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A wide-ranging new survey of the toy’s global subculture and appeal.
A Lego Brickumentary might be a resounding cheer for a brand, but it’s an eye-opener, too.
Washington Post
Overall the movie is a fun peek at the birth of Lego bricks and their ever-evolving place in the world.
Directors Kief Davidson and Daniel Junge drive home the company’s grown-up fan base by logging an amusingly eclectic array of celebrity testimonials: Ed Sheeran, Trey Parker, and NBA star Dwight Howard.
For a company that purports to be all about sparking creativity, asking a kid to follow Ikea-evocative directions to assemble an X-wing fighter seems at odds with the mission.
Even the interesting parts of A Lego Brickumentary aren’t that interesting, but are rather more like the best thing you might hear while being cornered by the most boring person at a party.
Village Voice
A largely genial but frequently wearying feature-length toy ad.
A LEGO Brickumentary feels like one of those cheerful corporate videos that gets screened at team meetings, designed to rouse employees into a rah-rah fervor. The down side: Most videos of that ilk don’t last for 90 minutes.
Slant Magazine
Here's a documentary so insidious, so comprehensively scrubbed clean, that it argues for the therapeutic powers of consumerism.
As Corporate promotional videos go, this one snaps together right out of the box. As a movie, it can be as annoying as stepping on a stray LEGO brick with your socks off.

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