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Jimmy Smits: Nero Padilla


  • Nero Padilla : Órale. Good to see you, Marcus.

    Marcus Alvarez : You too, Nero. Thanks for makin' the time, huh?

    Nero Padilla : Yeah, it's all good. Gotta say, though, I'm a little more than, uh, curious about your offer to my boy Fiasco. Mayans helpin' Byz-Lats... how's that work?

    Marcus Alvarez : Shit that happens in Oaktown don't stay in Oaktown. It affects everyone.

    Nero Padilla : What shit is that?

    Marcus Alvarez : Eh, we got a delicate balance. Us, Niners, Chinese, Italians... we all got our piece and we all got our boundaries. And we all get our guns from SAMCRO. Same price, same quality. By the nature of the business, MC became the de facto referee. And Jax embraced that.

    Nero Padilla : But not anymore.

    Marcus Alvarez : That's right. See, Sons pulling out creates a void. Not just in guns, but in power. Word is, Jax is handing over the Irish guns to August Marks. And that move gives black a lotta weight, ese. Upsets the balance. Makes a real problem for all of us.

    Nero Padilla : Simón. Have a meet with the MC, work it out.

    Marcus Alvarez : Jax shoulda thought about that before he started killing people. Not my meetin' to call. Now I gotta sit down with the Chinese and see what my options are.

    Nero Padilla : Why you tellin' me all this?

    Marcus Alvarez : You got a relationship, ese.

    Nero Padilla : Business partner. I'm just Teller's business partner. We're movin' a little pussy, ¿qué no? I got no say in what he does with his club.

    Marcus Alvarez : Mayans are starting up a charter up in Stockton. I got twenty members from Oakland and Vegas gonna make the jump. Things play out in Oaktown the way I think, it's gonna be brown and yellow against black and white. Now, I know that puts you at odds with Teller and your own streets, ese.

    Nero Padilla : Jesus Christ. That's, that's the way this is gonna go down?

    Marcus Alvarez : Givin' you a heads-up, hermano, that's all.

    Nero Padilla : Best we stay neutral.

    Marcus Alvarez : Come on, ese. There ain't no Switzerland in the 'hood.

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