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9 Feb. 2014
American PR consultant Liz Garvie is hired by Metropolitan chief constable Miller to help the police improve its image. At the same time documentary film maker Matt Coward is shadowing Territorial Support group officers Davina, Robbie and Clarkey at a not very well organized Kurdish protest where Robbie has to be reminded to tone down the abuse because he is on camera. Elsewhere officer Warwick accidentally apprehends an innocent woman whom he wrongly suspected was a drug addict. Liz's introductory speech is interrupted by news that a sniper is randomly shooting ...
13 Nov. 2014
Episode #1.1
Liz primes Miller for his committee speech whilst trying to pacify Warwick since the film of his shooting an unarmed man is posted on the Internet and he fears reprisals. There is a problem at Craven Wood young offender unit where the security firm Securamax has failed to curb what its director calls a disturbance since it would be penalized were it a riot. But a riot it is and the territorial support team is called in, still being shadowed by Matt, keen to turn his material into a film based on the team's personal problems. Miller is shocked to see that assistant ...
20 Nov. 2014
Episode #1.2
Eager to justify Commissioner Miller?s (James Nesbitt) faith in her, Liz (Brit Marling) presents her vision for Metwork: the force?s very own digital news channel that will rival established outlets and tell it like it is, for better or worse. It could be a game-changer but to Finn (Bertie Carvel) Metwork is a vanity project and he is determined to kill it. His opportunity comes on the eve of the Mayor?s Conference on Policing. With another clash with Deputy Mayor Grant Delgado (Ralph Brown) on the cards, a youth arrested for possession of drugs turns out to be ...
27 Nov. 2014
Episode #1.3
It?s Robbie?s (Adam Deacon) first day on the ARV unit and with Warwick (Nick Blood) clearly not fit for duty he discovers how far Banjo (Andrew Brooke) and Tony (Stuart Martin) will bend the rules to help their brother in arms. Liz (Brit Marling) faces a backlash when the police play down a bomb threat at a conference centre but news goes viral and threatens to cause widespread panic. Deputy Commissioner Charles Inglis (Paterson Joseph) finds that nobody is above the law when his arrest over a minor offence heaps further pressure on Richard Miller (James Nesbitt). And...
4 Dec. 2014
Episode #1.4
More shocking detail emerges around Commissioner Miller?s death and Liz (Brit Marling) is incriminated over the nature of her relationship with him. Finn (Bertie Carvel) concentrates his efforts on positioning himself as Acting Commissioner Inglis? (Paterson Joseph) consigliere and sidelining Liz in her own department. While police on the streets can only speculate about the extraordinary events higher up the food chain, the fugitive bomber is located and Assistant Commissioner Sharon Franklin (Nicola Walker) is despatched to take the reins on the scene of a ...
11 Dec. 2014
Episode #1.5
Whilst his colleagues go mad at a paint-ball day Robbie broods over the forthcoming enquiry into the night club shooting and, following Miller's funeral, Inglis declares his attention to apply to be his replacement. Liz prefers Sharon, getting her to spearhead the - ultimately unsuccessful - case of a missing toddler and backing her campaign whilst attempting to discredit Inglis by exposing back-handers. The enquiry goes badly, exposing the other officers' attempts to cover for Warwick's fragile mental state and throwing doubt on their account of the shooting. Robbie ...
18 Dec. 2014
Episode #1.6
Sharon goes head to head with Charles in a bid to secure the Commissioners position whilst simultaneously trying to put down civil unrest across all of London, but the AFO's wont pick up their guns.

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