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Brad Pitt Reportedly Up For A Starring Role In Damien Chazelle’s ‘Babylon’ Opposite Emma Stone

Brad Pitt is one of those actors that lends instant credibility to any film that he’s attached to star in. No matter what the plot of the film might be, Pitt has entered the exclusive superstar level that makes film fans interested in anything he does, just as they would be for people like Leonardo DiCaprio, Robert Downey, Jr, and Angelina Jolie, to name only a few.

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Damien Chazelle Eyes Emma Stone and Brad Pitt for Next Film ‘Babylon’

While only a few came away unscathed after the La La Land wars of 2016, Damien Chazelle’s follow-up First Man was a sturdier, more mature outing for the directing that unfortunately wasn’t met with as open of arms. Nonetheless, the young director forged ahead, developing series for both Netflix and Apple. Now we finally have word of what will likely be his next film.

Variety reports the project is titled Babylon, with his La La Land star Emma Stone already entering talks to lead the film, while Brad Pitt is also circling the project, according to Deadline. The film will find Chazelle returning to Hollywood, this time depicting the era in the 1920s as the move from silent features to talkies caused much upheaval.

Said to be more of an ensemble film though not a musical, it will mark his most ambitious project yet and be firmly R-rated. While
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Brad Pitt Also Circling Damien Chazelle’s Period Hollywood ‘Babylon’ With Emma Stone

  • Deadline
Brad Pitt Also Circling Damien Chazelle’s Period Hollywood ‘Babylon’ With Emma Stone
Exclusive Update: I can add that Brad Pitt also is circling Babylon, the early-Hollywood period drama that is likely to reteam La La Land filmmaker Damien Chazelle with Emma Stone. Sources confirm that Pitt also is in the mix, though neither he nor Stone has made a commitment. I’ve also heard that Babylon is a drama that mixes real and fictional characters and is solidly in the R-rated category. Pitt is about to open opposite Leonardo DiCaprio and Margot Robbie in the Quentin Tarantino-directed Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. It’s one of the most impressive screen turns for Pitt in a long time.

Earlier Exclusive, 7:45 Am Pst: Several studios are lining up for Babylon, a script that Damien Chazelle has written to direct as his next film. I’m told that Lionsgate, which distributed the 14 Oscar-nominated La La Land, is considered the front-runner to land
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Emma Stone being eyed to star in Damien Chazelle's Babylon

  • JoBlo
After delivering the 14 Oscar-nominated song and dance drama, La La Land, word around the old Hollywood water cooler is that studios are ready to go to the matresses for director Damien Chazelle's next feature film, Babylon. As you know, things can get rather competitive when a hot, new script is being shopped to potential buyers, and that goes double for when a proven filmmaker is ready…
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Damien Chazelle Shopping ‘Babylon’ Around Studios with Emma Stone and Brad Pitt Circling

Damien Chazelle Shopping ‘Babylon’ Around Studios with Emma Stone and Brad Pitt Circling
Director Damien Chazelle didn’t get nearly as much acclaim as he deserved for last year’s biographical historical drama First Man. The chronicle of Neil Armstrong’s walk on the moon and the key moments that led to it was much more than your average account of Nasa’s exploits in the space race, but the film only […]

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Damien Chazelle's Babylon Could Star Emma Stone... and Brad Pitt

Joseph Baxter Jul 16, 2019

Emma Stone could headline La La Land director Damien Chazelle’s new movie, Babylon.

Babylon, the developing would-be film from Oscar-winning La La Land director Damien Chazelle, is already making plenty of industry waves as he currently considers would-be studios for the project. Moreover, the project’s value has just increased significantly with the latest report, which indicates that the film could facilitate a reunion between the director and the co-star of his Oscar-earning effort in Emma Stone. Additionally, a subsequent update reveals that Brad Pitt is also in the mix.

With La La Land distributor Lionsgate reportedly a front-runner for Chazelle’s next written/directorial turn, Babylon, it appears that Emma Stone – whose performance in the former earned a Best Lead Actress Oscar win in 2017 – is circling the starring role in the new film, leading what will become a large ensemble of high-profile names, according to Deadline.
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Emma Stone Eyes Damien Chazelle’s Next Film ‘Babylon’

  • Variety
Emma Stone Eyes Damien Chazelle’s Next Film ‘Babylon’
La La Land” director Damien Chazelle is heading back to Hollywood for his next feature film “Babylon,” and Emma Stone is in early talks star.

