally 'go' for boxing films like this, but this is extremely well done. All of the boxing training is gritty and believable and the actual bouts, particularly the classic finale, is suitably thrilling and a technical masterpiece of camera-work (hats off to cinematographer Maryse Alberti, who also filmed "The Wrestler" so is no stranger to the ring).

A real surprise is just how good Stallone is in the role. There are scenes where Stallone really has to act – particularly an emotional locker-room scene when Rocky faces up to his own personal crisis – and any jokes about Sylvester "Expendables" Stallone's acting abilities are forgotten. Michael B Jordan is also a great find and a name to watch. He has to cover a wide range during the film and succeeds admirably.

Tessa Thompson, impressive in last year's "Selma", makes a similarly positive impression here playing the love interest in the form of songstress Bianca, with a difficult future ahead of her.

"Creed" is a love letter to the old Rocky films, and – with this quality, and likely success – the start of a whole new generation of films seems probable. The respect it shows to the originals is characterized by a moving tribute to the classic 'Philadelphia steps' scene that brings a genuine lump to the throat. That being said, the film is a lot more 'street' for a new generation, with a soundtrack (by Swedish composer Ludwig Göransson) that mixes rap and hip-hop with more classic orchestral elements. Without outright plagiarism of Bill Conti's classic score, Göransson subtly weaves in some of Conti's themes, notably Adrian's theme, as well as coming up with his own "Fly Now"- equivalent musical high-point.

Impressive direction is by Ryan Cooglar in only his second feature film (after Fruitvale Station, also with Michael B Jordan). Cooglar also wrote the story and co-wrote the script. Without any spoilers, the story is delightfully 'un-Hollywood" by being unpredictable in where it goes. However, an area for criticism is that it took a few 'easy' short-cuts in places: a particular 'change of heart' in the film is way to glib and quick.

Finally, i would love to watch this film in a cinema in Liverpool, when the "hallowed turf" for a bout is revealed as being Everton's ground, Goodison Park….! Generations of Liverpool FC fans will be turning in their graves and I predict that cinemas in the city could become scenes of the worst hand to hand combat since the finale of Kingsman!

(Please see the graphical version of this review at bob-the-movie- Thanks.)
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Stallone deserves an Oscar
AlsExGal31 January 2016
I can say with all seriousness that Sylvester Stallone deserves his Oscar, and I didn't believe that the original and rather obvious "Rocky" deserved Best Picture Oscar, so I'm not some fan blind to the weaknesses of the series . He was excellent in that film. While some can argue that the Oscar would be a reward for the entirety of the Rocky franchise, I think that Stallone's performance in Creed stands on its own and is wholly deserving of any accolades he receives. His performance of an aging Rocky Balboa coming to terms with his own mortality (and the mortality of his loved ones, like Pauly and Adrian) and dealing with the effects of aging and the realization that he cannot partake in the rigorous boxing world anymore is very heartbreaking and compelling. Without providing any spoilers, the scene in which Adonis Creed and Rocky return to the famous steps from the first Rocky is a very poignant scene.
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We Got One Rock
kaustubh24199728 December 2015
Just like it's counterpart, even this 7th installment to the franchise has proved the fact that the true story of the universe has just begun. Creed just like the original movie of the series has a strict focus on the characters, their struggles and eventual triumph, with only a role switch with the son of "The Apollo Creed " . This is one of the only few movies I loved watching this year, and I am pretty much thankful I did. In this review I shall justify the reason as to why this movie has received a rating as high as a 9/10.

1)Story :- The basic story is backed by a pretty good script and an engaging narrative that puts Adonis Johnson / Creed , son of Apollo creed in the centre of the fight this time. But unlike his father's story , this man is forced to battle his unfulfilled passion for fighting , unjustified emotions that cross him and a blockade that brands him as a man born from someone else's legacy. The story technically puts Adonis on the radar, while the people around believe him to be a man whose fame comes by his father's legacy. This is a story of how a man, with a will to create a mark in history for himself, steps into the ring, not only fighting the fight , but battling his priorities. The story sometimes is vague reminder of the first rocky, but the distinctive performances from both actors see to it that this movie rises beyond those insignificant questions.

