"Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." Girl in the Flower Dress (TV Episode 2013) Poster

Iain De Caestecker: Leo Fitz



  • Skye : [about the subjects on the Index]  How are they monitored? Tapped phones? Satellite surveillance... body probes? In dark, unpleasant places?

    Leo Fitz : Body probes, that's ridiculous, SHIELD doesn't do that. We don't do that...

    [Looks at Coulson] 

    Leo Fitz : do we?

    Phil Coulson : The methods vary.

  • Leo Fitz : Miles Lydon, not Skye - that's to all of our relief.

    Phil Coulson : [to Skye]  You know him.

    Skye : Every hacker in the world knows him.

    Jemma Simmons : Not just the hacker world. He infiltrated the *Kremlin*

    Leo Fitz : Yeah, the picture of, uh, Putin shirtless on horseback, that was his hack.

  • Phil Coulson : [Watching Skye hack]  How close are we?

    Leo Fitz : She's identified the remote-access Trojan and the infected endpoint...

    Jemma Simmons : ...And is searching for a tcp to correlate the hypertext with signature information and then, Voila.

    Leo Fitz : ...Bob's your uncle.

    Phil Coulson : You get any of that?

    Grant Ward : Only the uncle part.

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