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Best Dean episode yet!
Godnesss13 May 2014
Awesome episode, this is honestly an episode I've been waiting for since the first time Dean encountered a Demon all the way back in Season 1.

The plot line is great, on one side we have Cas taking the reigns of leadership unwillingly and trying to find a mole in his Angel resistance.

On the other side we have Dean willingly taking on the burden of having the mark and beginning to enjoy his work. I personally love Dean for this gritty type of stuff, he's always been the badass of the show and this is his most badass episode.

Without going into anymore, Dean has The One Blade and goes H.A.M. that is all.

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Still going down...
Palidan40028 May 2014
Eh... I don't even know what to say anymore. The previous episode with the attempted spin-off, we know how that went. This one was just okay. It's nice to see things finally moving along, but the writing and dialogue just seems so bland, so predictable, and at the same time it's like, what's going on?

The action and choreography seems to getting worse and worse with each episode. This is supposed to be some huge, intense battle with Dean and Abaddon and it's... just that? Not even any effort put into the actual scene? It's like with the Leviathans all over again.

And between Bloodlines and introducing Crowley's son randomly, it just adds even more to this mess that they've made. Here's hoping it wraps up decently.
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crappy episode good ending
blackmagpie-6236827 May 2018
Not much to this episode, the angel story again is pretty lame, no interest to me, what kind of friend is castiel that he calls Dean to torture for him and obtain information. Not going anywhere with that story. Crowley's son is pretty pathetic, comic but not in a good way. The power of the mark of cain is promising and a good end although I had though we would see a bit more from Abaddon. A three for the episode a ten for the mark of cain/Dean beating Abaddon.
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danajs2414 September 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Abbadon dies in the third to last episode? What's going on here? I thought she'd go out in the finale along with Metatron. Also, if Abbadon is really gone, I'm a bit disappointed Metatron and her never even crossed paths, let alone teamed up. I'm really looking forward to seeing what Dean can do with the first blade, as we saw the force pull he used on it to bring it back. It was quite a lame battle between the two however, looking like Gohan in DBZ surprising Cell or something when Dean kept getting the upper hand on Abbadon. He's going to be a real handful I'm sure in the next couple of episodes. I could care less about the angel side of things really, this has been a let down of a season so far.
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