2)Casting And Characters:- The casting and characterization of this cast is what makes this movie splendid. Though the script is more or less that of a generic boxing movie seen a million times before , it is the distinctive performances by the lead Michael B Jordan and Sylvester Stallone. This is one of those movies that solely concentrates it's screen time on only those characters that require screen space to ideologically progress the story. While the movie consists of other members like Bianca the love interest and Mary Creed , Adonis's mother , all these plot devices are only meant to build the tension during the final fight and are completely disposable , since they add little to nothing to the actual plot to be significant . But what is evident is that director Ryan Coogler, has done is absolute best to pull the best out of every cast member who was a part of this movie. But when all is done and said, I cannot be absolutely fair while I express my love for the man who started it all , and the man who almost overshadowed Creed's performance in this movie , The Rocky Balboa a.k.a Sylvester Stallone. This man has proved the fact with this movie that he is not just the broody, rough and tough man who does action movies but is an actor who has the potential to ACT. That's right, Sylvester Stallone after a million fails has proved that he is no more expendable. His performance swelled my eyes with tears and without spoiling anything, Ryan Coogler's decision to modify the characters life in the way he did so , was not just best for the plot , but best for the ultimately produced definitive performances too.

3)Direction :- When directing a movie for a franchise that has spanned for many generations it is a risky move for us audience when we witness a new chapter. The movie could either be a project made as a nostalgic cash grab or a passion project that respects it's previous entries but becomes different and distinct at the same time. And just like the Creed in the movie, Ryan Coogler has proved that this movie is not just made as a product of Rocky's legacy but a project that has the ability to stand on one's own foot to essentially act as a reinvigoration of what Rocky was originally imagined to be. Coogler has managed to build a completely new atmosphere for this franchise that gives a sense of difference and change but at the same time , affixes us to the city of Philadelphia that we have known and loved since the original Rocky with the perfectly cued original soundtracks that assures us that we are actually connected to the world we always loved. It is evident that the style of direction that Coogler used for this movie is something completely different from the previous Rocky movies. This one goes in the line of other dark boxing movies such as Warrior where colours of the world around are dumbed down to create this dark and gloomy environment and everything in the frame of perspective is saturated with detail to create an exact and realistic picture of the sport of boxing in the best way possible . What I was let down by , slightly , was Coogler's quick jump takes and cut-shots during the final fight , that actually put me out of the intensity that the shot had to have. Overall, Coogler's direction is brilliant in many ways and it was his vision that was desperately needed to create , progress and continue the now 6 movie franchise. If you have already watched the movie, the final scene of Rocky climbing the stairs followed by a focus shot of the city from the height explains exactly why I praise his direction so much.

On a whole it was an absolutely unexpected journey filled with the excitement, vigor and energy that every Rocky movie had. If you are a person who would step in a theatre or watch this movie just for the fights, let me warn you right away and tell you that you will be disappointed. This movie is a directorial and character driven drama whose ultimate underline of boxing gives the much needed progressive element for the plot. And is definitely one of the best movies of 2015.
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"The chickens are slowing down" (dialog)
A_Different_Drummer2 December 2015
... but Stallone isn't.

There are a number of serious reasons to catch this film if you can:

* it's a solid production. Nice writing, acting, direction. Starts slow and builds. Not every great film has to start with a car chase (FF) or a building imploding (Bond).

* it's a feel good film, and they don't make those any more. The script makes clear, this is as much about capital-L LIFE as boxing. Not a boxing movie. But it is not "not" a boxing movie --- see?

* props to writer/director Coogler. A labor of love and it shows.

* a great opportunity to spend time with a legend, and here I mean Stallone not Rocky. This guy literally does not know the meaning of the word "quit." When everyone in town turned down the Rocky I script, he found backers anyway. When some of the Rockies turned out to be bombs, he just kept going. When everyone figured he was down for the count, he started a B-movie franchise called the Expendables. And when he woke up one morning and realized that all the other franchises had imploded, he turned his B-movie franchise into an A-movie franchise, and no one even noticed.

A holiday treat that may surprise everyone and stand the test of time. Like Stallone himself.
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A Modern Re-telling Of The Story Of Rocky I
Desertman8417 April 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Michael B. Jordan and Sylvester Stallone together with Tessa Thompson star in this film which could be categorized as both a film update and sequel of the Rocky franchise entitled Creed.

It tells the story of Adonis "Donnie" Johnson,who happens to be an illegitimate child of Rocky's opponent in the first two films Apollo Creed from an extra-marital affair.It provides us the details of his life from walking away from his high-paying securities job and rich life and seeks Rocky Balboa in Philadelphia in order to follow the footsteps of his father to pursue a career in boxing.Director Ryan Coogler co-wrote the screenplay which was based from the characters of Stallone's original story in the 1976 classic Rocky.

