"Supernatural" King of the Damned (TV Episode 2014) Poster

(TV Series)


Gordon Michael Woolvett: Ezra


  • Sam Winchester : I see. I got it.

    [talking to Ezra, an angel they're questioning] 

    Sam Winchester : So, you heard a rumor about Metatron's secret portal

    [using air quotes] 

    Sam Winchester : and you decided to run with it.

    Ezra : It's not a rumor. He showed me.

    Dean Winchester : Oh. I get it. He's a fan.

    Sam Winchester : A fan. Yeah.

    Dean Winchester : You're a fan! Look, just cuz you're hot for Metatron... or Beiber... or Beckham, just cuz you know everything about them doesn't mean that you actually *know* them.

    Sam Winchester : Or that they even know you exist.

    Dean Winchester : Ohhhh, that's cold, Sammy.


    Sam Winchester : I'm sayin', man.

    Ezra : I was interviewed personally by Metatron for a key post.

    Sam Winchester : Yeah? Oh wow, well then- then maybe... you can tell me why you weren't at your key post and you were hanging down here instead.

    [long silence] 

    Dean Winchester : Mmmm. Well, that blows. He got passed over.

    Sam Winchester : [exaggerated grimace]  Yeah.

    Ezra : I was a finalist.

    Sam Winchester : [Expressing false sympathy]  Oh, man, to get so close and then get kicked downstairs. It sucks to be you.

    [Dean whistles] 

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