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wrong information in the show.
amharaman14 October 2013
As usual great acting and great story line. But as a high risk obstetrician who deals with Patau syndrome (pronounced as PA TO)your facts were horribly mistaken and uninformed. Patau's syndrome is caused by the fetus having 3 copies of chromosome 13, rather than 2 much like Downs syndrome is caused by 3 copies of chromosome 21 and Edward's syndrome is caused by 3 copies of chromosome 18. There is nothing that the doctor who did the amniocentesis could have done to cause this syndrome, and the suggestion that he did something to cause this syndrome is really and insult to our collective intelligence. I would think your script writers would have sought medical advice prior to going forward with it. If they did review this issue with a medical person and he/she gave you the go ahead, then you need too get rid of your medical adviser. Tell you what next time you have a medical issue, particularly pertaining to pregnant moms and their fetuses, drop me a line and I will set you straight. this is not artistic license.Please don't put out 2nd rate, misinformation. You are so much better than that. Devoted viewer of all 5 seasons. Tamerou Asrat M.D. FACOG. Maternal Fetal Medicine
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5.3 ****
edwagreen13 October 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Wonderful episode where just about everyone in the sterling cast is in a dilemma.

When Diane's interview hurts Will, he moves with other partners of the firm for her removal. Diane shows how cunning and sly she can be by refusing all offers, providing there is a 20% monetary gain in it for her so that she can exit the firm and accept the judgeship.

The sidebar story is also excellent where a pregnant woman wants to go ahead and have the child even though it has been determined that the latter suffers from multiple birth effects. This part of the episode really shows the dangers of surrogate pregnancy.

Nice seeing Chris Noth, the Gov.-elect much more in the show. Should he or shouldn't he retain the attractive woman on his ethical team?
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