Sources say Chazelle has met with a handful of suitors over the past couple weeks, and Paramount and Lionsgate are both vying to land the project. While Chazelle previously worked with Lionsgate for “La La Land,” one insider added Paramount may have a slight edge in acquiring it given the scope of the film and the budget it would require to undertake it. “Babylon” is a period piece set in the 1920s Hollywood, and Chazelle is looking for an A-list ensemble to make this film his largest production to date.

Precise plot details are vague, but sources say the film will take place during the transition from silent films to talkies and will feature a mix of real-life and fictional characters, similar to Quentin Tarantino
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Damien Chazelle’s Next Film ‘Babylon’ Could Reunite Him With Emma Stone — First Details

Damien Chazelle’s Next Film ‘Babylon’ Could Reunite Him With Emma Stone — First Details
Update (5:40pm Et): According to Deadline, Brad Pitt is also circling a role in Damien Chazelle’s new movie.

Earlier: Damien Chazelle is in production on his Netflix music drama series “The Eddy,” but he’s also gearing up for a return to the big screen in the near future. An exclusive report from Deadline says numerous studios are bidding for “Babylon,” a Hollywood period drama that Chazelle wrote as his next feature directorial effort. Lionsgate is reportedly the frontrunner to land the picture after successfully releasing Chazelle’s “La La Land” to the tune of $446 million worldwide and 14 Oscar nominations.

Plot details for “Babylon” are remaining under wraps. Deadline reports the film is not a musical but is “a bold auteur piece with a significant budget.” According to Variety, the film is set in Hollywood during the 1920s as the industry transitions from silent films to talkies.
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Damien Chazelle Targets Emma Stone for 1920s Hollywood Tale 'Babylon'

Damien Chazelle Targets Emma Stone for 1920s Hollywood Tale 'Babylon'
Damien Chazelle, who wrote and directed the 2016 hit musical La La Land, is again tackling an L.A. story, which this time is set in the 1920s.

Chazelle penned the screenplay and is attached to helm Babylon, which is intended to be his next film and is making the rounds to studios and streaming companies. The project generated immediate interest from Lionsgate, Paramount and Netflix, among others, when it hit the town over a month ago, but coming to any deal has been slow going. Those in the know have described the Babylon script as being a whopping 180 pages long and ...
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Iconic New Orleans Musician Dr. John Dies

Tony Sokol Jun 6, 2019

New Orleans musician Mac Rebennack conjured the best mojo in Dr. John the Night Tripper.

"They call me Dr. John, The Night Tripper," New Orleans voodoo pianist Mac Rebennack sang on the 1969 song "Gris-Gris Gumbo Ya Ya." With his sizzling Gris-Gris his hand, he lived and breathed New Orleans. The last of the best, Dr. John the Night Tripper, died of a heart attack "toward the break of day" on Thursday, June 6, according to the New York Times. Like Leon Redbone, who died last week, there is some dispute over Dr. John's age, various reports have him listed as 77 or 78.

"The family thanks all whom have shared his unique musical journey, and requests privacy at this time," a statement from the musician's family said. They did not say where he died, though he reportedly was resting at his Lake Pontchartrain area home, not too far from New Orleans.
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‘My Brother The Devil’s Sally El Hosaini To Direct Working Title’s Yusra Mardini Biopic ‘The Swimmers’, Replaces Stephen Daldry

‘My Brother The Devil’s Sally El Hosaini To Direct Working Title’s Yusra Mardini Biopic ‘The Swimmers’, Replaces Stephen Daldry
My Brother The Devil director Sally El Hosaini is to direct Working Title’s forthcoming Yusra Mardini biopic, which now has the working title The Swimmers. El Hosaini has replaced Stephen Daldry, who is staying on as an exec producer.

The film tells the story of Syrian swimmer Mardini, the teenage Olympian refugee who dragged a dinghy of refugees to safety across the Aegean Sea.

Tim Bevan and Eric Fellner’s firm optioned the life story last year with Kiri creator Jack Thorne, who is also working on Netflix musical drama The Eddy with La La Land director Damien Chazelle, writing the script.

The project is currently out to casting. El Hosaini broke out with 2013 British crime film My Brother The Devil, which picked up a slew of awards, and she has directed episodes of Danny Boyle’s Channel 4 drama Babylon.

