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Disjointed Format, what is this show supposed to be?
chilibowlhead10 October 2014
Meredith is a great TV personality but the format for this show is not right. There is no identity to this show. The lame, unfunny games the guests are forced to play with Meredith are time killing fillers. Waste of time.

This shows tries to be a bit of Ellen, a bit of Queen Latifah, a bit of too much everything. Very scripted and nothing seems real or genuine.

There is no theme in each episode. One episode is as follows: interview with a celebrity, celebrity and Meredith play lame puppet game, Meredith walks on a tightrope at Manhattan skyline, then rounds out the show with a feel good story about family who lost their home to fire.

At least Queen Latifah's show (which is not my cuppa tea either) has direction. Meredith's show is a mess.
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very disappointed
deefarah1 October 2014
I am very disappointed in Meridiths' show. It sorely lacks in substance. The 1st half hour is nothing but foolishness. The 2nd half hour, she does have a guest and, after talking for a few minutes, they play another foolish game. Towards the 3/4 hour mark, she does have a nice story about an individual which lasts only for maybe a minute or two and leaving you wanting to hear more of the story, but no, that's the end of it.

Meridith seems to be confused as to what type of show she wants to be. Is it a totally lighthearted show, or is it a more serious show. It is not working for how she is trying to blend it......pick one and stick to it.

Meridiths' multi theme is not working. In my opinion, Katie Couric had a much better show. I would put Meridiths' show in the same category as The Talk............useless and a total waste of time.
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An Annoying Waste of Meredith's Talents
atlasmb22 March 2016
I love Meredith Vieira but I will not watch this show. There are a few reasons why I consider it unwatchable:

1. I hate shows where a panel of personalities talk over each other. It is extremely annoying. This is prevalent on "The View" and sometimes on "The Today Show".

2. On her show, a substantial amount of time is devoted to the panel, where they present news and other human interest stories, then give their opinions. First of all, what makes their particular opinions valuable? More importantly, I dislike personalities that seem to be included because they are supposed to represent a demographic block.

3. On her show, one particularly annoying regular tries to respond to every topic with a joke or an over-the-top comedic thought, complete with goofy face or racially stereotypical wisecrack.
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Love Merideith
tonimanthey18 November 2015
This show is so confusing. The panel is so awful everyone with the same righteous view yelling at the same time. Just annoying. I like the light banter, as one does not always need drama! Mix it up a bit and get some interesting guests, that not only entertain but also inform. We have enough "OPINION" or "View" shows already. Just dreading this show now that we have the panel. YUCK. Today the Panel who are normally so self righteous with their opinions of everyone else, thought it was fine to steal food from restaurants by, paying for one person and feeding two and even taking it home for the kids. This format is NOT interesting in the least to me. I will not be watching this show any longer and will return for Steve Harvey and Ellen which are very interesting. Laughter and inspiration is ALWAYS fun in the afternoon. Thanks for listening to my view.
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Got canceled just when it started finding its way
rmcrae_deluxe22 October 2018
I've been a fan of Meredith ever since her View days (back when that show actually worth watching without the backstage Real Housewives media antics). She's always been smart, able to see both sides of an issue and is also hilarious with her occasionally raunchy comments. I was excited when her show was announced, but also worried because Meredith works best as a moderator IMO and I wasn't sure that she could pull off doing a show by herself. Truth be told, I didn't watch the show a lot in its first season unless there was a guest I was interested in. Meredith was her usual bright, fun self, but it was pretty clear that she was having a hard time figuring out what the show's angle was and not having other people to banter and discuss with. Her show wasn't as boring as Katie Couric's, but it wasn't must see TV for me. Then season 2 rolled around.

The first improvement was doing away with the solo hosting and adding a panel. I wasn't too crazy about Yamaneika (?) Saunders since she was contrary and openly rude at times, but I liked the other co-hosts. Meredith was back where she belonged as moderator and it took me back to the good ole View days. Unfortunately just when the show was finding itself, NBC nixed it. It's a shame that a show that didn't purposely court controversy for media attention got the shaft, but I guess people prefer trash.... like The View.
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