No question that Rocky fans will recognize that story of Adonis has similarities from the first film.That includes the story of an underdog who isn't expected to do well inside the ring, the whole- hearted training given by Adonis in boxing, and his attitude towards life as to never give up no matter what circumstances they encounter.It was also nice to see the seventy year old Rocky himself learn from it after learning that he has cancer.He was ready to die to join the people that are close to him who already passed away such as Mickey,Paulie and his wife Adrian.But in the end,he had to re-learn values that made him a famous and endearing character to movie fans.Finally,we also get to see the events happen in Philadelphia and revisit memorable places when Rocky was to face Apollo decades ago such as Philadelphia Museum of Art and many others.

Familiar themes were tackled and places were revisited.Also,the events that took place including the final bout wherein Adonis lost the fight via split decision was definitely far from surprising as viewers probably have expected the same ending of the first film when Rocky did lose the same way to Apollo.In the end,Creed was effective in a modern update of the classic first film.It is also worthy to mention that Stallone finally got an Oscar nomination just like in the first film instead of another Razzie which he normally gets every year for a surprising great performance of an old Rocky. I felt that the film was basically a modern re-telling of the story of Rocky I.If that was Creed's objective,then it has truly succeeded.
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Unnecessary Creedence Revival
thesar-220 December 2015
Warning: Spoilers
This HAS to be the year of nostalgia with the Original Star Wars trilogy remake, the Return to Jurassic Park Reboot and the memory of 1960's Bond in Spectre. But, the one I never asked for, nor anyone really needed, was to see Rocky XXXVIII.

But…since so many people kept asking my opinion on it and how many rave reviews I've heard that might equate Oscar buzz, I decided to check it out. I am sorry I did.

Not that the movie's ineptly made, it's just an incredible retread of countless boxing movies before it. Hell, it even played homage to all the previous Rocky training montages before it…and repeatedly. Over and over.

Half way through I was ready to give up with the extreme number of clichés and unoriginal ideas/paths, but figured the second half HAS to be better since so many people loved it so much.

Nope. The second half was just as dull and the same old story. In fact, once the climax hit – the obligatory finale in any of these boxing movies – I had completely tuned out. Not only did I know how it would pan out, I didn't care one bit.

This movie had one singular fresh idea (son of former boxing champ in the Rocky series, Apollo Creed, is introduced) but every single other minute was unoriginal and predictable from six scenes leading up. It was so by the numbers, it's a wonder anyone even cared to even mention the movie to me. I wish someone would tell me how this movie is so great and stands out from every other boxing film.

Okay, the lead, Michael B. Jordan was decent, but he was just playing his role in this "should've been made-for-Lifetime-TV movie." Sylvester Stallone has reinvented himself many, many years ago, as an aging action star, and now he's completely beyond that. It's getting old and perhaps it's time, Sly…

I guess if you're heavily into boxing, boxing movies AND just want to see the exact same movie you've seen countless times before, you might like it. Otherwise, it's an extreme waste of more than two hours.
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The 7th (and hopefully last) movie of the Rocky franchise seems to be considered the best after the original by the critics but don't believe the hype
moviescriticnet19 January 2016
Warning: Spoilers
The 7th (and hopefully last) movie of the Rocky franchise seems to be considered the best after the original by the critics but don't believe the hype cause it's merely disappointing. The movie on the surface tries to go to a different direction exploiting all underground stereotypes. The hero is a young black that listens to hip hop. Rocky has retired and manages his wife's Italian restaurant. The biker gangs of Philadelphia support them. The young fellow is in war with his last name, Creed, and what that represents. The easily foreseen screenplay includes amped-up training sequences and climates to a title fight with an absurd number of punches landed in every round. Stallone's character suffers from (spoiler alert) cancer and there you have a golden globe for him as well an Oscar nomination (wtf?) for best performance in a supporting role. Stallone getting an Oscar sounds like the academy is trolling us. The movie is extremely overrated (8.0 in IMDb, 94% in rotten tomatoes) but even for a Rocky fan (as I am) it's extremely predictable and completely lacks emotion.

Grade: C- (D if you are not a Rocky fan)
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Unnecessary remake of Rocky 1
gargamel-821 December 2015
The movie isn't that bad, but its basically just a remake of the previous Rocky movies, particularly Rocky 1. Its better than the awful rocky 5, but you are better off watching the original Rocky 1 another time instead of seeing this one. The story is the same, but the original Rocky has a lot more charm.

