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  • Red predicts an impending catastrophe rooted by the work of an assassin called "The Freelancer." Together Liz and Red go undercover to prevent his next target, Floriana Campo, from being killed. Elsewhere, Ressler and newly re-hired CIA agent, Meera Malik, who's been added to Red's private security detail, keep an eye on them from a distance. Meanwhile Liz considers what she should do next concerning Tom and the mysterious box she found hidden under the floorboards.



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  • "The Blacklist" - "The Freelancer" - September 30, 2013

    Tonight's Red list item-- which we learn is #145-- is an assassin called "The Freelancer," whose MO is to stage large scale catastrophes in order to disguise a single death of a high profile person.

    Red warns them that the Freelancer is about to cause some mayhem at an industrial park.

    While the Feds mobilize, Red and Liz are undergoing lie detector tests and Cooper is busy trying to convince the Justice Department to agree to Red's terms for immunity and security detail.

    Lady Justice isn't having it though. She says they have no reason to trust him since he's been an international menace and they're simply going to lock him up and take credit for catching him.

    Then a train derails in the industrial park and kills 60 people, including an Albany politician, and suddenly they're listening again.

    Liz visits Tom in the hospital in his medically-induced coma and expresses out loud her hope that Reddington planted those things in their house. When she talks with Red about it this does not appear to be the case.

    Red tells them he has a contact who knows the Freelancer and can get to him, but they have to go to Montreal to make it happen. Red and Liz go to Montreal while Ressler and a team shadows them.

    While they wait to meet Red's contact he asks Liz to profile him. She says he's a loner, keeps his distance, is rootless, is very comfortable in an upscale setting as well as a cave. His closest friends are strangers and he has no tight bonds. He says he is conlficted about her because he needs her and he hates that about himself because it makes him vulnerable. She asks why she's so important to him but before he can it seems as if he meets his contact and passes a note. Red ducks out the back door and pulls the fire alarm. The Feds move in and Ressler is livid that Liz let Red get away.

    Apparently, he didn't though. He's in the Feds van and claims he has the name of the next target a Floriana Campos.

    Campos is a world-renowned human rights activist who fund raises to combat human and sex trafficking. It would appear the Freelancer plans to off her at her upcoming gala. She says the gala must go on but agrees to let the Feds be there which includes Red and his two person security detail-- a body guard who himself was a human slave and a hot jill of all mercenary trades-- and Mira, the CIA agent foisted on him by the FBI. (He also got his high tech tracker surgically embedded.)

    They head to the party where Red seems more interested in hors d'ouevres than nabbing his man. And there's a reason for that. When he finally sees his "contact" Ressler chases him down. He and Mira interrogate him, leaning heavily on his broken leg, and he says Red hired him.

    Liz wheels around and heads back to Floriana's room where she stashed her to be safe. Red is already there. Red uncovers that Floriana is a fraud: she has been masquerading as a savior to those who have been human trafficked but in fact she has been the one doing the trafficking herself and that she is the head of nefarious cartel. When they were in Montreal, Red actually hired the Freelancer himself to kill her. But instead of creating a catastrophe, he targeted Floriana directly, poisoning her champagne at the gala. Red claims he has an antidote but won't give it to her until she confesses to Liz. She confesses but it turns out it wasn't really an antidote, he just wanted her to confess and she dies.

    Later Liz and Red chat, and she seems torn up that she had long admired Floriana for her human rights activism never knowing she was a monster. Red says you can never know anyone and asks what she's going to do about Tom saying she can either turn him in or confront him. He muses there might be a third option.

    She goes back home, puts the box back in the hole, carpets back over it and brings the now awake Tom home. As he sleeps she goes through his bloody clothes and finds a USB drive that is labeled "Elizabeth Keen background profile." She thinks it's nefarious but then puts it in the computer and discovers that it is a video of him glowingly describing her to the adoption agency and gushing about how much he loves her.

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