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Pretty bad
TheBlueHairedLawyer14 October 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I grew up when Bratz was around, but the movies and toy franchise was more popular with kids like my little sister. It didn't last long and parents often complained that the movie characters looked and dressed like prostitutes. Well, I have to agree.

Teenage genie Kasia runs away from the science lab where she lives with her father, wanting to be a "normal teenager". She meets the Bratz, a clique of snotty popular girls who are highly melodramatic, but along the way has to admit to them who - what - she really is, when a team of goons clad in panama hats and gray trench coats start hunting her down. It turns out that Khan and Zel, the two leading scientists in the lab where her father works, are scheming up self-induced global warming, using violent electrical storms to do so. Now only the Bratz can rescue her from the lab, but end up endangering themselves in the process.

If you want your kids to grow up using phrases such as, "cool cat", "drama mama", "YOLO", etc. than this is the movie for you! Every character talks like they stepped out of a really bad pop concert. The genie girl in one scene dresses up like a stripper and says, "I'm so chic and Bauhaus!" There are two twin characters dressed in pink, Kaycee and Kristy, who bully each other and are bullied by other kids, while they gossip and call the genie girl a hippie. Much of this movie is way too much action and drama crammed into a film targeted at five-year-olds, and the characters are in high school which is much older than the target audience. The soundtrack was all really bad pop music and the animation wasn't the best. The Bratz girls are the protagonists, yet they are very snobby and stuck-up and constantly have fights over the dumbest things, like watching a really bad anime.

On the bright side, the voice of the character Zel (for some reason uncredited on this website), did a pretty good job, whereas the other voice actors were awful.

I saw another Bratz movie, Bratz Fashion Pixies, which wasn't too bad, I'd watch that over this one any day.
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