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Surprisingly funnier than the average TV movie comedy
phd_travel4 March 2015
This cute but not painful comedy about parents who enroll in college to be near their twin children is surprisingly funny and different. The story is cleverly written without getting slapstick.

The leads are likable too. Kristy Swanson (original Buffy) has now moved into mature roles and she is quite good. Allie Gonino of The Lying Game plays her daughter and is the other familiar face. In less capable hands things might have come across as painful in parts but here things are done quite well and the dialog and scenarios kept fresh.

Worth one watch.
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Way better than a 5 Star & a Sweet Surprise!
huggibear26 March 2017
This was a feel-good, light-heart'd and fun movie. I was quite surprised and that's why I never really take the ratings for my own face value. The only reason the ratings are good sometimes, is because the higher rated movies tend to get watched sooner than the lower rated ones. I make them more a priority by focusing on them because I only have one life to enjoy them right now (until I discover how to have more than one life, I have to take advantage of the super good movies now while I have one life to live). But there are some gems and quality movies out there that I want to form my own opinion upon. This was one of them. It was funny, and light! I like these kind of movies. I actually raised my hands and clapped after this movie in praise. More movies like this are in store and in order for me. I'm not going into too much detail about this one because it's the kind of movie one has to form their own opinion about AFTER VIEWING IT! When a stressful day calls for a perfect anecdote, this is the kind of movie I want coming to my rescue. Keep bringing it Hallmark, you're picking them just fine right now, in my honest opinion. I'm enjoying all of them. So thanks very much!
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