The film will tell the true story of Mardini,
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NYC Weekend Watch: Věra Chytilová, ‘Bad Lieutenant,’ Latin American Sci-Fi & More

Since any New York City cinephile has a nearly suffocating wealth of theatrical options, we figured it’d be best to compile some of the more worthwhile repertory showings into one handy list. Displayed below are a few of the city’s most reliable theaters and links to screenings of their weekend offerings — films you’re not likely to see in a theater again anytime soon, and many of which are, also, on 35mm. If you have a chance to attend any of these, we’re of the mind that it’s time extremely well-spent.


A series on Czech titan Věra Chytilová has commenced.


King Hu’s The Fate of Lee Khan has been restored.

Films about Thelonious Monk play back-to-back.

Herzog’s Bad Lieutenant and a print of Cronenberg’s Spider can be seen.

Museum of the Moving Image

A series on Latin America’s recent sci-fi
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Film News Roundup: Sterling K. Brown Starring in Sports Drama ‘Rise’

  • Variety
Film News Roundup: Sterling K. Brown Starring in Sports Drama ‘Rise’
In today’s film news roundup, Sterling K. Brown is cast as a basketball coach, Kino Lorber hires a programming veteran and Imagine promotes Karen Lunder.


Sterling K. Brown will play the lead role of Coach Willie Davis in inspirational sports drama “Rise” for Sony’s faith-based Affirm Films, Crystal City Entertainment and Gulfstream Pictures.

Kevin Rodney Sullivan will start filming in May in Louisiana with a wide theatrical release on April 10, 2020. The script was written by Randy Brown and Gregory Allen Howard.

Davis, a junior high school janitor, seized the opportunity to head coach the school’s basketball team as the school was weighing the decision to cancel the program due to funding concerns. Davis stressed “The Lord, books and basketball” to the team and became a role model for many of the kids in the school and surrounding community.

Producers are Ari Pinchot, Stuart Avi Savitsky, Mike Karz and Bill Bindley.
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Kino Lorber Hires C. Mason Wells as Director of Theatrical Sales — Exclusive

  • Indiewire
After a robust three-year run as the director of programming at New York City’s Quad Cinema, C. Mason Wells surprised the indie film world by announcing his departure earlier this week. Now we know why he’s leaving: Wells is joining Kino Lorber as director of theatrical sales, starting Monday April 8. He’ll be reporting directly to Wendy Lidell, Svp of theatrical, non-theatrical distribution and acquisitions.

When the Quad Cinema relaunched in 2016, it distinguished itself almost immediately with its extraordinary repertory lineups, including retrospectives of Alain Delon, Bob Fosse, and films that were rated X. Almost instantly, the Quad was as essential a part of the New York City film landscape as the IFC Center, Anthology Film Archives, and Bam Cinematek (for all three of which Wells had previously programmed lineups), as well as Film Forum and the Metrograph.

“I am delighted that Chris Wells will be joining our team,
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‘Yardie’ Film Review: Idris Elba Falls Short With Atmospheric Directorial Debut

  • The Wrap
‘Yardie’ Film Review: Idris Elba Falls Short With Atmospheric Directorial Debut
There’s something missing in “Yardie,” Idris Elba’s directorial debut, but I can’t quite place my finger on it. The acting is decent, the cinematography is well-executed, and the music is on point, but the delivery and the tone are completely mismatched. It feels as if the film itself is aching to say something more, but is ultimately muted by choices the freshman director withheld from making.

Based on the 1992 book by Victor Headley, the film opens in 1973 Kingston, Jamaica. There’s a gang war, and young D (Antwayne Eccleston) is being raised by his older brother, Jerry Dread while King Fox (Sheldon Shepherd) — a gang leader, don, and music producer — acts a sort of father figure to both. During a concert meant to unite rival gangs in Kingston, Jerry is gunned down, leaving D to be raised by King Fox.

Years later, adult D is working for
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"Babylon": I'm a Legal Alien in London

  • MUBI
Frank Rosso's Babylon (1980) is showing February 25 – March 26, 2019 on Mubi in the United Kingdom.Impressions of Franco Rosso’s Babylon (1980) extend past the boundaries of its 95-minute running time. Like the dub remixes its London characters’ lives revolve around, the movie plays with re-establishing identity and our experience of time. A narrative document of young, working class male Jamaican-British Londoners, Babylon doles out atmospheric city scenes of their place in the community: sons, brothers, boyfriends, small-time crooks, laborers, music lovers and producers. Privileging viewers with immersion into an insulated, under-documented immigrant community, the film provides a window into their daily lives. We are thrown into conversations and situations, intimately experiencing their patois their interactions with friends, their constant victimization by a dominantly racist white society, and the massive sound system parties they congregate to. A corrective to the British ignorance and fear of Jamaican immigrants, the film’s emphasis is on
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Video Essay: The Man Between—An Abel Ferrara Double Feature

