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As ridiculous as it gets, it never mocks the women, the audience laughs with them and not at them.
rebekah-fieschi15 July 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I went in this movie not expecting much from it, indeed the French film market has for a few years now only offered non-cinematic and not-so-funny comedies (with a handful of exceptions of course!), I was happily surprised.

Sous Les Jupes Des Filles is a cheeky comedy about eleven lost and confused modern women (a housewife, a business woman, a girlfriend, a wife, a frigid, a lesbian, a lover, etc.) that stumble and fall but stand back up again. The film is sometimes crude, sometimes sad, but always sincere and never mean. That's why I'm upset with the reactions of many of the female audience who apparently still live in medieval times and judge the movie as being offensive (which it isn't one bit) because of it's outspoken sexual tone, but being a woman, I don't know how to talk about us without mentioning sexuality. Our hormones are definitely one of the reasons we are so "complex".

The movie presents a very diverse group of women that go through different times and difficulties in their lives, all of which don't meet but the film nicely goes from one scene to another with the main trade being their relationship with themselves, with their congeners and with their partners. As it's title indicates Sous Les Jupes Des Filles (Under Girl's Skirts) is about fantasies, not just sexual but mainly fantasies about life in general, which gives the movie a lot of heart even though it's playful. Apparently the French audience is finally able to laugh and accept mixed-race and mixed-religion marriage with Qu'est-Ce qu'on à fait Au bon dieu? (which, besides it's pertinent subject, is very mediocre in it's filmmaking) but not the sexual liberation and the equality of women and just their choice to be whoever they want (what century are we in already?).

The ending dancing scene lacks originality and seems like a quick way to end the medley of stories, the trial scene has no depth therefore has no sense, and the filmmaking is a little flat. Those are the only negative points I can think about. The entire cast is fabulous and beautiful.

What I liked the most about Sous Les Jupes Des Filles is that, as ridiculous as it gets, it never mocks the women, the audience laughs with them and not at them. It's a declaration of love to women, however crazy they are. What is there in this film for men? Lots of laughs, and maybe a glimpse of women's psychology which may help men understand them better.
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Try hard comedy, resulting in no laughs
sugarfreepeppermint23 March 2015
Warning: Spoilers
The film is extremely sexist. Men are presented as completely one dimensional pathetic creatures, who only need to function as personal dildos or sperm bank donors to women. Makes you wonder why, when the women in this film gather, all they talk about is: men. The female characters in this film are rather shallow. They are simply typecast as portraying one particular characteristic that complicates their life and relationships, which they are supposed to resolve through getting together drinking and smoking and dancing: women bonding. The faux feminism culminates when this new found coven of witches, relish the idea of shaming the adulteress amongst them with a scarlet A.

Isabelle Adjani's eccentric character comes across as very forced. She's not exactly known for comedy, and probably it's the poor script that doesn't help either. Vanessa Paradis looks haggard in this film, and at times manages to captivate me, but overall it's kind of embarrassing. The other women have zero charisma and have either dead pan countenances or try hard slapstick faces. It feels like the director and script writer of the movie grew up on (Spice) Girl Power, and have made it look even more infantile than that 20 years later.

The camera is shaky an the editing shoddy. The film is nowhere near resemblant of Sex and the City in the glamour or comedy stakes at all. It's a big mess of a film. It's like a 2 hour long Dove "real women" commercial.
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What women want
kosmasp5 May 2016
Obviously not only one thing (though one thing they do want is similar to something men want too). But as another reviewer stated, as ridiculous as this gets sometimes, it never loses its focus. Yes it's supposed to be funny, but we rather laugh with the characters than about them. It may be closer to a woman's heart, but if you are open (sexually and spiritually speaking), you will enjoy this.

But while there's not much nudity to speak of, there's a lot of sexual tension which some might have issues with. It's kind of like an update to Sex and the City. And way better than a movie called The Women that came out a couple of years ago. Actually the German distributor was thinking about that too and that's why they call this "French Women" ...
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Fujiko-san11 February 2019
The film is cute with some fairly obvious problems with script. Only some of the actresses are excellent. I was seriously disappointed by how this "female power" movie fell into the same old misogynistic tropes when it came to sex. I guess baby steps are all we can expect from bourgeois France.
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Enjoyable, but too many divas
yris200226 August 2016
The movie stars 11 women living in Paris, each one being strongly, sometimes too strongly characterized, and each one having to face her own idiosyncrasies. Most of them seem to be concerned with sex, so that sexual tension is evident from beginning to end, except a sad and tough story which appears as out of place inside the movie. On the whole, the quick shooting captures the viewer's attention and keeps up with the hysterical incidents of these over the top lives. The only problem is that 11 divas are too many for a single movie: each one is looking for her moment of glory, and the result is a clamped run to give every woman her final great chance, leading to a congestion of key moments. The movie offers indeed enjoyable situations, but a smaller number of heroines would have probably been enough. Less quantity in favour of more accurate characterization would have certainly added more quality to the picture.
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