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Beautifully Written, Beautifully Acted and Beautifully Structured
ljs37991 October 2013
Wow. What an absolutely great episode. This series is really finally a new show that shows great promise for an excellent future. This episode and the last were so well written, acted and structured, showing intense moments and at the same time emotional moments.

I love a show with good music, I mean, who doesn't. This show's music is really very good. Very catchy and always fits the moment.

The acting is incredible, especially James Spader, who, I think, will be Emmy worthy. I guess we'll see next year.

Finally, the structure. This episode was very well structured and I could easily understand all stages of the plot. Many TV shows contain very poor structuring and therefore I cannot understand the main point of the plot.

Overall: 10/10 for an intense and surprisingly good episode!
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Another Great Show! Ressler is the problem!
ShelbyTMItchell2 October 2013
Warning: Spoilers
The FBI team and Red go after yet another person called the Freelancer. After a train wreck that we saw in the beginning. As Red and Liz go on a "date!" He gives her more information.

Meanwhile an ex-CIA agent, played by ER and Alcatraz's Paraminder Nagra who is part of the security detail to keep an eye on Red, in hopes he does not go back on his promise.

Also Liz finds out more of the secrets her husband or supposedly husband, Tom is hiding. As he is not someone she thought that she knew.

Isabella Rossilini plays a philantrophist who is not whom she says that she is. Though she does sound sincere. Great acting by her.

Another great episode but really the Donald Ressler character I have issues with. As he does nothing but make condescending remarks and acts like a better than thou over poor Liz. Nothing against the actor but still, guy is a creep and only gone from bad to worse.
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1.2 **1/2 More Like Free Lance Writing
edwagreen1 October 2013
Warning: Spoilers
The show seems to trend where Reddington (Spader) wants this female agent involved in all his pronouncements. In this episode, he predicts that a train wreck shall occur. Nothing is by accident here as terrorists seem to abound all over.

Jane Alexander, looking her age, but as graceful as permitted, appeared in this episode as a straight shooting, tough but practical agent.

Then we have that woman with her supposed charity who isn't as innocent as she first appeared.

Spader seems to make his demands and everyone acquiesces to him. He is a very eerie character, as you never really know where he is coming from.
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