Stallone can play Rocky in his sleep, and Jordan does a decent job as the new "Rocky". However the chemistry between the lead characters isn't that great. I found it hard to believe their quickly formed friendship. The other characters don't get much screen time and are mostly unnecessary for the story. The relationship between Creed and his love interest Bianca is even more unbelievable than the friendship with Rocky.

In this movie Rocky is a tired old man that has no will to live anymore. Considering his greatest quality was never giving up its not exactly "in character" for Rocky. It just feels like they had to make Rocky more pathetic as a part of rebooting the franchise with Creed as the main character as they finally realized Stallone is too old to fight. I think i'd prefer it if they just made a standalone boxing movie without trying to reboot Rocky without Rocky(Stallone).
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could have been a great film
paulsheriff16 January 2016
Warning: Spoilers
what a shame this could have been such a good film not bad acting by Stallone but its the story line that lets this film down how it has got a 8/10 is beyond belief only has 4 fights and is the world champion no big build up the one guy who knocks him out does not reappear to fight him so no revenge the make up on the eye of the last fight was terrible the original make up was bad but i thought 2016 but no not even a little bit believable its was not bad acting that spoiled the film just a bad story line the fact that Stallone has cancer should have been a bigger storyline in ie just living long enough to see him win or his deaf girlfriend signing him to get up after being knocked down but none of this they could have had the ghost of apollo shadow boxing with him in the ring anything but this such a waste of a film that could have been so much better
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Seen one Rocky movie you have seen them all..;..
duanedeen21 December 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Why is this movie getting such good reviews? There is nothing here. The plot is just like all the rest of the Rocky movies, they even bring back the poor chickens. Lots of jump rope too. Oh, sorry not exactly like the other Rocky movies, nobody died in this one, but he did visit the cemetery.

Some stupid love interest that never went anywhere. An opponent that didn't even look like a boxer. Not enough boxing, probably because Stallone thought he could act well enough to carry the movie.

Creed: Please Rocky, come back and train me. Critic: Please Rocky, just go away.
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Truly a Bust..., and a disgrace to the "Rocky" series.
joshuacimpan4 December 2015
Warning: Spoilers
First of all, I like to start out that the acting was pretty good, especially Sylvester Stallone, who is of course: "Rocky". The big problem with this movie is that it was written and directed by some one other than Sylvester Stallone. In all the Rocky movies Stallone was the writer, and besides the first Rocky and The fifth Rocky, Stallone was also the director. What my point is, is that this random dude, that both Wrote and directed this movie, made the movie "Creed", with his own style and junk that has never been in any of the 'Rocky" movies, and the story was very poorly written, as well as the whole flow to it. I really hated the sensuality in it, as well as the reasons why Adonis Creed became a full time boxer. The movie "Rocky" had so much more innocents and class and just the story all in all , just made so much more sense. Most importantly I felt no "Motivation" to "Creed" as a pose to "Rocky", because the story of "Rocky" just felt so real and innocent and full of purpose, which is complete opposite in the movie "Creed". In the movie "Rocky" you felt the motivation. Overall, to basically summarize everything, this movie had no class nor respect, for the previews movies, and the writing was so lame and so empty. Pretty much "Creed" was made for only one purpose... Money, cause the most of the stuff in this movie was a complete fail. The Creator of this movie knew that people would come to watch it,because of how great the "Rocky" series were, but like i said before, this movie was a complete bust, with only one intention, to put Rocky's name in this terrible film just to make money.
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Left me feeling empty and the forced and misplaced dialogue ruined it for me
pastorjdh6 December 2015
I still have a gamut of emotions watching Rocky 1,2,3 and 4 but this one left me wondering why it was so highly rated. I was not moved emotionally at all. The dialogue felt awkward and misplaced at times and forced at others. The first four movies were so well done that it seems like those things really happened. It is forever printed on my memory. I still sing songs from those Rocky movies all these years later. I am already forgetting much of this movie and I saw it last week. I can't even remember a single song from it. It really is that bad. I never thought it would be possible to make a "Rocky" movie worse than Rocky 5 but this one was worse.

There were a few things that could have made it much better. Perhaps the relationship with young Creed's mom could have been played out more and the relationship she had with his father capitalized on. Perhaps some flashbacks of Apollo, Rocky, Adrian and Paulie could have been used.

