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Louis Ozawa Changchien: Chan Ho Yin, Scorch



  • Phil Coulson : Mr. Chan, believe it or not, this could still get worse.

    Chan Ho Yin : Bend someone long enough and they break. Poor little Chan Ho Yen may have believed your lies... but not Scorch!

    Melinda May : Who?

    Phil Coulson : Oh, crap. They gave him a name.

  • Chan Ho Yin : You want to make Chan Ho Yin a famous name?

    Raina : No. You need a simpler name, a more powerful name, a name like... Scorch.

    Chan Ho Yin : Scorch? Are you joking?

    Raina : Have you ever heard of Steve Rogers? No. But Captain America, now, he's on the news, on a lunchbox, on a poster on the wall.

  • Melinda May : [Speaking Chinese]  Chan, I'm sorry you lived a life you didn't want, but violence will solve nothing.

    Chan Ho Yin : [Also in Chinese]  It will keep me from being kept prisoner. By you, by them; there's no difference. I was given this gift for a reason. To burn bright.

    Melinda May : [Still Chinese]  There's no turning back.

    Chan Ho Yin : [Chinese]  I don't want to go back!

    Phil Coulson : [Looks at May]  So we're good, right?

  • Chan Ho Yin : [During a magic show, speaking Chinese]  My grandfather often said that every man is a mystery. Some men harbor beautiful secrets. Others hide darker ones. He believed the only way to know a man's true nature is to pierce his outer shell, and gaze within.

  • Raina : I apologize for last night. It was important I bring you in under the radar.

    Chan Ho Yin : Ah, SHIELD. Tell Agent Kwan I don't need To be read the power protocols again. It was just a street performance - It's not like I set anyone on fire.

    Raina : I don't work for SHIELD. I come as a friend.

    Chan Ho Yin : English isn't my first language; but that word means something different than you think.

  • Debbie : We don't understand what gave you this ability, but the reason you don't burn Is because your blood platelets are fire-resistant.

    Raina : Which is why we're removing them.

    Chan Ho Yin : [Protesting]  Raina, you said I have a gift.

    Raina : And you're giving it.

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