  • MUBI
Abel Ferrara's King of New York (1990) and 4:44 Last Day on Earth(2011) are playing April – May, 2019 on Mubi in the United States.The world has shrunk around Abel Ferrara. He was once able to shoot every corner of his oft-filmed hometown in movies like Fear City, Ms. 45, RXmas, The Addiction, Bad Lieutenant and King of New York as if it were Babylon. It's darkest corners and towering skyscrapers, its crooked cops, princely dealers and bottom-feeding scum riding an unpredictable wave of fortune and misery. And fittingly Ferrara himself fell prey to that same tide and by the time he wanted to make 4:44: Last Day on Earth, he was no longer the in-demand presence he once was. King of New York and 4:44 are perfect twins, charting the disintegrating mental peace two men with storied pasts. Drug addictions, prison time, lost potential, lost time, both men have to
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Julianne Moore Remake ‘Gloria Bell’ Launches as Space Saga ‘Apollo 11’ Soars

Julianne Moore Remake ‘Gloria Bell’ Launches as Space Saga ‘Apollo 11’ Soars
Fresh product is invigorating the post-awards season. Julianne Moore in “Gloria Bell,” Sebastián Lelio’s Los Angeles redo of his Chilean success “Gloria,” led the field with a strong two-city start. Expanding “Apollo 11” (Neon) added to its initial IMAX runs, landing in tenth place overall.

Scoring surprisingly strong numbers is “Babylon,” an almost 40-year-old British-Jamaican film finally released stateside. Its exclusive New York run took in $20,000, a strong number for any specialized opener.

The recent subtitled surge continues as a variety of new esoteric and well-reviewed entries join previous non-English successes “Climax” (Neon) and “Everybody Knows” (Focus).


Gloria Bell (A24) – Metacritic: 81; Festivals include: Toronto 2018

$154,775 in 5 theaters; PTA (per theater average): $30,955

Lelio has already enjoyed three significant specialized successes: the original “Gloria,” his Oscar-winner “A Fantastic Woman” last year, and London-made “Disobedience.” For his first U.S. film, he reworked “Gloria” with Julianne Moore playing a single grandmother,
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Review: Babylon uncovers youthful Rastafarian racial rage in 1980's South London

Nearly four decades ago when it was originally released co-writer/director Franco Rosso's explosive British musical drama Babylon tapped into the complicated mindset of a different kind of youth-fueled movement saddled with incidiary overtones of racial strife and cultural intolerance. Specifically, spotlighting the prominence of dreadlock-induced indifference concerning British-Jamaican musicians enduring xenophobia scorn is the foundation for Rosso's controversial expose chronicling the heavy-handed race-related bias around South London's bombastic boundaries in the early eighties. Babylon is revealing and raw in its political and sociological spectrum in reference to racial divide, reggae music, and the underbelly of ambition to succeed within the realm of doomsday disillusionment. Indeed, Babylon was destined to be a blistering commentary on black youth alienation upon its 1980 debut. Honest, gritty and vastly telling, Rosso and fellow scriber Martin...

[Read the whole post on]
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Julianne Moore Channels ‘Gloria Bell’; J.K. Simmons Leads ‘I’m Not Here’: Specialty Preview

  • Deadline
Julianne Moore Channels ‘Gloria Bell’; J.K. Simmons Leads ‘I’m Not Here’: Specialty Preview
Director Sebastián Lelio is revisiting a character that charmed audiences back in 2014. Gloria Bell, starring Oscar winner Julianne Moore, is the English-language reimagining of the filmmaker’s box office hit Gloria. A24 is opening the title in New York and L.A., which should be the headliner among the weekend’s specialty newcomers. Fellow Academy Award winner J.K. Simmons stars in drama I’m Not Here, heading out day-and-date from Gravitas Ventures. Documentary Ferrante Fever is doing exclusive showings in New York starting Friday before heading to L.A. later in the month, and KimStim is opening Golden Horse winner An Elephant Sitting Still by the late Chinese filmmaker Hu Bo.

Among other limited releases opening this weekend is Lionsgate’s The Kid starring Ethan Hawke, and the U.S. debut of Franco Rosso’s 1980 film Babylon is having its U.S. bow at Bam in Brooklyn.

Gloria Bell

Director-writer: Sebastián Lelio

Cast: Julianne Moore,
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