This, as others are saying, seems to be an attempt to remake the original Rocky movie with different characters and more of an African American slant. Without giving anything away, they try to imitate the scene where Rocky runs through Philly with a big crowd running behind him in support and it turns out extremely cheesy to say the least.

As a huge rocky fan I was hoping for a great movie. It was not a terrible movie but a huge let down and nothing compared to the first four Rocky movies.
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Awful movie
Schuriken10 December 2015
Warning: Spoilers
This is not actually a movie rather than a Jordan shoes and chemo2 hour commercial.

I turned off the film the moment I saw Rocky training Jordan while doing chemo. Who writes this crap anyways. Who's idea was it to give Rocky cancer ? Maybe in the next film Rocky dies, goes to Hell and trains Apollo Creed to fight the Devil. What a load of crap.

Everybody at one point made fun of the Rocky saga because one day we would see Rocky dying of old age but still fighting in the ring. Stallone actually made a Rocky film out of this joke. This is really weird.

What's next ? Adrian in spandex, The Rocky Chronicles ?

The Rocky saga has been milked to it's last breath with this one.

Appolo's abandoned screwed up kid, a deaf girlfriend who is a singer, Rocky has cancer, Adrian, Paulie, Mickey, Appolo, Appolo's wife are all dead. Everybody is dead but yet Sly filmed Rocky 67 movie and had a director who has never directed a film before. Errr

Give me a break man, it is a failed attempt to do a sports drama movie all the way to the grave. Stallone did an excellent drama job with the first movies and no one was dead or dying.

I have only one message to Mr.Stallone. Let the Rocky saga be, man. Just let it go. You don't need the money and we don't need a Rocky movie inspired by a school joke from 1985.
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thebogofeternalstench2 January 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Crud may refer to:

Waste, dirt, feces, or something of poor quality.

^^^ That right there is what Creed is. A massive pile of waste, dirt and feces.

Lets start with the pathetically contrived opening fight. Could they have made it any more trite and pathetic. It was like watching a drama class over act and fail miserably.

Little hard done by black boy gets taken in by his step-mom (or whoever she was, who give a $hit) and lives a life of luxury in what looked like the equivalent of the white house in size and surprise surprise, turns out to be a spoilt brat. Why in the hell would i give a flying toss about this over privileged penile head at all????? Congratulations on making me hate the character in a matter of minutes.

From there on in, I didn't give a flying toss about this loser. He is conceited and arrogant and offers up his prized car if anyone can beat him in a sparring match, and gets floored. Lol. What a loser.

How/why would anyone care about this guy? i get that he was supposed to be a bit of a big head like his father but you don't make him totally unlikeable.

What else happens in this dud of a movie...lets see...a contrived, pointless, irritating love interest, which was a major ball ache and snooze fest. God awful dialogue that made me howl with laughter. Awful camera work. Don't even get me started on the Scouser boxer...ha ha. Worst acting in the world.

By the time the Liverpudlians manager came to talk to Rocky and penile head Creed about fighting, i turned the abomination off. A complete waste of everyones time.

The joke about taking a picture of the training routine and putting it on the 'cloud' was pathetic, rocky not being able to spell Shadow...

I find Michael B. Jordan to be a very unlikeable person as well. I also think he's a sub par actor. How many times does he have to pout throughout the film? It looks like there's something wrong with his chin, and I just got irritated looking at his smug face constantly. The guy is a massive bore.

Creed is a joke. shame on you Stallone for entertaining this bull$hit film.
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Only the fight scenes are entertaining.
amusician-8564918 June 2017
Warning: Spoilers
The boxing scenes in the ring are the only entertaining parts of this movie, the plot is slow-paced and boring, and the love interest aspect is annoying, why can't there just be male and female friendships only, in films for once. Speaking of the girlfriend, she is absolutely crazy playing her music full blast in the middle of the night when she is literally half deaf and on top of that she performs her music in an extremely loud club, these are the actions of a mentally unstable person.

The scenery is not all that, but it isn't supposed to be, it's gritty and it suits the movie, the cinematic colour design is also quite dark and suits the gritty scenery.

The performances are fine, it is just a very long movie, and if a film isn't exciting or entertaining then it will simply bore the majority of the viewers.

Creed would've been better chopped down to an hour and a half.

You're better off watching the Movie Clips of this film on YouTube.
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