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A great beginning, but drifts into mediocrity quickly Warning: Spoilers
These are the "72nd Golden Globe Awards", the (then) most recent edition of an annual awards ceremony that is considered one of the most important of the year. Honorees are from the small and big screen and the two hosts were successful small screen comedy actresses and friends Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, actually both Golden Globe winners themselves. Their opening was pretty good, not Ricky Gervais level good, but still miles better than what we saw this year for example at the Globes. Afterward, they pretty much disappeared sadly for the rest of the show and their later parts with that big Asian actress weren't funny at all sadly. But it needs to be noted how Tina Fey has to be among the most stunning 40+year-olds on the planet. As for this show itself, some good presenters, some not so good, it's all up to personal taste. And the same is of course true for the winners. Let me just say that I liked the love for Boyhood, The Affair, Wilson, Whiplash, How to Train Your Dragon 2, Spacey and Leviathan. And I got really curious about Fargo again. I did not appreciate the love for Froggat, Transparent and Selma I guess. Seems to me like these were mostly honored for the political statements (the latter 2), not for being great creative or artistic achievements.

All in all, not a bad awards show by any means, also runtime was decent at slightly over 2 hours and it never really dragged that much. From today's perspective, it is probably most interesting to see how Boyhood was still in the center of awards attention which changed quickly towards the Oscars. The big screen acting categories were all locks basically with the exception of Best Actor where we got a race between Redmany and Keaton. Oh yeah, you could argue Birdman's decision to be categorized as Comedy too, but as it got Keaton the win and he delivered a great speech it's fine I guess. It's certainly not as absurd as The Martian. Weakest award presentation was probably Bill Hader that night, best was possibly Jeremy Renner. Oh wait, he was so sexist wasn't he? People need to chill out seriously. All in all, the ceremony was worth checking out and the good (in terms of both winners and entertainment value) was more frequent than the bad. If you like awards shows, give it a go. And if you can deal with the embarrassingly unfunny Benedict Cumberbatch trying so hard to be funny on several occasions. This show is evidence why he is never in comedies. Of course, he also should not be in dramas either.
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Golden Globes 2015 TERRIBLE, BORING, DUMB!
hardinjudy12 January 2015
I really hate I wasted my time on the Golden Globes Award show 2015!!! I did not see a lot of it and caught the best part of the show PRINCE! The little I saw before and all of the idiotic jokes which made the hosts look both stupid and uncouth was a complete and I do mean complete waste of time. George Clooney's wife's facial expressions spoke for millions....BORING AND THE WORST SHOW EVER!!! That entire show should be taken off the Hollywood Books. Get rid of it and never put those two dumb women on any show again...can you say not funny! I guarantee I speak for millions who thought the same...most of whom sat in the audience forcing laughter at the dumb jokes, fake smiles and probably could not wait to party and get drunk just to erase the memory of that show.
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