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Slower Pced but Great Personal Stories
therunner422 January 2014
Warning: Spoilers
After the roller coaster ride of the episode eleven, this episode focuses on the fall-out of the week before. Tara continues to care for Bobby and help the club whilst desperately trying to find a way to get her boys away from all they represent. Juice is also very torn and his depression reaches a catastrophic level when he overdoses. He also reveals to Nero that he killed the boy shooter's mother under order from Jackson. Nero is stunned. Eventually Tara uses the distraction of club business to flee with her two boys. The club mistakenly believe she has gone to the police but instead she is helpless and alone in a hotel room. Not every episode can be packed with action or the death of a key character (they already running out of gang members) and this one is much slower compared to the others. However ,it is a nice change of pace and there are some lovely moments with outstanding acting.
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You Are My Sunshine (#6.12)
ComedyFan201015 October 2015
Warning: Spoilers
So it looks like the final episode will all about Jax trying to get his sons back. It also seems like Tara didn't go for the deal, which could be her committing suicide. I mean IRA couldn't get away with Jax's kid, she would have even more problems. I really would love to see her succeed as it would be great if Gemma would never get to see those children, but I don't have high expectations. The scene with her, Wayne and Wendy was pretty good.

I am not really sure what it was that Juice's problem was and what he told Nero, but I guess there will be more about it in the next episode. Juice is the character I really like.

The scene with the Chinese gang was also pretty good. That was the one scene full of action.
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