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20 Nov. 2015
Usagi - Sailor Moon
The 14 year old Japanese girl Usagi learns she is the mystical warrior Sailor Moon. Starting her day quite normal - late for school - Usagi literally stumbles upon a talking cat that later helps her transform into Sailor Moon, a super hero wearing a sailor uniform. Using her new powers she defeats an evil monster and meets another fighter for justice - Tuxedo Mask, a man wearing a tuxedo.
20 Nov. 2015
Ami - Sailor Mercury
Usagi meets a new student named Ami Mizuno, a genius girl who gets perfect grades and attends the Crystal Seminar. Later on, however, it is revealed that she is Sailor Mercury.
27 Nov. 2015
Rei - Sailor Mars
A young woman named Rei Hino possesses exceptionally strong spiritual powers and attracts attention to mothers who angrily accuse her as the one responsible for abducting their children due to her ability to detect supernatural activity.
4 Dec. 2015
Masquerade Dance Party
An embassy party is being held by the kingdom of D, the world's largest producers of diamonds, to unveil their national treasure for the first time in public.
11 Dec. 2015
Makoto - Sailor Jupiter
Makoto, a tomboyish middle school girl, transfers to Usagi's school. Luna suspects that she may be the fourth Sailor Senshi of their team to find the Moon Princess and the Silver Crystal.
18 Dec. 2015
Tuxedo Mask
Tuxedo Mask reveals himself to the public, saying that he is a criminal who is trying to find Legendary Silver Crystal.
25 Dec. 2015
Mamoru Chiba - Tuxedo Mask
Mamoru explains to Usagi that he needs the Legendary Silver Crystal in order to regains his memories, which he lost in car accidents that took the lives of his parents, asking her to keep his identity a secret.

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